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What are the Most Popular Baby Names for Boys?

So, you’ve probably clicked on this article because you’re expecting a baby, right? If not, then you’re just curious! But if you are expecting a baby, then maybe you’re looking for what you can add to your ‘Boy Names’ list. Maybe you’re looking for the most popular baby boy names or perhaps you’re looking for something else because you just can’t pick one!

We get it, choosing a name for your baby is really hard. But you don’t have to do it alone! Gather options from your friends and family or…just browse our blogs, we’ve got plenty of baby name options!

But for now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular baby names that were chosen by new parents in the 2020s so far.

Top 10 Baby Names for Boys

Having a boy? Here were the top 10 baby names for boys in 2020 and 2021:

Oliver -

The most popular boy’s name of the last two years is a timeless classic. Its major appeal is its versatility, as it fits cheeky chappies (like Olly Murs) as much as it does sophisticated (like 18th-century Irish writer, Oliver Goldsmith)!

George -

No doubt influenced by the youngest heir to the British throne, George has made a big comeback in recent years.

Arthur -

Another name that almost died out in the 90s and 00s, Arthur was the third most popular name in 2020 and 2021!

Noah -

Noah’s one of the most popular boy’s names in the UK at the moment, but particularly so in Wales, where it was THE most popular name in 2020.

Muhammed -

Muhammed is the number one most common name in the whole world, driven primarily by the fact Muslim families typically name their firstborn son after the Islamic prophet of the same name.

Leo -

Think you’re going to be having a little lion? Leo (Latin for ‘lion’) will be a perfect choice, and you’ll be in good company, as the name was the sixth most popular in the last two years 🦁

Oscar -

Oscar spent 45 years (between 1880 and 1925) as the most popular choice for boys, and it’s still one of the most common in the UK. Becoming one of the most popular baby boy names!

Harry -

The popularity of Harry as a boy’s baby name has been rising consistently for decades and found itself in the eighth spot in 2020/21.

Archie -

Archie was bouncing around the 20th spot from 2010 to 2019 but has jumped up to 9th since 2020, no doubt thanks to Harry and Meghan choosing it for their son!

Jack -

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the popularity of Jack had been pretty consistent, but it dropped massively during the 50s, 60s and 70s. It rose significantly over the course of the 1980s and has been an ever-present in the top 10 since 1994.

Baby Names for Boys Inspired by a Location –

Maybe you’re looking for baby names taken after locations? Maybe the country from your favourite vacation, favourite place to be or you just really love the idea of naming your baby boy after a place. Well, we’ve made a little list for you!

Arran – one of Scotland’s most wild and captivating islands, is a unique twist on the more ordinary Aaron.

Aspen – In the Colorado Rocky Mountains – a wintry name that makes you think of crisp white snow and pine trees 🌲

Diego – San Diego, California. But also has Spanish origins with the meaning of ‘supplanter’.

Euston – As in the London borough. It is also a strong Irish name that means ‘heart’.

Hamilton – (not from the musical, but from New Zealand!)

Jordan – a country in the Middle East.

Kashmir – Full of Indian magic and spice, this name is an exotic choice!

Orlando – from the sunshine state of Florida! ☀️

Rio – a beautiful city in Brazil. And it has Spanish and Portuguese origins, meaning river“.

How Important is a Name?

I know it’s a lot of pressure picking a name and really overwhelming too, but it is important to pick the name that you will like and will know your baby will grow into. Because, it will be with them forever, and it’s not something you can change after confirming the birth certificate.

Interesting fact, according to a Mumsnet survey, 20% of parents regret the name they choose for their children. The most common reason for those second thoughts was that the name was ‘too common’ or that it just ‘didn’t feel right!

With that in mind, you need to think carefully about the shortlist of baby names you and your partner come up with. But don’t worry because you don’t have to be limited to popular baby boy names, because you’ve got all these to look at too:

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