The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland® Paris

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Get ready to face your fears and revel in all things eerie at one of the most famous theme park attractions throughout the Disney® Parks… The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

Wander down dimly-lit hotel corridors and try not to scream as you plummet down 130ft lift shafts at lightning speed. Uncover supernatural secrets of sinister spectres, macabre artefacts and ghost girls along the way… So, are you going up? 

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What is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?

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This thrilling ride takes guests on a journey through a haunted hotel. Combining the magic of Disney with the eerie atmosphere of the hit television series, The Twilight Zone.

With its stunning special effects, an immersive storyline, and heart-stopping drop sequences. The 1930s-era Hollywood hotel offers a truly unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Step into the mysterious Hollywood Tower Hotel and prepare for a ride like no other as you enter the service elevator and journey through time and space.

The Tower of Terror is not only a popular attraction, but also a testament to the creativity and imagination of Walt Disney Imagineering. Who brought this original story to life in a way that excites and captivates audiences to this day. Whether it’s the eerie corridor scene, the chilling elevator shaft, or the electrifying drop. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror promises a thrilling and unforgettable adventure for those brave enough to step into its haunted halls…

Where is The Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris?

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland® Paris is nestled within the enchanting grounds of Walt Disney Studios® Park. This thrilling attraction can be found specifically in the Production Courtyard area, which is dedicated to all things related to movies and television.

As one of the two main theme parks at Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios Park offers visitors a unique immersive experience in the world of entertainment. The 1930s-era Hollywood hotel takes guests on a spine-tingling journey into the depths of the Twilight Zone. Where they will encounter mysterious happenings and chilling surprises.

It stands as a towering icon, beckoning guests with its eerie charm. With its grand architecture and ominous presence, the Tower of Terror captures the essence of classic Hollywood and provides an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

The Tower of Terror Ride Experience

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The Tower of Terror in Disneyland Paris offers an exhilarating and immersive ride experience for thrill-seekers. This iconic attraction takes guests on a thrilling journey through a haunted hotel, offering a unique twist compared to its American and European counterparts.

The mechanics of the ride are impressive, as guests board the infamous elevator shaft and are transported to a different dimension. The elevator plunges and ascends in a series of heart-pounding drop sequences, creating a thrilling sensation of weightlessness.

Thematic changes in the Parisian version add to the excitement. One seriously creepy experience that will stay with you forever, is the mirror scene… Guests will catch glimpses of their own reflections transforming into ghostly apparitions. This chilling effect adds an extra layer of immersion to the overall experience. Prepare to have your world turned upside down, the moment you enter this haunted attraction…

Throughout the theme park ride, guests also encounter different scenes and sequences, each with its own macabre glee. From the eerie corridors to the atmospheric boiler room. No detail is spared in creating a sinister poltergeist-filled environment. The ride profiles vary as guests experience different unluckily numbered floors and face a randomised drop sequence.

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Introducing Three New Horrors...

tower of terror elevator shaft
Face three new horrors on your psychedelic journey of horror! Disney’s most haunted attraction didn’t come here to play, okay? If this ride wasn’t already spooky enough, Disney has sprinkled some more of the heebie-jeebies into their most popular attraction… So, let’s get into it!

The Malevolent Machine 

Would it be a horror-themed ride if it didn’t have a creepy ghost girl lurking around the elevator? We think not! You may think “Sure, a ghost girl, bring it on”, but that’s not all… As soon as you take your seat in the dreary elevator lift, you’ll quickly realise everything is not as it seems. This malevolent machine only has one thing in mind. To trap you in its mechanical prison and clank and screech with glee as it catapults you up and plummets you down at its wicked will! The only thing you can do is sit tight and try not to scream… 

The Shaft Creatures

We aren’t going to lie to you… The horrors are only going to become more amplified on the Tower of Terror ride. Some demonic creatures have control of the elevator and they’re preying on the cries of human souls. The louder your pleas for mercy, the more powerful they become. Prepare to break out in a hive of goosebumps but whatever you do, DO NOT SCREAM! You’ve got 13 unlucky floors to travel through… Can you keep your voice box in check? 

The 5th Dimension

Get ready to embark on a soul-splitting journey through the 5th dimension! The tower has found itself gripped tightly in the fists of a sinister spectre. It has torn holes in our world, resulting in a new dimension being born and it’s not looking good for humankind… You’ll be ripped from the present moment and transported into a terrifying psychedelic journey between demonic worlds. Hold on tight, to your seat and your soul…

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Merchandise

outside of tower of terror

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror offers a variety of merchandise for guests to commemorate their thrilling experience. One standout item is the zip-up letterman jacket, featuring an embroidered Tower of Terror logo on the front and the iconic elevator indicator on the back. This stylish jacket allows fans to show off their love for the ride in a trendy and comfortable way.

For those looking to complete their Disney bounding or cosplaying looks, the ears with a bellhop hat are a must-have. These unique and eye-catching headbands add a touch of authenticity to any Tower of Terror-inspired outfit.

Collectors will rejoice at the Hollywood Tower Hotel pin, which showcases the iconic facade of the attraction. This intricate pin is the perfect addition to any Disney pin collection, serving as a tangible reminder of the unforgettable experience.

Guests can also stay cosy and fashionable with the Spirit Jersey, featuring the Tower of Terror logo and a spooky design. The water bottle, pen, and t-shirt are additional merchandise options that allow fans to showcase their love for this iconic attraction.

Furthermore, guests can explore other Disney attraction merchandise collections. Ensuring there is something for everyone’s taste and preference. The Tower of Terror merchandise provides the perfect opportunity to take home a piece of the magic and relive the excitement from this thrilling Disney experience.


What age range is the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris is a thrilling and exhilarating ride that is suitable for guests of various age ranges. While there is no strict age restriction for this attraction, it is recommended for guests ages 10 and above due to its intense and suspenseful nature.

Younger children may find the experience too frightening or overwhelming. However, guests who enjoy a thrilling and immersive experience will appreciate the Tower of Terror and its unique blend of special effects, storytelling, and drop sequences.

Whether you’re a teenager seeking a heart-pounding adventure or an adult looking for some exhilarating fun, the Tower of Terror offers a spine-chilling experience for a wide range of visitors.

What is the layout of the Disney Tower of Terror?

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, located in Disneyland Paris at the Walt Disney Studios Park, is one of the most iconic attractions in the Disney Parks across the world.

Guests will begin their journey standing in line in the hotel lobby. You will immediately be immersed in the  Twilight Zone theme through creepy lighting effects, breaking windows, creaking noises, ghoulish laughter and a flash of lightning. 

Once you’ve made your way through the hotel lobby, you’ll be escorted by a hotel bellhop to the hotel library. Here, you will watch a Twilight Zone Special of the Tower of Terror and then it’s time for the Boiler Room… 

After about 5-10 minutes you’ll walk onto the loading floors where you’ll be faced with the intimidating wide elevator doors. Now is where the real horror begins! Secure your seatbelts as the elevator moves back into the shaft and begin your ascent. 

The Mirror Scene is up first. You’ll experience a few drops in between each floor and the higher you get the better the view of Disneyland Paris but the intensity of the scares will also increase. 

You’ll experience three of the new scare features: The Malevolent Machine, The Shaft Creatures, and The 5th Dimension. 

And now for the world-famous drop… Are you ready? You’ll experience a stomach-churning 130-foot drop from the top of the tower down the pitch-black vertical shaft, and all the way to the bottom! 

Once you’ve recovered from the bone-shattering drop, you’ll make your way off the ride and through the exit doors while doing everything you can to shed the horrors of the hotel… 

If for whatever reason you decide you don’t want to board the ride just let someone know and they will point you in the direction of the boiler room service doors. Don’t worry you won’t get possessed, this is just the ride exit…

Is the Tower of Terror an indoor attraction?

Yes! You’ll be relieved to know you can dodge any bad weather in the refuge of the eerie Hollywood Tower Hotel. However, if the queue is long then the queue may extend outside. 

What's one cool fact about the Tower of Terror?

When the sun sets over Disneyland, the only sign of the Tower of Terror you will see is one lit-up glass window. The rest of the tower will disappear in the darkness of the night… 

What type of ride is the Tower of Terror?

Although it may feel like you’re free-falling, this is not a free-fall ride. Disneyland’s Tower of Terror is a combination of two different ride systems: an accelerated drop tower and a dark ride. There are no upside-down turns either, just vertical drops, sometimes in complete darkness.

If you’re up for some horrifying thrills then you should definitely hop aboard the scariest ride at the Parisian Resort.

Does the Tower of Terror make you dizzy?

If you have a sensitive body i.e. you feel sick easily or suffer from headaches then the Terror of Terror may be best to avoid. This ride has intense drops that could trigger dizziness in individuals. If you suffer from high blood pressure, heart conditions or neck problems we recommend steering clear of this theme park ride. 

The Disney Imagineers have really outdone themselves with this ride! With the faux movie sets, special effects, spooktastic illusions, and creepy actors they have combined to conjure up an authentic experience. You’ll feel as if you are at the centre of the hit TV show, the Twilight Zone. The Parisian Tower of Terror is just as spooktacular as the original attraction in Florida, especially with its brand-new horrors.

From the dusty hotel lobby to the 13th floor, you’ll be itching with excitement… and dread! 

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