Storm Chaser – Paultons Park

storm chaser

Next on the theme park crawl, is Paultons Park! A family theme park packed with a collection of rollercoasters and attractions set to provide you with adrenaline-inducing experiences and for just a fabulous family day out. And a new fan favourite is the Storm Chaser!

Tornado Springs

A new addition to Paultons Park was Tornado Springs which opened in Easter 2021. It’s a brand new, wild world that features 8 new thrilling rides and experiences for you to enjoy. Amongst the world, there’s the brand new Farmyard Flyer, Cyclonator, and Al’s Auto Academy, where you’ll take a road trip on Route 83. As well as, Windmill Towers, Buffalo Falls where you’ll brave the white waters, Trekking Tractors, Rio Grande Train Ride and of course, the Storm Chaser.

The kiddies will also be able to let off some steam at the Junkyard Junction playground and a fun-themed playground accompanied by the Route 83 Diner. Where you can dive into some delicious American food and yummy treats.

Tornado Springs story is about a mid-western town that has been around since the early 1800s and each exciting ride has a purpose. The Cyclonator gathers the crops with its swinging mechanism. The Windmill Towers generate electricity and the transport system is the Storm Chaser.

Storm Chaser – The Experience

This family ride a coaster experience for storm chasers who love to follow the perfect storm. Set off reaching the top for a drop, which will have you zooming down and around on a spinning coaster. Sending you on twists and turns and spirals like a tornado itself. Move side to side, on tight bends as the spinning, thrilling ride races across the track.

This awesome family spinning roller coaster is set in the American Town of Tornado Springs and promises bounds of fun and excitement, for everyone. You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll want to experience it again and again until you feel sick…

Storm Chaser – Ride Statistics

  • The ride is part of Mack Rides spinning coaster and reaches speeds of 36.9mph
  • The height is 19.5m, with a track length of 459m and a G-force of 3.3!
  • You have to be 1m tall to ride it!

The Rest of Paultons Park

When you’ve had your fun at Tornado Springs, explore the rest of the theme park and try all the other rides and attractions. Have a whizz around on Edge, where you’ll spin and swoop high above in the air, 15m high to be exact! All on a revolving giant disc, reaching speeds of 43mph. It’s also the first in the UK to feature a camelback hill, creating a floating sensation!

Feeling brave? Head on over to the Flight of the Pterosaur, as you soar through the sky on a prehistoric ride. You’ll be suspended on a 395m roller coaster, reaching speeds of 30mph, as you sweep over the prehistoric landscape.

You can also discover Peppa Pig World, Lost Kingdom, Critter Creek, Little Africa and so much more. Paultons Park is an incredible family theme park, that will become your favourite day out!

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