Drayton Manor Rides | Full List 2023

Looking to visit another top family favourite attraction? Drayton Manor Resort is not only a superb theme park, but it also has the incredible Drayton Manor Zoo! With fabulous themed lands like Thomas Land, the new Vikings area and more! In this blog, you can discover our exciting full list of Drayton Manor rides and what the park has in store for you!

About Drayton Manor

drayton manor
With over 100 rides and attractions to discover and explore, you are in for a fab family-fun day out! Of course, Drayton Manor also has Europe’s only Thomas Land! As well as a 15-acre zoo and a 4* onsite hotel. So, the fun doesn’t have to stop!

Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, jump-out-of-your-seat rides or scream with joy zoomies. You’ll find all that here! Even those who are water babies, you don’t have to stay dry here if you don’t want to!

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Drayton Manor Dr,
Mile Oak,
B78 3TW

Opening Times

Opening hours vary depending on day
Generally opens on Monday to Sunday at 10:00

Closes between 16:00 - 17:30 depending on day


Day tickets start from £30.00 per person
Child (2-3) from £15.00
Child (under 2) free

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Drayton Manor’s Thrill Rides

So, let’s start off with the themed-land Adventure Cove!

Here you’ll find Europe’s only stand-up roller coaster – Shockwave. And by that, you’ll literally be standing up, with no seats to be found. But don’t worry, you’re still strapped in securely! You’ll just feel a new type of adrenaline-induced experience. Like the feeling of zero gravity, speeds of up to 53 miles per hour and a G-force of 4g! The perfect start for adrenaline junkies and those who love the twist and turns of speedy rollercoasters!

Next up is Maelstorm (which is best to experience before you eat…). Here, you’ll be spun around and around on a gyro swing that will have you at the edge of your seats. You’ll swing up to face the skies and back down towards the ground. Even rotating a whopping 360 degrees! Hold on to your stomachs… Your legs will be free to swing as you do!

For those looking for a mind-bending experience, Air Race may be the one for you. Strap into your plane as you take off on an incredible journey to the skies. Plunge and dive over and over, as you fly and race. However, each plane performs its own loops, even taking you on a 360-degree experience, as you tilt, turn and zoom around. Those brave riders will experience a G-force of 4g and a sensation that will disorientate your senses…but it’s all in the name of some thrilling fun!

If you like the swinging motion, we think The Bounty Pirate Ship is up your street. Board the ship and swing forwards and backwards as you are suspended above the ground- arghh you ready for it?

Vikings Land

For those who have Viking blood in them, you’ll enjoy this whole new experience. Discover rides like Thor, Loki, Jormungandr and Sleipnir! They’ll soon become your favourite rides as you make some pretty awesome family memories.

Ride Thor’s Disk’O Coaster, a vibrant-coloured family thrill ride that will have you spinning in a giant wheel! Feel the ultimate weightless sensation as you brave the God of Thunder’s roller coaster.

Then after that, head over to Loki, the God of Mischief’s ride. The UK’s first Zamperla Nebulaz roller coaster has 8 gondolas and 4 fast-rotating arms! Loki will send you soaring to the skies on this hypnotic experience, right from the get-go. Not forgetting the little Vikings! They’ll have a rip-tastic time on Jormungandr, as they speed along on an epic journey that will take them over the theme park and the nearby lake. You’re in for a real treat with these spectacular views.

Then the little ones will enjoy the gentleness of Sleipnir, as they head on an exciting journey through a training school! They’ll learn all about the mythical horse and how to become a powerful God.

Drayton Manor’s Thomas Land

For the kids obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, you can head over for some fantastic fun with Thomas & Friends, right here at Drayton Manor Park. Being Europe’s first Thomas-themed land, your kids are going to love every little minute of being here! They’ll have the opportunity to experience 20 incredible Thomas & Friends themed rides! For adults & toddlers – this is the place to be.

First, enjoy a BRAND NEW ride – Thomas and Percy’s Submarine Splash! A fantastic water ride that will have you soaked!

Try out Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster, as you zoom along the tracks on this fast-paced ride. For junior thrill-seekers, you’ll face little twists and turns and tilt as you race around corners! Then take to the skies on the James and the Red Balloon, as you follow the whistles and toots on this fab balloon ride. All on the Island of Sodor!

For more fun in the sky, hop on board Harold’s Helicopters Tours and go on an adventure! View the whole of Thomas Land as your soar through the skies on Jeremy Jet’s Flying Academy ride or Harold’s Helicopter Tours – the youngsters will love this. And for those who love the sea, they can board a boat for a sea-tastic journey, as they experience Thomas Land by the sea! Sit back in a locomotive ship, on a spinning Captain’s Sea Adventure.

Finally, hold on to your hats as you drop down on Cranky’s Tower Drop! You’ll be lifted up as you take in the sights of the fabulous rides and attractions, as well as see what Thomas and his friends are up to. Then you’ll gently shoot back down! Perfect for junior thrill-seekers.

Other rides you can find in Thomas Land are:

  • Rocking Blustrode
  • Toby’s Tram Express
  • Flynn’s Fire Rescue
  • Blue Mountain Engines
  • Winston’s Whistle Stop Tours
  • Diesel’s Locomotive Mayhem
  • Bertie Bus
  • Lady’s Carousel
  • Thomas, Rosie & Percy Engine Tours
  • Sodar Classic Cars
  • Terence’s Driving School
  • Spencer’s Outdoor Play Area
  • Emily’s Adventure Play
  • and Discover Thomas Exhibition

There’s so much to discover in Thomas Land – you can spend a whole day here!

Splastastic Rides

For those who love water and don’t mind getting wet, you’ll have a choice of two fab water rides. First up is Stormforce 10, there’s a storm brewing and your mission is to survive the troublesome waters in your boat. With twists, turns and jolts that are sent your way, you may be in for the wildest ride ever.

Then set off on a cartoon-esque adventure as you journey around the River Rapids course on a circular boat ride! A splashing good family-friendly coaster that everyone can enjoy.

Little Thrills

Not really up for the big thrills and high-energy roller coasters? No worries, Drayton Manor’s a family resort, so you’ll find plenty of rides for any kind of theme park goer. Everyone is included here!

Have the need for speed? We dare you to board the Accelerator. From big drops to twists and turns as you zoom across the track. It’s the perfect ride for youngsters who have a little taste for thrills!

Swing high and wide with the Wave Swinger, and enjoy bumping into your family or friends on the Drunken Barrels and Dodgems Ahoy. How about channelling your inner cowboy at the Sheriff Showdown? It’s a hilarious and fun pistol shooting ride – think you got what it takes? Or hit the waves and try to not to fall overboard on the Jolly Buccaneer!

If you love all things spooky then make your way to The Haunting for a grave adventure like no other. You’ll have the fright of your life as you step into a mansion and come across ghostly apparitions and unexplained supernatural events…

Finally, to brush off the spookiness, make your kids and your own inner child happy as you spin round and round the carousel! A happy-go-lucky ride to end the day.

What are the height restrictions?

Most of the big rides at Drayton Manor have a height restriction of 1.3m minimum. But little riders of 0.9m or under can enjoy plenty of smaller rollercoasters and fairground rides, especially in Thomas Land!

Drayton Manor Zoo

After you’ve explored all the thrilling attractions the family theme park has to offer, relax on a discovery walk as you see all the animals Drayton Manor has to offer – the animal attractions!

With 500 animals to see, you’ll find your favourite here. From red pandas, and Sumatran tigers, to capybara, spider monkies and flamingoes. Exotic birds, vibrant lizards and charismatic animals.

Whether you like your big cats, cheeky monkeys, elusive lizards, scaley snakes or unusual creatures, they’re all here to meet you. From the weirdly wonderful to the animatic!

Food & Drink

Lastly, take a breather and enjoy some delicious drinks and themed food at these fantastic eateries:

  • The Burger Kitchen
  • Chicken Diner
  • Safari Pizza and Pasta
  • Fish ‘N’ Chips
  • Naughty but N-ice
  • Sodor Airport
  • Walhalla Food & Drinks
  • Mrs Kyndley’s Tea Rooms
  • Parklands Bar & Restaurant

And of course, if you’re like me and don’t want the fun to stop, you can certainly stay overnight at the onsite hotel. With themed bedrooms, like the new Vikings room or Thomas & Friends! Drayton Manor is an amusement park fans absolutely love, and there’s no question as to why! It’s an action park full of the biggest thrill rides, exciting attractions and much more!

Now you know all the best and biggest from our full list of rides at Drayton Manor, we bet you’re eager to go. Theme park season is back in session, so now’s the time to start booking your theme park days out!

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