Step Into The Prehistoric Era With The Dinosaur rEvolution Exhibition

man looking at a t rex skull

Get ready for a prehistoric adventure that will transport your family millions of years back in time! The Horniman Museum and Gardens is thrilled to present the Dinosaur rEvolution Exhibition, a captivating journey into the world of dinosaurs that promises an unforgettable day out for families.

With interactive exhibits, life-sized animatronic models, and hands-on activities, it’s a T-errific opportunity to spark curiosity and learn about these magnificent creatures in a fun and engaging way!

Where is the Dinosaur rEvolution Exhibition?

horniam museum and gardens
This fascinating exhibition is being held at Horniman Museum and Gardens until November 2024!

Discover the relationship between dinosaurs and birds in a colourful and unique event that is set to blow the minds of dino enthusiasts everywhere.

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100 London Road,
Forest Hill,
SE23 3PQ

Opening Times

10th February to 3rd November 2024
10:00 - 17:30


Members free
Adult £9.00
Child £6.00

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What is the Dinosaur rEvolution Exhibition?

two girls looking at a t rex model
Is that the Jurassic Park theme tune playing? 

Sadly not, BUT for those dino lovers out there (big or small), this is something you HAVE to check out!

A prehistoric dinosaur exhibition that is alllll about the branches of dinosaur evolution. From horned skulls and their well-known dino features to modern birds. Yes, that’s right – birds are descendants of dinosaurs! Even the tiniest of them! Life found a way…to keep dinosaurs in existence in some form!

Birds actually descended from a group of meat-eating dinosaurs called Theropods…but I’m sure you’ll learn more about this at the Dinosaur rEvolution Exhibit – it’s literally the aim of it!

Did you know that there were actual feathered dinosaurs? There was a whole diversity of dinosaurs that we may not know about it, but the ones we do know about will be on display for you to discover.

But wait, did you also know this is the FIRST UK showing of dinosaur evolution?! Over the last few decades, what we discovered about dinosaurs has drastically changed how we picture them. From scaly, green giant reptiles, to those with spikes, quills, feathers and all sorts of colours. At Horniman Museum and Gardens, it’s time to go back in time and revisit dinosaur specimens as we know them now,

From touchable fossil casts and dinosaur specimens from 4 reptiles:

  • the horned skull of a Diabloceratops
  • the claw of a Therizinosaurus
  • and the skeletons of a chicken-sized, feathered dinosaur called the Compsognathus and the Velociraptor

Isn’t that super cool?!

That’s not all though! There will be not one, but FIVE large animatronic dinosaur models to see. Are you ready to face the terrifying 7-METRE-long Tyrannosaurus Rex? 

For the kiddies, they can get stuck into dino dress-up, fun dino games and even get a little crafty! From creating your own clay dinosaur sculpture to family crafts!

I don’t know about you, but I think you’ll all become Dr Alan Grant and Dr Ellie Sattler in no time. Just watch out for those raptors…

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Why the Dinosaur rEvolution Exhibition is a Must-Visit for Families

a dinosaur skeleton
Dive into the fascinating history of dinosaurs and discover the secrets of their evolution to modern-day birds. The exhibit is designed to educate while entertaining everyone, making complex scientific concepts understandable to kids. We think it’s a brilliant way to combine school learning with real-life examples of palaeontology and evolutionary biology.

Unlike traditional museum exhibits, Dinosaur rEvolution encourages hands-on interaction. Kids can dig for fossils, assemble dinosaur bones, and even come face-to-face with life-sized models that move and roar! These interactive experiences help children learn through play, making education both memorable and enjoyable.

There’s something for everyone at the Dinosaur rEvolution event. It’s a perfect opportunity for family bonding over shared discoveries and excitement. Whether you’re solving puzzles together or exploring the exhibits, these shared experiences create lasting memories.

Tips for Your Visit

  • Plan Ahead: Check the Horniman Museum website for ticket information and event timings. Booking in advance can save time and guarantee entry during busy periods.
  • Dress Comfortably: With plenty of interactive areas and outdoor activities, comfortable clothing and shoes are a must for a day of exploration and fun.
  • Don’t Miss the Workshops: The event includes educational workshops and talks by experts in palaeontology. These sessions are not only informative but also provide unique insights into the life of dinosaurs.

Whether you come during the school holidays or for a weekend trip, the Dinosaur rEvolution Exhibition will revolutionise the way you think about dinosaurs. It’s a must-see event that we think you’ll love.

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