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Father’s Day Gifts From the Bump

Father’s Day Gifts From the Bump

father's day gifts

Are you looking for the perfect Father’s day gifts from the bump? Is this going to be your partner’s, soon to be, first Father’s Day? Don’t fret, we’re here to help you.

This day is special to all those Dads celebrating their life as a well, a DAD! For anyone who is a father figure, this is a day of appreciation! Whether you’ve just had a baby scan and found out you’ll be parents or your bundle of joy is already born!

First Father’s day gifts that will make him smile

Baby Scan Wallet card

– Not On The High Street

Have you found out you’re going to have a baby but it won’t be born before Father’s Day? Don’t worry, you can still celebrate this special moment with a baby scan wallet card! A keepsake that your partner can keep on their person for as long as they desire. A cute moment of the first time they saw the baby on the screen and the moment they knew their new chapter in life begins.

A heartfelt Father’s Day gift that will surely make him smile!

Find it here

Photograph Puzzle

– Not On The High Street

Have a daddio to be that loves puzzles, but also personal touches? Then this is an excellent gift for them. Whether you use a picture of your baby scan or a picture of your bump’s parents, it’ll be a cute moment that will make him smile and look forward to seeing his bundle of joy!

Find it here

Pizza and Pizza Slice Onesie

– Amazon

Does he love pizza, comfy clothes and knows his newborn will be a piece of him too? A pizza pie t-shirt and a pizza slice onesie is the perfect gift Father’s Day gift from the bump! A sweet t-shirt depicting a pizza pie missing a slice and a little onesie with the pizza slice – you get the sentiment right? Have a pizza party and look forward to the new slice of your life!

Find it here

Dad’s Playbook, Wisdom for Fathers, from the Greatest Coaches of All TIme – by Tom Limbert

– Uncommon Goods

If your partner is feeling a little nervous about the new addition to the family (totally understandable), this Dad’s playbook can be the ideal gift that will settle his nerves and provide insightful positive thoughts to his anxious mind. A sporty book that is full of quotes and inspirational insights from sports’ greatest coaches (it might be more Americanized) but the sentiment is there. See if this book helps the father to be and gives him reasons to cheer and tackle the new challenges head-on.

Find it here

Family Football Team Plaque

– Etsy seller TrueWillowGifts

Is your father to be a big football fan? Then he’ll love a plaque of a family football team! Choose his favourite football team’s shirt and add the names of each person in your family. And if you haven’t picked the name of your soon to be born baby, pick another name or word that you feel represents your baby!

Psst…you can also make it light up! Makes for a great night light for when your baby grows up too!

Find it here

A ‘Dad to be’ Sleepsuit Delivery from the Stork

– Not On The High Street

Surprise Dad with a heartwarming message and gift that will surely make him smile. They’ll receive a personalised baby sleepsuit with a design picked from their best selling messages on it ‘from the bump’, as well as a personalised scroll. You can add a personalised tag too and it’ll all be wrapped up in a soft bag and delicately wrapped in a delivery box from the stork, ready for their Father’s Day gift from bump!

Find it here

Personalised Baby Grow

– Prezzybox

Gift your partner baby grow with a personalised message, from the bump. It can be personalised with any message you want, whether it’s cute and heartfelt, or funny. Whatever message you choose, it is a simple but perfect gift idea for his first Father’s Day.

Find it here

A Baby Bump Scan Frame


A sweet but classic gift from the bump can be a photo box frame of your first baby scan or a baby scan later on during the pregnancy! Stick some white card to the back of the box frame (on the inside), then add the picture of the baby scan to either side of the back.  Write a personalised message on the side of the scan and some decor! Simple, easy but the perfect gift for a first Father’s Day gift from the bump.

A Daddy mug

– The Gift Experience

For a first time daddy, a mug can be one of many simple but extra-special gift ideas. Especially if they love their hot drinks. If your partner is super excited to become a dad for the first time and uses mugs all the time, surprise them with a ‘Daddy’ mug. Effective in conveying the message that he will now be a dad, but it’s practical too because he can use it forever (that’s if it doesn’t break!).

Find it here

Personalised Cufflinks

– Born Gifted

If you’re too excited to wait for the arrival of your bundle of joy, so you can know the date, use the date of when you found out you were pregnant or the first scan! Then gift the daddio with personalised cufflinks that have the special date and a pair of baby footprints. They’re so cute!

Find it here

So, if you were stuck on what to gift your partner for their first Father’s Day from the bump, we hope you found some inspiration here! Whether they’re cute, sentimental, homemade gift ideas or funny ones that will make him chuckle and remember for a lifetime. Start planning now!

For more advice on parenting or even noting down some cute baby boy names, check out our baby names page – there’s so much choice!

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