Dinosaur Days Out

Say ‘Roar!’ if you love Dinosaurs!
If you’re looking for a fantastic dino-day out, we’ve got you covered. From huge life-sized models and epic moving dinosaurs to seeing real, old dinosaur bones, there’s so much Jurassic fun to be had with our list of the best Dinosaur days out.

Planning a day in with your little dino-lovers? These at-home dinosaur crafts and activities use everything from paper plates to odd socks, making them perfect for some prehistoric fun indoors.

Dinosaur Days Out

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure copyright-laura-francis

  1. ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk
    At ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure not only can you meet loads of gigantic life-sized models, but you can release your inner dinosaur and go wild too! Jump, climb and splash in the great play areas, and you could even unearth some hidden secrets too…
  2. The Natural History Museum, London
    If you’re looking for a great dino-day out, The Natural History Museum has to be on your list. Get up close and see real life bones, from T-Rex to Stegosaurus and everything in between, there’s a whole host of prehistoric skeletons to feast your eyes on., plus you may even learn some cool dinosaur facts too!
  3. Land of the Living Dinosaurs at West Midland Safari Park, Worcestershire
    Take a trip back through time to the Land of the Living Dinosaurs at West Midland Safari Park. You’ll get to say hello to all sorts of animatronic dinos, plus don’t miss the chance to unearth some fossils of your own at the Dino Dig.
  4. Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park, Milton Keynes
    Step into a Jurassic world at Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park and get up close and personal to all sorts of creatures. Meet over 30 moving dinos while strolling through the park, and don’t forget to hop aboard the River Ride too to meet more of your favourite dinos.
  5. The National Showcaves Centre for Wales
    With over 220 epic life size models, The National Showcaves Centre for Wales definitely has to be your list for a roarsome day out. Will you be brave enough to face off with the terrifying T-Rex?
  6. Dino Park, Dumfries
    Step back in time and venture into the Dino Mine to meet all of your favourite dinosaurs at Dino Park, from the deadlyT-Rex to the humongous Brachiosaurus. You can even get digging and try to find your very own dino bones too!
  7. Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park, Devon
    As well as meeting plenty of adorable animals, you also get a share of dinosaurs too at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park! As you wander through the Dinosaur Domain and the Valley of the Dinosaurs, you’ll be amazed at the gigantic life-sized T-rex, but be warned, because the huge Megalosaurus and Dilophosaurus wake up every hour!
  8. Lost Kingdom, Paultons Family Theme Park, Hampshire
    It’s not just Peppa Pig that you can meet at Paultons Family Theme Park, but also a whole tribe of moving dinosaurs! Get up close with all your favourite prehistoric animals, plus for little thrill seekers, jump onboard one of the epic dinosaur themed rides.
  9. The Dinosaur Museum, Dorset
    The Dinosaur Museum in Dorset is a dino heaven, and being near the infamous Jurassic Coast there’s everything you could possibly need for your prehistoric day out. At the museum, see real life dinosaur fossils, smell the breath of a T-Rex and listen closely to the sound of a Triceratops!
  10. Port Lympne Dinosaur Forest, Kent
    Step into the Dinosaur Forest at Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve and come face to face with all your favourite dinos. Journey back into the prehistoric era to discover fascinating facts behind these giant creatures.Natural History Museum mantellisaurus-credit-trustees-of-nhm

Dinosaur Crafts and Activities

  1. Paper plate dinosaurs
    If you’re feeling crafty, making these paper plate dinosaurs is really easy and fun. Once you’ve coloured in your plate, add on the scales and legs, and you’ve got a dinosaur plate! If you feel like going the extra step, cut out some eye holes and voila, you’ve got your very own dinosaur mask!
  2. Toilet roll flying dinosaur
    Got some empty toilet rolls lying around? Recycle them into flying dinosaurs with some pens, paper and glue! Little ones can let their imaginations run wild by adding wings and claws or scales and tails.
  3. Dinosaur balloons
    These floating dinosaur balloons are almost as much fun to make as they are afterwards! All you need is some balloons, paper and scissors and some sticky tape, and you’ll have some adorable inflatable dinosaurs in no time.
  4. Dinosaur footprints
    If you’ve got some paint, you can make some awesome dinosaurs using just your feet! These footprint dinosaurs are really fun (and maybe a little bit messy!), and once you’re done, don’t forget to add eyes and teeth to bring your creation to life.
  5. Egg box dinosaurs
    If you’ve got an empty egg box lying around, it’s really easy to turn it into an egg box dinosaur! With some scissors, paint, paper and any extras you want to add, you can easily turn your recycled egg box into a fun dino friend.A little boy with toy dinosaurs
  6. Big dinosaur cardboard box
    It’s easier than you’d think for your little ones to transform into a dinosaur for the day! All you need is a large cardboard box and some scissors to cut out some leg holes, and then pop on your makeshift costume and you can run wild.
  7. Tissue box dinosaur feet
    Ready to stomp around? Transform old tissue boxes into perfect dinosaur feet with this super easy craft. Once you’ve got your giant feet on, there’s plenty of fun to be had stomping around and roaring!
  8. Ice Breaker
    Dig up your very own fossils, in the form of your own toy dinosaurs that is. Pop your dinosaurs in some water and freeze and go on a fun rescue mission to unearth your dinosaurs.
  9. Dinosaur hunt
    If you’ve got toy dinosaurs lying around, why not create an exciting dinosaur hunt around the garden or even the house? Release your inner wild side and go on an epic hunt to discover some prehistoric bones.
  10. Hatching dinosaur egg
    If you’ve had your dino-day at, take a look at how to make a hatching dinosaur egg from The Natural History Museum. This hatching baby dinosaur craft is really fun to make, and it looks really sweet too! 

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