Easy animal crafts

August is all about animals, thanks to three animal awareness days all taking place this month:

  • World Lion Day – 10th August
  • World Elephant Day – 12th August
  • International Orangutan Day – 19th August

Easy animal crafts for kids, including lion, orangutan and elephant

Unlike days like Doughnut Day or Peanut Butter Day (yep, there really is a day for everything!), each of these animal days exist to help highlight the importance of conservation and raise awareness of their status as endangered species. Organised by sanctuaries or official groups already working on conservation projects, there are loads of ways to get involved. Why not see if there are any special events planned at your local zoo?

If you’d like to join in with the celebrations at home (or just fancy a super cheap activity to keep the kids busy) then we’ve got three easy paper animals you can make, all you need is some paper or card, scissors and a pen.

  1. Paper Lion Craft

    To make your paper lion, start with a long thin piece or card or paper, one the length of A4 paper is perfect.

    At one end, cut out two round feet shapes and draw some claws. At the other end of your piece of paper, fold the end over and then cut out a round shape at the end for your head and curve in the bit of paper leading to it to make some shoulders.

    Draw your lion’s face and some lines to make his mane. Fold your paper into a triangular shape with your lions head just before the feet and your have a crouching lions that’s ready to leap, or to sleep perhaps? If you’d like to add some more detail to any of these paper crafts, you could try cutting the lion’s mane along the pen marks to make it stick out more or your could use felt tip pens to add some colour to your creations.

    Paws cut out of yellow card for a lion craft
    A lion head and mane drawn onto yellow card
    A crouching lion craft made using yellow card


  2. Paper Elephant Craft

    This sweet paper elephant is easy to make and, like the others, requires no glue. Take a piece of blue or grey paper or card and fold it in half lengthways, making sure that the bottom sides touch as this will make it easier for your elephant to stand.

    Starting at one end, cut out an elephant shape with the back and tail both touching the fold of the paper to keep it together. Once this is done lightly fold your elephant lengthways near their face and then cut a curve shape that once unfolded will make its large ears. Draw on the eyes and your elephant is done.

    An elephant shape cut out from card for an easy craft ideaAn easy elephant themed craft for kids

  3. Paper Orangutan Craft

    This paper orangutan is designed so you can move his arms up and down!

    Using a piece or orange or brown card, fold the paper lengthways, making sure that the end of it is flat to help your orangutang stand. Cut out the body shape with the round head at the top.

    Unfold the paper and then fold the orangutans head down over the rest of the body. You can now draw the face and stomach as well as adding some details for the hands and feet – make sure you do both side of the hands as you can move your orangutans arms up and down depending on what you’d like him to do!

    Orange card in the shape of an orangutan, folded in half
    An easy orangutan shape, with face drawn on

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