Baby Shower Games

baby shower

Having a baby is an exciting time, you’re decorating the nursery, buying clothes, toys, blankets, and all the things your baby will need. But before the baby arrives, it’s time for a baby shower! Cute decorations, food, pretty drinks (non-alcoholic, of course) and not forgetting baby shower games!

We’ve got the best ones for you, so you and your guests can have the best of fun!

baby shower party

1. Guess Who?

guess who game

The first one is a really fun game – ask all your guests to bring baby photos of themselves and when they arrive, stick them all to a poster board, for everyone to see.

Have some pencils and pieces of paper out, and everyone has to guess who the baby picture belongs too. Once everyone has made a guess, it’s time to reveal who is who!

2. Fishing for Dummies

baby bathtub

If you already have a baby bathtub, or if not you can use a bucket. Fill it up with water and plonk in a load of dummies. Make some fishing rods out of sticks, string and non-sharp hooks (or buy some toy ones), and each of your guests has to try to fish for dummies!

The guest who fishes the dummies out of the baby bath the most wins! It’s interactive, playful and no one can shy away from a bit of friendly competition…

3. Baby Food Tasting!

baby food tasting

A classic baby shower game, so everyone should know this!

Buy a few jars of baby food and lots of mini spoons to dip in. Blindfold your guests so they have to blind taste each of the baby food. They then have to guess what the food is and the guest with the most correct answers wins!

4. My Water Broke!

ice cubes

This is a simple but giggle-worthy game. Buy a bunch of tiny plastic babies and place them in cubed ice trays. Fill them with water the day before the baby shower, and place them in the freezer overnight.

When your guests come and are having drinks, place the baby ice cubes in all their glasses. The first guest whose ice cube melts first has to shout “my water broke!” and is the winner! The prize can be anything… a bottle of wine, a chocolate bar, anything your guests would love!

5. Goodnight Baby

guests putting nappies on teddies

A perfect baby shower activity to play in pairs! If you can, either borrow or buy some baby dolls to play with. The aim of the game is to see who can dress their baby in a nappy with a safety pin and then in some PJs the quickest. We all know babies are fiddly and like to move around or have their arms and legs in awkward positions, so it’s a pretty fun game to play!

Although, the dolls won’t be moving, some people still find it difficult to dress them, especially putting on nappies!

6. Guess The Baby Items

baby items

Grab a big bag or sack and place at least 10 common baby-related items in it. It can be either a dummy, nappy, teething ring, baby rattle, baby spoons, baby toys and so on. Take turns in passing the bag around and each guest has to place their hand inside, grab an item and try to guess what it is in a certain amount of time!

7. Baby Shower Bingo

how big is baby

Not all baby shower games have to be complicated! This game requires each guest to guess when the baby will be born, whether it’s a boy or girl, how much it weighs and any other interesting characteristics. Like whether they have a lot of hair and so on!

8. Potty Training

potty training

A hilarious game that will get everyone up on their feet and bursting into fits of giggles!

Each guest will have an inflated balloon tucked under their shirt/dress, to represent a pregnant belly and a ping pong ball between their knees. The aim of this baby shower game is for the guest to waddle over to the potty to drop their ball in, without dropping it beforehand!

For those who have been pregnant before, they’ll know the struggle of having to waddle to the toilet when they’re heavily pregnant!

9. Onesie Making Station

baby onesie

So, this is a more modern baby shower game! It’s more creative, but it’s still super playful, memorable and adorable too. Each guest will be given a baby onesie and a selection of fabric markers or iron-on patches. Then they can personalise the onesie and decorate it however they like, and it’ll be a onesie ready for your baby to wear!

Babies go through lots of onesies during their first year, so why not have some personalised by your nearest and dearest? And it’s the ideal way for people to get their creative juices flowing!

10. Name That Tune


To end the baby shower, have a playlist of baby songs, new or old that has the words ‘baby’ or ‘babe’ in it. Play each song and the guests have to guess what the song is and who sings it!

The guest with the most correct answers wins!

baby shower gifts

So, if you’re looking to host a baby shower where everyone will have loads of fun, here are some of the most awesome baby shower games you can play! Some will need a bit of preparation, and prizes being bought for the lucky winners, but it’s all in the name of a good time!

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