Flamingo Land Rides

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Want to visit one of the UK’s best zoos and are you a huge fan of the flamingo? Well, at Flamingo Land Park & Resort, in East Yorkshire, you can have all of that in one place! As well, as amazing rides, and so many animals to discover in the park. It’ll make for a fantastic, family-fun day out, as you discover Flamingo Land rides!

About Flamingo Land

A theme park that not only has fantastic rollercoasters and thrilling rides, but also an incredible zoo with over 129 species to discover! Including meerkats, macaws, baboons, lions, tigers, flamingoes and penguins. Where you can discover lots of animals that you love, admire or have never seen before! A family-friendly attraction packed full of exciting activities like play areas just for children, water and fairground rides too!

It brings thrill lovers, water babies and animal lovers all together in one roaring theme park. I bet no one will want to leave either!

Flamingo Land Rides

With a whopping 52 rides to explore and discover, your day has only just started! Whether you take to the skies on rollercoasters or head back to nostalgia on amusement rides, there’s everything here for you and the family. Start at Mumbo Jumbo for an African-themed, thrilling roller coaster that will have you facing a G-force of 4g. As well as zooming down a 112-degree vertical drop, two inversions and whizzing around upside down! Reach for the skies and fly like a hero on Hero itself! Feel a sensation like no other as your fly and journey with your fellow cosmonauts!

If you’re in the need for speed, race over to Velocity, where you can experience superbike racing through tight spots at a breathtaking speed! As the UK’s first and only motorbike launch coaster, you are in for an experience like no other. With speeds of up to 60mph in 2.8 seconds, you’ll feel your face push back as you zoom along the track. The tallest and fastest ride of its kind, so you better hold on tight. Travel back to prehistoric times as you test your limits on the Pterodactyl. As your zoom around, circle above the crowds, as the speeds increase every swing. Don’t miss Kumali, an incredible ride named after the park’s very own lion pride, Kumali. Packed with unique characteristics and a breathtaking speed of 56mph! You’ll be faced with 4 inversions, an 87ft loop, 55ft zero-G roll and loads more. Can you handle it?

And for those thrillseekers with nerves of steel, climb aboard the UK’s only S&S combo drop tower ride with its vertical drop, Cliff Hanger! It’s also one of the tallest in Europe, with a superb power that will have you feeling the gravity freefall as you wonder when the ride will come to an end.

Flamingo Land’s Splashtastic Rides

Need a break from all the twists, turns and drops and need something to cool you off? Head to all the water rollercoasters! Walk the plank as you aboard the ship ride, Lost River Ride! An interactive water ride with a gentle riverboat safari cruide. You’ll discover all sorts of amazing sights and sounds, like rhinos, giraffes, zebra, lions ad more. Then you’ll reach the final surprise, what’s in store for you? Who needs to go to Africa when you have a safari boat ride here?

Don’t want to stay dry? The Splish Splosh zone is for you, an action-packed, interactive water play area, filled with enjoyment and water fun! Can you dodge water jets, win a game of water hopscotch and fire some water cannons! The perfect summer treat to cool you off!

Then finish off with a Splash Battle… The UK’s first interactive water ride, as you ride on your own sub as you fire a powerful water cannon at your friends and family. Have you got the perfect aim? Drench your opponents and stay dry as possible! Oh look…there’s a giant volcanic geyser ahead of you.

Flamingo Land Rides for Little Ones

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the kiddies with little thrills. There is plenty here for them to enjoy, from the Helitoys, where they can soar to the sky and become helicopter pilots, to the Dino Roller at Dino Stone Park! The perfect first ride for your tots, with the lowest height restrictions and kid-friendly adventure!

Then if they’re feeling a little brave, head over to the Vortex where they feel a speedy sensation (but not too much!), as you ride the waves through a storm. Best of all, you won’t get wet! Choo choo! Have a whirlwind moment on the Runaway Train, designed to provide the smallest guests with the biggest thrills, as they travel back to the Wild West! Your kiddies will definitely have a fab time here.

Then finish off with a trip to Children’s Planet, an active play area designed for kids and helps bring animals closer to them! Using recycled materials to create climbing frames and tunnels. Where the kids can mimic the wild activities of meerkats and mongoose families. They can also see them through the viewing domes, getting closer than ever to the small animals! Or maybe you’re interested in watching the otters play about and show off their acrobatic skills. Then to refuel their depleting energy levels, pop over to Picnic Planet, The Coach House or Muddy Duck Cafe for some delicious hot or cold food, drinks and scrumptious snacks.

Flamingo Land’s Peter Rabbit Adventure

But ho, what’s this? A brand new Peter Rabbit Adventure section! Everyone will love this. Help Peter find Pig Robinson’s missing brussel sprouts, and head to the secret treehouse with Lily, Benjamin and Peter! Before testing your skills on Benjamin’s Bunny Treetop Trail. If you’re feeling a little mischievous, explore Mr Tod’s Lair and discover his secret passages, spy on your friends and make it to the top of the chimney! You’ll find the most spectacular view here. The new playground is located by the Mansion House & Tea Rooms and you can even see Peter Rabbit himself as he makes an appearance at 13:00 and 15:00 – daily! All fans of any age will have an amazing time here and will leave with big, jolly smiles!

What are the height restrictions?

Most of the rides at Flamingo Land have a height restriction of between 0.9m – 1.3m minimum. And little riders 0.9m or under can enjoy various rollercoasters and fairground rides when accompanied by an adult over the age of 16!

Flamingo Land Resort & Zoo

With over 129 species of incredible animals to discover, it’ll take a whole day in itself! Admire the Sumatran tiger and African lions. Giggle along with the laughing kookaburra, witness the clumsy sea lions as they clamber around, and discover the adorable red panda!

Of course, you can’t have Flamingo Land without their flamingoes! Did you know there are 6 species of a flamingo? And that they get their pink colour from the food they eat? Such as molluscs and small shrimps. An impressive fact for the little ones that will wow their friends! You can learn loads about flamingo conservation, especially when these beautiful birds are now under threat.

The friendly zoo team have also made sure the kids can have plenty of opportunities to be up and close with the animals. Like the free keeper talks and ‘meet a creature’ sessions, as they see them in their animal enclosures. They can also become a zookeeper and discover their animal collection.

So, during the next school holidays, take a trip to Flamingo Land. The perfect family park for big and small people, where they can have an incredible time and walk away with the best memories! It’s also a theme park that truly loves kids and has so much for them to explore, whether it’s amusement rides, animal paddocks to discover or fairground rides to have a ball on.

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