Disneyland® Paris Rides for Little Kids

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So, you’ve surprised the kids with tickets to Disneyland® Paris and you’re thinking, where should I visit first? Disneyland® Paris is a fantastical world full of adventure, thrill rides and immersive experiences and with so many out-of-this-world attractions on offer, a short-list of the best ones would come in handy. In partnership with AttractionTickets.com, we’ve put together our top picks for the best Disneyland® Paris rides for little kids

Step into the swashbuckling world of pirates and set sail on a mesmerising journey through the Caribbean. Or take a delightful train ride in the heart of Fantasyland. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime…

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20 Best Disneyland® Paris Rides for Little Kids

couple at marvel avengers campus

Marvel Avengers Campus

Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris is a must-visit destination for MARVEL fans and adventure seekers alike. This vibrant land is packed with exhilarating attractions and immersive experiences that will leave you feeling like a superhero.

Strap yourself in for Avengers Assemble: Flight Force! It’s an incredible 3D flight experience alongside Iron Man and other beloved Marvel characters. Feel the wind in your face as you soar through the skies, battling evil and saving the day.

Throughout Marvel Avengers Campus, you’ll encounter a variety of Marvel characters who are ready to interact and take epic photos with you. From Spider-Man to Black Widow, get up close and personal with your favourite heroes. Watch mini-shows and live entertainment that further immerse you in the MARVEL universe. Witness incredible stunts and special effects as you cheer on your favourite superheroes in action-packed spectacles.

Prepare to unleash your inner hero and join the Avengers in the fight against evil.

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Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Paris

Big Thunder Mountain

Located in Frontierland at Disneyland® Park, Big Thunder Mountain is a family-friendly rollercoaster that takes guests on a wild journey through a haunted old Wild West mining town. Hold on tight as you embark on this thrilling adventure filled with sudden drops, sharp turns, and speeds reaching up to 35 mph.

To experience this exciting ride, guests must meet a minimum height requirement of 1.02m, allowing families to enjoy the thrills together.

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buzz lightyear disneyland paris

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Transport yourselves into the world of Buzz Lightyear and join him in a mission to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg. Located in Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris, this ride is a must-visit for Toy Story fans of all ages.

Picture this: you are equipped with your own laser blaster and sent out to space where you will embark on an unforgettable adventure… This interactive ride is unlike many of the Disneyland Paris rides as you can take control. Shoot targets with your laser beam, earn points and compete for the highest score. Who will outsmart Zurg and become the ultimate space ranger? The competition is on…

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is located in Discoveryland, right next to other popular attractions. So, after saving the galaxy, you can continue your adventure in this exciting themed area. Don’t miss the chance to experience this interactive, competitive, and incredibly fun ride at Disneyland Paris.

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Casey Jr. – le Petit Train du Cirque

Hop aboard Casey Jr. – le Petit Train du Cirque and unwind on a whirlwind adventure in the heart of Fantasyland. 

As you board Casey Jr., you’ll be transported to a whimsical world filled with colourful characters and lively music. Sit back and enjoy the gentle rhythm of the train as it chugs along, offering picturesque views of the surrounding scenery.

As you make your way through the circus, keep an eye out for hidden treasures and familiar faces. You may even spot some of your favourite Disney Characters from beloved classics like Frozen and The Little Mermaid.

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crush's coaster at disneyland paris

Crush’s Coaster

Deep dive into an underwater adventure aboard Crush’s Coaster at Walt Disney Studios® Park. Climb aboard a turtle shell and join Nemo and Squirt as they lead the way through a colourful coral reef. Marvel at the mesmerising glow fish and encounter the lovable characters from the movies. With special effects enhancing the immersive environment, you’ll feel as if you’ve truly dived into the ocean.

Hold on tight as you plunge into the depths of the sea, exploring the mysterious Sunken Submarine. Brace yourself for twists, turns, and unexpected surprises along the way.

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Horse-Drawn Streetcars

Experience the charm and elegance of a bygone era with the Horse-Drawn Streetcars in Disneyland Paris. This leisurely ride offers a comfortable and stylish way to explore the park while taking in the sights and sounds of Main Street, U.S.A.

The Horse-Drawn Streetcars are located in Main Street, U.S.A., and provide a scenic tour between Town Square and Central Plaza. Passengers can sit back and relax as they are transported through the bustling streets, immersing themselves in the rich history of Disneyland Paris.

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La Cabane des Robinson

La Cabane des Robinson is a stunning tree house located in Adventureland, within Disneyland Park. It offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

As you make your way up the walkways, you’ll be amazed by the intricate details that bring the tree house to life. Each room is thoughtfully designed, with a library filled with fascinating books, a cosy kitchen area, and even a cosy bedroom. The attention to detail in every corner of the tree house is truly remarkable.

One of the highlights of La Cabane des Robinson is the option to grab a telescope and take a peek at the island below. It’s a magical moment, as you can see the lush landscapes and picturesque scenery in great detail.

It’s important to note that La Cabane des Robinson does not accept Fastpass, so be sure to plan accordingly for your visit.

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La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant

Also known as Sleeping Beauty’s Gallery, La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant is an enchanting attraction that takes you deep into the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty…

Experience key scenes from your favourite Disney fairytale through intricate details like stained glass windows, beautiful artwork and final character designs. You will watch the evolution of the tale in this one-of-a-kind experience, bringing you closer to the heart of the tale.

One of the highlights of La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant is the rotating panel that reveals the breathtaking centrepiece – a stunning 3D model of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. As the panel turns, you’ll be able to view different scenes from the film, including the famous forest where Aurora first meets Prince Phillip.

Throughout the gallery, you’ll also discover hidden treasures and Easter eggs that pay homage to other Disney classics. Keep an eye out for references to Snow White, Cinderella, and other beloved princess stories.

La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant is not only a feast for the eyes but also a place of tranquillity. The soft lighting and peaceful music create a serene atmosphere, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of Sleeping Beauty and escape the bustling theme park for a little while.

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Le Pays des Contes de Fées

Hop inside a colourful 15-person boat for a gentle cruise through the enchanting realm of Disney’s Storybook Land. As you gracefully make your way past hills and through valleys, discover a dazzling assortment of charming homes and villages from classic Disney movies, beautifully rendered in miniature scale. 

Embrace all your favourite tales and music from The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Aladdin and so much more…

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mad hatters tea cups at disneyland paris

Mad Hatter's Tea Cups

What in the Jabberwocky is this… A ride you can control yourself?! Embrace the madness of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups while you contend with the dizzying effects of the exhilarating spins. This vibrant frenzy will offer you the chance to meet Alice, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter himself… You’d be barking mad to miss out on this one.

As you take your seat inside one of the oversized teacups, you’ll notice the whimsical theming all around you. The vibrant colours, oversized teapots, and intricately designed teacups create a truly immersive experience. The attention to detail in the theming is impeccable, with nods to the beloved characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland scattered throughout.

Our top recommended Disneyland® Paris rides for little kids, that they’ll come back for again and again!

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Soar through the galaxy in your very own spaceship! Experience a combination of thrilling spins, stunning visuals, and the feeling of freedom. As your rocket slowly starts to spin, it will begin reaching higher and higher altitudes, giving you a breathtaking view of the park below. The sensation of flying through the atmosphere is simply exhilarating and perfect for all ages.

Orbitron is a popular ride among both children and adults alike. Whether you’re a fan of space exploration or simply enjoy the sensation of flying through the air, this attraction is sure to leave a lasting impression. This makes Orbitron a must-visit for any Disneyland Paris guest.

So, strap yourself into your rocket ship and prepare for a cosmic adventure like no other. Orbitron guarantees an out-of-this-world experience that will leave you wanting to ride again and again. Don’t miss your chance to become a space traveller and explore the wonders of the universe at Disneyland Paris.

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peter pan's flight ride at disneyland paris

Peter Pan's Flight

Embark on a magical journey to Neverland as you board your very own pirate ship and take flight on Peter Pan’s Flight. This classic dark ride at Disneyland Paris is a favourite among visitors of all ages, transporting them into the timeless story of Peter Pan and his adventures with the Lost Boys, Wendy, and Tinker Bell.

As you step into the queue area, you’ll immediately be swept away by the whimsical atmosphere. The decor and theming transport you to the Darling family’s nursery, complete with toys and a starry night sky. It’s impossible not to feel a sense of excitement and anticipation as you wait your turn to board your ship.

Once you’re seated in your ship, you’ll find yourself soaring above the rooftops of London, just like Peter Pan and his friends. The special effects and attention to detail truly bring the story to life. You’ll encounter iconic scenes from the film, such as Captain Hook’s ship, Skull Rock, and the mermaid lagoon.

One of the highlights of Peter Pan’s Flight is the feeling of flying through the air. The smooth gliding motion of the pirate ship creates a sense of weightlessness and adds to the immersive experience. You’ll truly feel like you’re soaring alongside Peter Pan as he battles Captain Hook and his crew.

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Pirate Galleon

Explore the golden age of piracy, where swashbuckling adventures and hidden treasures await you…as well as those pesky pirates! Prepare to have your imaginations set alight with riveting performances, interactive storytelling and mischievous banter from the onboard crew. Navigate through treacherous waters on a stunning replica of a 17th-century wooden sailing ship, complete with towering masts, billowing sails, and intricate details.

The moment you step aboard, you’ll feel like a true pirate ready to set sail on a daring voyage. The ship is spacious and offers plenty of room for explorers of all ages to embark on their high-seas adventure.

Once the ship sets sail, hold on tight as you experience the thrilling motion of the waves beneath you. The Pirate Galleon sways back and forth, recreating the sensation of being on the open sea. As you navigate through feisty waters and encounter enemy ships, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush of a true pirate adventure.

One of the highlights of the Pirate Galleon is the chance to climb to the upper decks and take in the breathtaking views of Adventure Isle. From above, you’ll see the lush jungles, rugged cliffs, and cascading waterfalls that make this land so captivating. It’s a perfect opportunity to capture unforgettable photos and create lasting memories.

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pirates of the caribbean disneyland paris

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is an iconic and beloved attraction at Disneyland Paris that propels visitors into a swashbuckling world of pirates, treasure, and adventure. Inspiring the successful film franchise, this classic ride is a must-visit for fans of all ages.

Join Captain Jack Sparrow on his clumsy quest to unearth his hidden treasure and take on pirate zombies. Will you overthrow the vengeful Captain Barbossa? This ungodly journey will be filled with musket fire and loud crashing waves… *gulps*. 

So, if you’re up for some fable-aged thrills, round up your little rapscallions and escape to a moonlit lagoon at Disneyland Paris.

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star tours ride at disneyland paris

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Calling all rebels!!! This is the perfect ride for kids at Disneyland Paris who are one with the force.

It’s time to board the Starspeeder 1000 and take off on a thrilling 3D voyage to stunning star systems and war-torn worlds, from Jakku and Hoth to Tatooine and even the dreaded Death Star… This thrilling 3D attraction, located in Disneyland Park, is a must-visit for Star Wars fans and thrill-seekers alike.

As you enter the attraction, you’ll find yourself in the Star Tours Travel Agency, where you can immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the Star Wars universe. As soon as you step foot in the attraction you will be surrounded by droids, aliens, and iconic props. 

Once you board the StarSpeeder 1000, a state-of-the-art starship, your adventure begins. Buckle up and hold on tight as you prepare for a thrilling journey through the Star Wars galaxy. The ride utilises cutting-edge technology to transport you into the heart of the action, making you feel like you’re actually part of the Star Wars universe.

Dodge TIE Fighters, navigate through asteroid fields and try out as many different stories and destinations as you wish. No two adventures will be the same! 

Feel the wind in your hair, the rumble beneath your feet, and even experience unexpected surprises along the way. The attention to detail is second to none, with iconic characters such as Darth Vader, Yoda, and R2-D2 making appearances to further enhance the magical journey.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is truly a ride like no other and is a must-do attraction for anyone visiting Disneyland Paris. May the Force be with you!

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minnie mouse at disneyland paris

Now you’ve read through our top picks of Disneyland® Paris rides for little kids, where you will go first? Will you make the intrepid journey through the enchanted jungle? With the older kids can you brave the haunted Hollywood Tower Hotel? Whether you’re after pleasant joy rides around Disneyland Park or you are after the darkest of thrills, there are endless immersive experiences on offer for the whole family. Just make sure to check out the height restrictions for each ride and if there are any age restrictions. 

Why not discover the world of Walt Disney Parks on our Disneyland Paris page too?!

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