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It’s time to start planning what your summer weekends and holidays will look like! I for one, love to visit theme parks. Maybe you and your family love theme parks too? In that case, have you been to them all? Also, did you know there’s a park that has a Peppa Pig World? If your kids are Peppa Pig fans, then they have to visit Paultons Park! And have a go on all the Paultons Park rides if they can!

Unsure what’s there? That’s okay, I’ll lay it all out for you!

About Paultons Park

Paultons Park is one of the best family theme parks. Not only does it have thrill rides to get you screaming, but also rides for little thrill-seekers. And of course, we can’t forget Peppa Pig World! A world dedicated to everyone’s favourite plucky, pink, pig!

There are also 5 fantastic themed worlds for the entire family to explore! Your family day out will be one to remember and an extremely fun one. Paultons Park also hosts seasonal events, to keep the excitement running all year long. This includes Hoppy Easter, Happy Halloween and Christmas at Paultons.

There are more than just rides though, there are plenty of gardens to explore, like The Japanese Garden, Main Garden, Victorian Garden and lots more! All there for a bit of peace and quiet and filled with flora! As well as a 4D cinema for fantastic film showings, like the House of Magic – where you can have fun with your favourite characters, with 4D special effects!

Paultons Park Rides

Peppa Pig World

Right, let’s start off with the star of the show – Peppa Pig! Did you know it’s the world’s first and largest Peppa Pig World? And it’s award-winning! No wonder it’s extremely popular with families all around. Here you’ll find 9 incredible Peppa Pig-themed rides. Like George’s Dinosaur Adventure, Daddy Pig’s Car Ride, Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club, and Windy Castle Ride. You can take to the skies, sail the seas, chug along train tracks or vroom vroom in a car. Either one, your kids will absolutely love it! As well as experiencing these fun rides, the kids can also meet Peppa and George, visit Peppa’s house, play in Mr Potato’s Playground and splash about in some Muddy Puddles! It’s a kid’s paradise. Then to cherish these memories, you could get them a treat at Peppa’s Toy Store (the biggest in the world!).

Tornado Springs, Lost Kingdom, Critter Creek and more!

Explore the new Tornado Springs World! A midwestern American desert resort town set in the 1950s, featuring 8 spectacular rides that are set to blow you away. From the spinning Storm Chaser rollercoaster, the exhilarating Cyclonator, a gyro swing pendulum ride, that will have you screaming, the Rio Grande Train Ride that takes you through the sights of Tornado Springs on an exciting ride and Windmill Towers. Absolutely thrilling drop rides that will have you squealing with delight as you bounce up and down. Then head out on Route 83 and join AI’s Auto Academy driving school! Beep, beep!

There are also another 70 rip-roaring, amazing rides and attractions, and so many themed worlds for family adventurers to explore for rollercoaster-loving families! Like the Lost Kingdom, a dinosaur-themed land with a host of animatronic dinosaurs, taking you back to the prehistoric era! Like two incredible dinosaur-themed roller coasters, like the Pterosaur that has you soaring through the sky or on the Velociraptor, where you can feel the speed of the dino chase as you sweep around corners and tight bends at speeds of 40mph! Of course, there are rides for the little ones, like Boulder Dash, where you sping around and dodge between giant dinosaur eggs, as well as The Dinosaur Tour Co. Here you can journey through the Lost Kingdom on a Jurassic 4×4 expedition! Look! There are some dinosaur footprints! Can you spot any dinos?

At Critter Creek, you can find the weird and wonderful. Curious creatures reside here and there are all sorts of fun and whacky rollercoasters for kids, family and more! Take a journey on the family ride, Cat-o-pillar, and discover enormous, vibrant plants and animals as you zoo around. The ride reaches up to 10 metres high! Or choo choo on Prof. Blast’s Expedition Express for a train journey with a twist. Bright, colourful and BIG on fun!

Looking for a water ride? Head to Raging River Ride Log Flume, with 2 huge drops, you’ll be sure to get soaked but laugh while doing so! Then take the Edge off and spin through the air on a floating disk! You’ll feel like you’re floating as you spin!

Paultons Park and Animals

If you’re a lover of animals and all things critters, then at the Little Africa Zoo, you’ll be bamboozled at all the cool creatures you’ll find. In Little Africa, you can spot mischievous meerkats, fennec foxes, porcupines, African pygmy mice and loads more! The attraction is behind Peppa Pig’s World!

Also, if you like the dark you can visit the nocturnal house and explore the darkness that houses a variety of animals that live in a low-light environment.

You can also spot numerous birds in the zoo, some are even exotic birds!


What are the height restrictions at Paultons Park?

At Peppa Pig World there are no minimum height restrictions, apart from George’s Dinosaur Adventure where kids need to be 0.85m to ride.

For other rides across the park, kids need to be from 0.9m  or over 1.1m tall to ride on most roller coasters.

What are the age restrictions at Paultons Park?

For Peppa Pig World, the rides are unsuitable for kids under 12 months. For rollercoasters around the park, age restrictions also depend on the height of the kid.

Some rides don’t allow anyone under 4/5 or under a certain height.

Where can I buy Paultons Park tickets?

You can buy a Paultons Park tickets from our theme park tickets page. Or their website.

How much are Paultons Park tickets?

You can purchase your Paultons Park tickets from £48.50 for any individual over 1m.

So, now you’re all caught up on Paultons Park rides, you’re set to go right? It’s an amazing family-friendly theme park, that is sure to make your family day out unforgettable! Whether you or your kids are fans of Peppa Pig, dinosaurs, or love the thrill of speedy roller coasters!

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