Autumn Activities

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    Autumn is a majestic season of beautiful colours, falling leaves and outdoor adventures. There’s something for everyone and great for family fun! This is the perfect time to keep the kids busy and enjoy outdoor activities!

    As the trees turn to orange and gold, we want you to embrace the smells and sights of Autumn. We want to show you our favourite autumn activities for the whole family to enjoy together!

    Walk in the Forest

    Walking across the forest floor along the yellow, red and orange leaves is a relaxing day out. This is one of our favourite autumn activities because you can become one with nature whilst hearing the noises of the dry leaves. This is a relaxing family day out, as the kids can jump in the pile of leaves whilst you relax.

    To make the walk more relaxing you can grab yourself and the family a hot chocolate each. This will all keep you toasty and warm for the walk.

    Visit a Deer Farm

    Why not take a trip to a deer park? There are many around the UK where you can sit and gaze at the majestic deers. You can see the different species of deer on your local deer farms. Everyone in the family will love this day out and the kids will see some of Santa’s deers too!

    Harvest Festival

    Celebrate the crops, vegetables and fruit at a harvest festival. Visit a harvest festival near you with live events, singing hymns and being in a happy environment. This is a great day for the family and teaches the little ones the meaning behind this beautiful festival too!

    Lantern Trail

    Visit a beautiful lantern trail with lighting displays, fabulous lighting elements and relaxing music too! This is a beautiful night out for the family to enjoy and to create memories together. The intricate designs and stunning sets will make this night more majestic to see! Find the nearest trail near you.

    Toast marshmallows

    toasted marshmallows
    Who doesn’t love toasted marshmallows? This activity for kids will always be remembered as long as you don’t burn the marshmallows! You can either set up a campfire in your back garden or make your marshmallows in the kitchen then go and relax in the living room with your feet up! This is the perfect activity for a cold night outside and wanted to listen to the rain indoors.


    Star Gazing

    A very romantic and relaxing experience. Put on your warmest clothes and take a relaxing walk whilst watching the stars with your partner. You can even take your little kids and show them the beautiful stars up above us. Maybe teach your children about where stars come from? Sounds like a perfect evening to me.


    Host a Family Movie Night

    Get the popcorn and snacks ready! Family movie night is about to begin, with loads of films on Netflix, Disney+ and normal TV. A family movie night is perfect for the evening.

    Check our blogs to check out the best family films on Netflix or Halloween films

    Make a New Delicious Dish or Dessert

    This is a great time to make delicious food! Get the whole family together and make some comfort food for everyone. Why not learn a new dish for evening dinner? Or make a delicious dessert to eat after supper? The whole family can get involved and pitch in their efforts for this autumn activity.

    Watch an Autumn Sunset

    autumn sunset
    The sunset is getting earlier and earlier, why not take a walk to watch the beautiful sunset as a family? You can check online when the sunset is due and take the whole family for a relaxing evening walk. But don’t forget to take a warm jacket it may get a little chilly after sundown!

    Collect Pinecones

    Pinecones fall in the autumn and are a great collection to place on the mantle piece at home. Why not take the family out and play with an activity idea, everyone must collect one pinecone to bring home. This will keep everyone entertained whilst being on an outdoor adventure together! The first person to find a pinecone gets the first toasted marshmallow at home!

    Autumn Picnic

    Even though it’s a little chilly outside, who said you can’t have a family picnic meal? Having hot soup and a nice hot chocolate with the family outdoors sounds like a relaxing day to me! Don’t forget to wrap up warm and take a picnic basket with you. After your picnic, you can play outdoor activities together like hide and seek or collect your pinecones!

    Family Game Night

    Get your board games and deck of cards. Who is ready for family game night? After dinner, everyone can join in with different games. You can play charades, board games, or Jenga! All the classic games are great for everyone to get involved and have a relaxing time! So grab your board games and have a family game night.

    Turn the Clocks Back

    Say goodbye to light evenings and hello to wintertime. The clocks go back on Sunday 30th October, so don’t forget to change your clocks! We wouldn’t want anyone to be late for work or school!

    Leaf Crafts

    leaf crafts
    Why not collect the leaves from outside and make some pretty designs out of them? That sounds like a fantastic creative idea! You can make autumn sun-catchers or even paint the leaves different colours. This is a great activity for kids.

    Bird Watching

    Why not take the whole family on a bird-watching quest? You can see how many birds you can spot in the forest and which ones too! This will teach everyone the different breeds of birds in the UK. You can even take pictures of the birds for memories too.

    Build a Bird Feeder

    Why not build a bird feeder? You’re helping the birds out this winter and having fun too! This is a great activity for the whole family and will teach everyone the importance of mother nature.

    Go for a Drive

    Take the whole family on a relaxing night drive and grab some nice hot chocolates too! You can play relaxing music or even sing along in the car! If it’s a cold winter’s night you might want to pick up some comfort food like a pizza or takeaway.

    Take a Train Ride

    steam train
    Have a family day out by taking a steam train ride across town. You can see the beautiful villages, different locations and the stunning countryside too. This will be a day everyone will always remember. So book your steam train tickets now and enjoy a family day out!

    Zip Wire

    Take the skies and visit a zip wire near you! There are many zip-wiring activities in the UK. You can see the whole of the countryside whilst pretending you’re flying too! This will definitely give the adults an adrenaline rush!

     Fly a Kite

    Since Autumn is going to be chilly, it’s the ideal time to fly a kite! The whole family can join in and have fun together. You can order a kite online or buy one in-store and then you’re ready to go. Make sure you go to a massive park, so the kite has enough room to fly around!

    Learn about a New Creature/Animal

    animal book
    Autumn activities don’t always have to be outside, why not learn some new facts at home? Everyone in the house must learn some facts about their selected creature or animal. This fun activity will get everyone to be working hard and learn new information over autumn. Imagine when you meet your friends, you can show off your new knowledge!

    Visit a Museum

    Want to learn about new topics and education? Then we’ve found the best kids’ museums near you! The family day out will be educational and fun for everyone! You can see all the historical objects and artistic culture displayed in front of you.

    Visit a Maze

    Want to solve a puzzle, visit a maze near you! There are many mazes around the UK that are filled with amazing puzzles and obstacles for the whole family to work out together! Make sure you don’t get lost and find your way back!

    Fireworks Display

    Go and see a beautiful firework display this autumn. With the majestic colours and bright lights, this is a night out everyone can see! The kids will love this autumn activity as the whole family will be together. But don’t forget to wrap up warm because it’s starting to get chilly

    Make Toffee Apples

    Delicious food for an evening snack. Get the whole family together and make toffee apples this autumn. Everyone can pick a specific task they want to do and the cooking will get done faster like this. You can even invite your friends and family over to try these delicious toffee apples!

    Visit a Zoo/Farm

    Want to see your favourite animals? Then visit a local zoo near you! You can see all your favourite animals whilst having lots of fun. From tigers to little butterflies, all the zoos and farms have your favourite animals for you to see!

    Make a Spicy Chilli Dish

    chilli dish
    A spicy chilli dish is perfect for a cold night. There are many recipes online that are easy to make. Make sure you involve the whole family so you’re not the only one cooking! This dish can be placed in a slow cooker and everyone can enjoy this delicious family dish!

    Stay Active

    Who said you can’t stay active during the winter times? You can go for a long walk in the park or even go to the gym! Staying active during the cold weather is great for your physical and mental health. You can get the whole family involved, by going for family walks and runs too! Like they say healthy body, healthy mind.

    Halloween Autumn Activities

    Halloween Crafts

    halloween crafts
    Why not save some money and make all your Halloween decorations? This is a fun activity for the whole family before Halloween! Everyone can get involved and create different decorations for the house. Check out our Homemade Halloween Decorations blog

    Visit a Pumpkin Patch

    Walk through the muddy trails to find your perfect pumpkin for Halloween. This family fun activity is a memorable experience for everyone to pick their own fresh pumpkins. The fresh pumpkins will be carved at home into Halloween decorations or even used to make delicious pumpkin soup for autumn!

    Make Halloween Food

    Why not make some spooky Halloween treats as a family? You can make so many delicious treats and then eat them together on Halloween! Check out our Halloween Food Ideas Blog 

    Halloween Day Out

    kid on halloween adventure
    Why not visit a Halloween attraction this autumn? This will put everyone in a scary spirit for Halloween! There are many attractions across the UK that the whole family can enjoy. Check out our blogs for Halloween Horror Nights or Halloween at Warwick Castle

    Spot Scarecrows

    Did you know there are scarecrow festivals across the UK? Well, now you do! Take the family out and visit one of these exciting festivals in your local area. There festivals are great fun, with music, competitions and being in mother nature! So why not check it out.

    Listen to Spooky Stories

    Want to get ready for Halloween? Then why not have a scary stories night? Choose spooky stories suitable for your kids and don’t forget the flashlight to place under your chin! Sounds like a spooky night to me. If you don’t know any spooky stories, Google normally has loads!

    Make Pumpkin Soup

    Have loads of pumpkins left over from Halloween? Why not make a delicious hot pumpkin soup for the whole family? This delicious meal will be enjoyed by everyone and is quick to make.

    Have you found the perfect autumn activities for you and your family? Whether you are making a delicious dish or going for a relaxing walk. We hope you have found the right family autumn activities for everyone to enjoy this year!

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