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Mother's Day Crafts: Activities to do with the kids

Bethanie Owen

22 March 2017

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Our two eldest are 5 and 7 years old. They're at the stage where they have their own imagination and personalities. One of the things they absolutely love doing is making crafts. They've always been kids who love drawing, painting and colouring. If you've got kids who enjoy doing the same things, these Mother's Day crafts will be perfect. They're so simple to make. I'm not a very crafty Mum but I do try my best to let the girls do some crafts now and then, especially during the school holidays. 

Mother's Day is around the corner and it's the time when you see the shop shelves filled up with gifts for that special woman in our lives, whether it's your Mam, Nan, Aunt or anyone else who is a Mother role model. But why not get your kids involved. Let them get their hands dirty, use their imagination and let them make their own gifts for that particular someone. Here are a few Mother's Day crafts ideas you can do with the kids, that a fun, easy and affordable.

Mother's Day craft activities

  1. Personalised Photo Frame -You can buy cheap frames from a pound shop somewhere. The girls loved painting their own frames and using their favourite painting colours. If you wanted it to be very personalised you could use stickers that wrote 'Mum' across the bottom or let your kids write something with a marker that won't come off. 


What you need: 

- Paint

- Paint brush

- Photo frame


Other things you could add:

- Glitter

- Name stickers

- Stickers

- Materials

- Glue


  1. Hand Drawn Picture Frame -The girls loved this Mother's Day crafts idea and were super excited to do it. It was a very simple craft and incredibly cheap too. Although it's an inexpensive craft to make, it will mean a lot to that particular woman in the kids' life. I asked the girls to use their imagination with the picture and draw me with anyone else. 


What you need: 

- Pasta

- Paint

- Plain Paper/Card

- Glue

- Paint brush


What you need to do:

- If it's paper you have, fold it in half, so it feels thicker

- Paint the pasta and let it dry (the girls loved doing this)

- Leave the pasta to dry

- While the pasta dries, ask the kids to draw a photo of that special person

- Glue around the edge of the paper

- Stick the dried painted pasta along the border

- Make two holes on top and stick through a ribbon 

Mother's Day Craft Activities

Mother's Day Craft Activities

  1. Handmade Flower- Many women love flowers and what's better than a flower made by your own child and one that you can keep too? These were simple to make. I had to help the girls with the sticky tape, but otherwise, they did the rest and loved it. One of the best in Mother's Day crafts, if you ask me!


What you need:

- Coloured felt or card

- Stick

- Sellotape

- Scissors

- Pen


What you need to do:

- Ask the kids to draw a flower

- Cut around the flower

- Use the green foam/card to cover the stick and stick it together

- Add the flower on the top with sellotape



  1. Hand Prints -This will sure be one of the best gifts a Mother could receive. Making handprints are so easy to make. If your kids are anything like ours, then they will thoroughly enjoy painting their hands and making hand prints and other crafts. 


What you need:

- Card paper

- Washable Paint


What to do:

- Paint hands!

- Press hand down on card to make the hand print


* To keep hand print quality, you could laminate them. 




Mother's Day Craft Activities

  1. Bake Cakes-This isn't craft, but it's still something that the kids can do for Mother's Day. I'm sure your kids will absolutely love baking their own cakes. It's also a very good time to bond, between all the mess. My girls love picking the mix before I even put them in the oven. 


What you need:

- Self-raising flour

- Eggs

- Vanilla extract (or any other flavouring)

- Butter/Margarine

- Caster Sugar

- Icing Sugar


What you need to do:

- Mix the room temperature butter with the caster sugar

- Add the sieved flour, egg and extract, and mix together

- Add to cupcake tray/cups

- Put into the pre-heated oven (180 degrees) for around 12-15 minutes (could take longer)

- When cakes have cooled down, add water to icing sugar and ice cakes


Bethanie Owen

22 March 2017

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Beth is a Mum of 3 children aged 7, 4 and six months and a UK Family Lifestyle blogger at

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