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Listen up wizards and witches…you’re about to embark on another magical adventure that will blow you away. Welcome to the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium London, for a magical experience like no other.

Cast spells, brew potions and dine like a wizard!

What is Wands & Wizard Exploratorium?

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This magical place is an immersive and interactive experience based on the world of Harry Potter, that is set to bring a bit of dazzle into your life. As if you’re in Diagon Alley and are about to start your wizarding journey at Hogwarts itself.

From choosing your magic wand, and learning the delicious science of tea brewing and potion making to settling down for a bewitching afternoon tea experience.

Are you ready to witness bringing magic to life?

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Where is the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium?

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You’ll find this marvellous immersive experience in a pink and peculiar townhouse in Soho London.

There are many floors to the townhouse, so unfortunately it’s not accessible to those with limited mobility.

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26 Greek Street,

Opening Times

Monday and Tuesday 11:00 - 18:00
Wednesday and Thursday 11:45 - 23:00
Friday and Saturday 11:45 - 00:00
Sunday 11:45 - 23:00

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What’s Included in the Experience?

For any Harry Potter fans out there, you can really channel your inner wizard. Whether you desire the ‘wand chooses you’ moment, start brewing your own potions or dine on delectable sweet treats at a Wizard afternoon tea.

You can choose either one of three experiences:

two people casting spells

The Magic Wand Experience

Welcome to a brand new interactive experience at the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium. A small group of you will step into an enchanting world depicted from your childhood. For those fans of magic, you’ll be able to choose your very own magical wand and bring it to life through the art and magic of science!

You’ll be able to make your initial choice depending on what kind of wizard or witch you feel like you are. Does dark magic call to you? Or is light or earth? Make your choice on the ground floor.

Then you’ll ascent into the Wandmaker’s Workshop in the attic where your class will begin. Listen in on the history of the magical society and choose a wand that is unique to you!

When you’ve chosen your wand, the Wandmaker will teach you how to cast a spell in preparation for some advanced magic!

Opening Times

Experience lasts 20 minutes


Standard £35.00 per person

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a group of girls making cocktails

The Potions Experience

Ever wanted to brew your very own potion? Well, now is your chance! Without the scary watch of Professor Snape cowering over you, you can make your potion with ease.

You’ll be making either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail, where you’ll be using a magic wand and molecular mixology to brew a delicious elixir.

Choose two potions to brew from a. range of cocktail drinks that all have unique traits and special effects! This subtle science and molecular experiment is an educational experience, while also being full of magic and wonder.

So, you’ll be sipping on 3 molecular cocktails! One you pour by magic upon arrival and 2 you’ll make in your cauldron.

This is perfect for boozy wizards who are looking for a unique and fantastical cocktail-making experience! Even the kids can get involved with non-alcoholic potions.

Happy brewing!

Opening Times

Experience lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes


Adult ticket from £35.99 per person
Child ticket from £24.99 per person

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wizards afternoon tea

Wizard Afternoon Tea

This magical afternoon tea is the best way to end a day of family fun, sample treats that taste fantastical and enjoy an amazing fantasy experience. Did you think eating quirk foods was the main star? It’s only just the tip of the iceberg! You can also use a magic wand to brew some interactive teas!

Head to your interactive workstation for an afternoon of pure wonder and bliss. Cast spells to control your tea stand, and with a swish and flick of your wand – open your locked puzzle chest! Psst it contains all the special ingredients!

Once you have everything you need, your group will be able to brew two different types of teas. One focuses on transfiguration and the other focuses more on finding the perfect blend for your taste. So, it’ll be time for some experimenting!

Now it’s time for the best part…the food! With a touch of molecular gastronomy, your tastebuds will be sent on an other-worldly experience. Whether you try something you never had before or you dig into a yummy ‘sand-witch‘, desserts and more.

There are multiple dietary Afternoon tea options, from vegetarian and vegan to gluten-free. 

Opening Times

Experience lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes


Arcane Wizard Afternoon Tea (12+) £42.00
Little Wizard Afternoon Tea (11-) £32.00

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How much are the experiences?

The Magic Wand is £35.00 per person.

The Potion experience is £35.00 for adults and £24.99 for children.

The Wizard Afternoon Tea is £42.00 for adults and £32.00 for kids.

Is it wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately no. Due to the nature of the building and there being many floors, it’s only accessible via stairs.

Pushchairs also aren’t permitted in the experience but can be left collapsed on the ground floor.

There will also be special effects like flashing lights, wind, smoke and loud sounds. Which may be unsuitable for some.

Are tickets refundable?

No, but they are transferrable and you can reschedule within 48 hours of the experience.

Can you keep the wand after the experience?

Yes! You’ll be able to take your non-illuminated wand home with you.

Are you itching to take part in this amazing experience where you can really feel like a witch or wizard? Hop on your broom or teleport with Floo powder and head to the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium!

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