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30 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

30 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

boy or girl cupcakes

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy and are too excited to wait till they’re born to know whether they’re a girl or a boy? We get it, it’s too exciting to wait! Maybe you thought of some gender reveal ideas that are super creative and innovative, to surprise yourself and your loved ones. Or maybe you need some inspiration.

We’ve got 30 unique ideas for you to pick from! Super cute, super exciting and super fun ideas.

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

gender reveal cupcakes

1. Scratch Cards

I’ve never heard of this one before, but it’s definitely super fun. Imagine the anticipation as you hurriedly try to scratch off to find out what you’re having. Maybe you can make it a race against your partner? Who can scratch it all off first?

If you choose to have a party, then include the party guests too – everyone can have one. But the parents’ scratch cards will be the correct ones.

We’ve found a really cute one on Etsy!

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baby shower photobooth

2. Family Photoshoot

This one requires a little bit more effort, but the outcome is worth it.

Hire a photographer (or someone you really trust) to find out the gender. They can purchase photo booth props that are either baby girl or baby boy related. Gather all the guests around for a photo and have them close their eyes.

Then, the photographer can hand each guest a prop (make sure their eyes are still closed!) and snap a photo with them holding the props, still eyes closed. Count down from 3 and have them open their eyes at the same time to look at what they’re holding. Make sure to snap some pics of their reactions!

Cute and creative. And leaves you with the perfect photos to treasure forever.

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treasure hunt for a gender reveal party

3. Treasure Hunt

Send the parents to be on a treasure hunt! A fab way to incite fun and build up excitement.

Say you’ve written 10 clues that will have them searching around the house and garden, give 5 to each parent. At each location of the clue have, for example, a bib they have to collect. Coloured either blue or pink, have 6 coloured what the correct gender is and the 4 that are left as the other colour.

Then when the parents rejoin to count how many bibs they have of each colour, it’s an exciting rush to see which they have more of!

Plus, all babies need bibs, no matter the colour. So, they can use them when the baby arrives!

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flash mob wearing blue shirts

4. Flash Mob

Say the parents love spontaneity and are really fun – this will be the perfect surprise for them.

Take them out for a walk at their favourite park and hire a bunch of people or their closest friends to wear t-shirts that say what the gender is (but under a jacket). Then as the parents are walking through, the group will start dancing around them and at the same time open their jackets for the fun gender reveal!

If they love to boogie and equally love surprises this is a foolproof idea for an exciting gender reveal!

pink baby clothes

5. A Closest Full of Clothes

A creative but simple gender reveal this is equally cute and heartwarming!

If you have super trustworthy family and friends that know how to keep a secret, then this should be a doddle! Nominate a person to find out the gender of the baby and then have them tell a select number of people the baby gender.

Each member of the group who knows should then buy an item for the baby. Pink for girls or blue for boys. Whether it’s a bib, a soft teddy, a blanket, a dummy, baby clothes and so on – in the correct colour. Then fill the parent’s baby closest of all the items, and secure it off with a ribbon around the handle.

When it’s time for the gender reveal party, gather everyone around the closest with confetti poppers (filled with biodegradable dried flower petals) with either pink or blue confetti.

Count down to 3 as the parents cut the ribbon and open the closest to see what’s inside, as the party guests pop the cannons!

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tic tac toe for a baby shower

6. Tic-Tac-Toe

A little bit of a challenge to put it together, but it’s unique and best of all – it’ll make the parents happy!

All you’ll need is a 3×3 grid or bookshelf furniture, strong string and 9 giant counters. A mixture of blue and pink. Next, hang them in each section of the grid, making sure that 3 of them that are in a line represent the correct gender.

After you’ve put it all together, gather the guests around as the parents play a friendly game of tic-tac-toe, see who wins and what the gender is!

Interactive, creative and memorable!

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Classic Gender Reveal Ideas

You can’t go wrong with the classics, so why not use them? Gender reveal parties certainly don’t need to be complicated or stressful. So, here are some ideas for a laidback and chill reveal.

a couple cutting into a gender reveal cake

7. Gender Reveal Cake

You can’t have a party without cake! But let’s make the cake the main star of the show as it’ll hold the answer that everyone is waiting for.

Hand the baker an envelope that reveals what the gender is. They can either choose to use blue food colouring or pink to colour buttercream or the entire cake sponge. On the outside of the cake, make sure it’s covered entirely by either fondant, icing or more buttercream and make it baby gender themed!

Then as the parents cut into the cake and pick up the slice, everyone will see what gender the baby is!

pink cake pops

8. Cake Pops

Everyone loves a cake pop. They’re one of many small pleasures and a treat you can enjoy. And they can literally be themed to just about anything.

Invite your closest relatives and order the right number of cake pops. Two cake pops should be coloured to the gender inside, and the rest should be plain. They can all be decorated with sprinkles on top though!

Hand the cake pops out and take it in turns to bite into a pop. A perfect food game to play at a baby shower party and it can be a more intimate gender reveal if you want to keep it to close friends and family.

gender reveal cupcakes

9. Coloured Cupcakes

You can never have enough cake ideas! And this one is more inclusive because everyone can find out at the same time, themselves! Have the cake maker, make individual cupcakes revealing the gender on the inside, so everyone can take a bite together. Whether it’s pink or blue cakes.

Have the cupcakes decorated with pink and blue sprinkles and cupcake toppers to give them that pizazz!

Don’t forget to have someone with the cameras ready to take that picture-perfect shot of the expectant parents!

gender reveal balloon

10. Baby Shower Confetti Balloon

A truly classic baby gender reveal is a big black balloon filled with tiny balloons and coloured confetti. Depending on the gender, the balloon maker will add either mini blue or pink balloons and blue or pink confetti!

Either place the gender-revealing balloon inside the living room or in the garden – for everyone to see and pop it to find out what you’re expecting!

gender reveal balloon box

11. A Balloon Release

Another balloon gender reveal is having a cardboard box containing a number of coloured balloons (attached to a weight so it doesn’t fly off). When the parents open the box, the balloons will pop up revealing whether it’s a boy or a girl.

If you’re having a family affair, have them all ready for eco-friendly confetti poppers to make it an extra memorable moment.

Outside Gender Reveal Ideas

Is it the summer or the warm weather is on the way – it’s time for a garden party!

water balloons

12. Water Fight

A brilliant and super fun idea (that can also get the kids involved) is a water fight with water balloons. Have a trusted someone fill a bunch of balloons with water and either pink or blue food colouring (to make the water coloured) and have them ready for a water fight!

Ask the guests to the baby shower to wear all white, especially the expectant parents. Then when the time calls for it, have the kids pick up a balloon (making sure not to pop it) and throw it at the parents! The colour will reveal itself on them and everyone will know whether it’s a boy or a girl!

After a few snaps of the happy couple to commemorate this joyous news…it’s time for a water fight with everyone else!

gender reveal paint pour on umbrella

13. Umbrella Paint Pour

If you’re an artistic couple and love artistic and creative snaps that will last a lifetime, then listen up!

Wear white and bring an umbrella with you! Have someone pour body-safe paint over you and the umbrella and watch either the baby blue or pretty in pink paint drip down for a beautiful photo!

It’s a messy gender reveal that is truly iconic.

gender reveal baseballs

14. Smoke Bomb

For the sporty couple or someone who loves to hit a home run then a smoke bomb is the way to go.

Did you know you can get a ball that is designed to explode on impact for gender reveals? It’ll be filled with either pink or blue smoke. Whoever wants to hit the ball will need to have incredible aim if they want to hit on the first try! See whether you hit a pink or blue smoke bomb.

A simply cool gender reveal.

a pinata

15. Whack A Piñata

A really fun and interactive gender reveal party that will invoke some friendly competition with the couple is a piñata!

Order one filled with coloured confetti or sweets with wrappers of either colour. Let the fun begin and start whacking!

pink fireworks

16. Fireworks

If you have a love for fireworks, the bang and explosion of colour then fireworks will certainly be a lifetime moment worth sharing with the family.

Have an evening party, filled with pink and blue balloons, pink lemonade, blue Hawaiian punch, tasty food and anything else your heart desires. Then when the night sky rolls in, gather the party guests and the entire family into the garden for a fireworks show like no other.

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Heartwarming Gender Reveal Ideas

If you’d like to have a small reveal party, maybe just with your partner, that is totally okay. It can still be lots of fun and sweet!

pink handprints

17. Painted Handprint

A really heartwarming and intimate gender reveal for just the couple to enjoy and keep forever.

Have the mother-to-be wear a white top or dress and the father-to-be dip his hands into the correct colour for the gender reveal (he can know the gender, or someone sets it up for him with his eyes closed). Then press his hands onto the baby bump, an especially sweet touch.

Once that’s done, both parents can open their eyes and find out together what their baby will be.

a dog with blue balloons

18. Dog Entrance

If the parents have a dog, then this is the sweetest gender reveal.

Have the excited couple wait in the garden or living room, and have someone tie coloured balloons to the collar. Then when everyone is ready, let their dog run towards its owners as they watch what balloons come out!

An exciting moment that includes everyone in their mini family.

baby scan puzzle

19. Baby Scan Puzzle

Have a trusted person order a puzzle of your baby scan and add the gender in the personalised message. For example “It’s A Boy” and have it sent to the parent house!

When they’re ready, they’ll put the puzzle together and find out the gender together.

A super sweet and special moment to enjoy together.

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a baby girl's nursery

20. Nursery Reveal

Have a trusted family member of friend? Have them decorate with either pink or blue decor to celebrate the baby! Fill the nursery with coloured balloons, confetti, pillows, teddies, baby clothes and more.

It can be a gift for parents or just something small and intimate for them to discover together as they open the door together.

fortune cookies

21. Fortune Cookies

A simple idea that is just for the parents. After a takeaway or a night in, you’re both feeling rested and relaxed. What’s a better time to find out the gender of your baby than after a tasty meal?

Break open your fortune cookie and see whether it reveals ‘It’s A Baby Girl’ or ‘It’s A Baby Boy’!

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Family Gender Reveal Ideas

If you have a child already, you could get them involved for a cute and memorable gender reveal. Check out this list for inspiration.

girl holding pink balloons

22. Bunch of Balloons

Using a room in the house, decorate the door with question marks and ‘is it a boy’ and ‘is it a girl’ signs. Have a family member or friend take your child into a room and hand them coloured balloons, depending on the gender.

Place the parents outside of the room and wait for their child to open the door and walk out with a bunch of balloons!

'i am getting a baby...' top with either sister or brother to tick

23. T-shirt Reveal

Another idea where you need a trusted family member or friend to help you out! Have them order ‘I’m Having A Baby Sister’ or ‘I’m Having A Baby Brother’ t-shirts and put it on their child.

Ask the parents to close their eyes, and place their child in front of them and have them shout ‘1 2, 3!’ for their parents to open their eyes and see what they’re having!

A memorable moment for the parents and their lovely child.

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pop the belly game

24. Pop the Belly Darts Game

For those with older kids, this is a brilliant game for them to get involved in!

Using this fabulous idea from Smudge, have a board with 9 cutouts of an expectant mother with balloons as her belly. Before the balloons are stuck on, fill one of them with either blue or pink paint for one balloon and white for the other or confetti. Then stick them onto the board.

Have the kids (with parents or adult supervision) throw darts to pop the balloon! See who can pop the balloon filled with coloured paint!

confetti showers

25. Pull String Piñata

This can be an outdoors one too, but it can certainly include your mini one too!

It’s made out of paper and will be filled with confetti or biodegradable petals corresponding to the gender. The parents with their child will stand under the pinata and have the little one pull the strings as a shower of blue or pink falls onto them!

It’s the perfect photo op.

gender reveal lightsabers

26. Gender Lightsabers

If you have multiple kiddies, then this is the perfect opportunity to let them have a little one. You’ll need a few lightsabers in the correct colour (either blue or pink, or red if you can’t find pink). Have them hold their lightsabers as if they were ready for an epic fight and tell them to press the button at the same time!

You’ll see the light flood the lightsaber and find out as a family together what their next sibling will be!

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whipped cream on a pie

27. Pie in the Face

If you don’t mind getting a little messy, then this super family gender reveal idea will have the kid extremely excited.

Have someone fill a tray with blue or pink whipped cream and then cover that with white cream (make multiple trays if there’s more than one sibling). Then have the parents sit down and close their eyes as they eagerly wait for their faces to get covered in whipped cream! As the kids smash their faces with cream, the colour underneath will show and ta-da! Your gender is revealed.

boy with a water gun

28. Water Gun Spray

If it’s a warm day, have your little one spray your clothes with coloured water!

Wear white clothes and have someone who knows the gender to fill the water guns with coloured water. Your kids will have fun, feel involved and it’s one to add to the memory box!

Holiday Themed Gender Reveal Ideas

santa sack gender reveal

29. Santa's Sack

If you’re having a gender reveal/baby shower around the Christmas holidays, then enjoy this themed gender reveal will do the trick!

Santa came early with his toy sack! Gather the kids around the festive bag with Santa hats on and open it all together. And a smoke machine will release the colour of your baby’s gender! A festive treat, a memory for the holidays and a way for your kids to get excited about their new sibling!

pumpkin gender reveal

30. Our Little Pumpkin is A...

Love Halloween? Great! We have the best idea for you. Carve a pumpkin and take out all it’s filling, paint it white and using black paint, write ‘Our little pumpkin is a…‘ on the front. Keep the top of the pumpkin as a lid!

Then ask someone you trust with the correct gender, paint a tiny pumpkin either blue or pink and place it inside the bigger pumpkin. Close the top off with the pumpkin lid.

When the parents are ready to reveal the gender, they’ll open the lid and pull out the mini pumpkin!

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We hope you’ve found the BEST gender reveal ideas to really surprise everyone or yourself at your party! Whether you stick to the classics, step out of the box or do something entirely unique and interesting. It’s a special moment for you, so make sure it’s one you’ll remember forever.

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