Teething Bracelets for Babies

teething baby

Watching babies grow is a special thing. It’s something to put in your treasured memories, like when they say their first word. Or hearing their first laugh and watching when they start to crawl. Each milestone is to be celebrated and cherished, but… when they start teething, it’s not something that comes quietly! It’s uncomfortable for the baby, and painful too. They end up drooling and fussing, maybe even crying. And parents are in need of something that can soothe their baby’s aches. Well, teething bracelets, are your saviour!

Teething bracelets work as a pain reliever for your baby, they can either be worn by the baby or on your wrist too. They can come in many forms too, either as necklaces, bracelets or even anklets.

How do teething bracelets work?

Teething bracelets are either worn by the parent on the baby (but the former is suggested more). They’re designed to reduce teething pain for your baby. You can give them as they are, whether they’re pink jade beads or raw honey beads. Or you can put them in the fridge for a bit, so they’re a little cool. It’s recommended NOT to put teething bracelets or teething rings in the freezer, as it may damage your baby’s gums or give them frostbite.

If your baby is suffering from consistent pain due to teething, then it’s best to always have one in the fridge. This way it’s always on hand to help your baby, whenever necessary.

Once they’ve cooled a little, the teething bracelet will soothe your baby’s gums, whether they gum on it or suck on the bracelet. Even for the fussiest baby, it should work, as the gum pain will subside as they feel the cool sensation.

They come in a variety of beautiful colours too, such as jade, pink or cherry colour beads. But a popular one is the amber teething bracelets. Which we go into more detail in this blog.

Here’s a few examples of teething bracelets you can purchase:

Mushie Flower Teething Bracelet – Cambridge Blue/Clementine/Natural

– The Little Bumble Co, for £11.00

Buy it here

Mushie Pearly Teething Bracelet – Linen/Peony/Pale Pink

– The Little Bumble Co, for £11.00

Buy it here

Amber Teething Bracelet

– GoAmber for £15.99

Buy it here

Pearl Beads Teething Toys for Baby – Natural Beech Wood & Silicone

– Amazon for £9.49

Buy it here

It’s best to always have adult supervision when your baby is using the baby bracelet or teething necklace, as leaving them unattended can pose some safety risks.

If you’re looking for something different, then a great alternative to teething bracelets is baby teething gels that will also soothe the painful gums. Such as Bonjela, Calpol Calgel and FREZYDERM baby gels.

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