Skydiving Near Me

a group of people skydiving together holding hands and feet

Do you love extreme sports? An activity that gets your heart racing and adrenaline pumping all around? We have the thing for you…skydiving! If you’re brave enough, want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime activity and maybe even tick this off your bucket list, you can skydive here in the UK! Whether you find an indoor skydiving experience or you give the gift of flight – we’ve collected the best ‘skydiving near me’ – so you don’t have to!

Disclaimer: these locations are for those looking to skydive without taking part in multiple course sessions.

Skydiving in Scotland

two people jumping out of a plane skydiving with happy faces

Skydive, St Andrews

Come along to the ultimate adrenaline rush of your life! Experience high-altitude stunning views over Fife and relish in the accomplishment of facing your fears! You’ll exit the aircraft from 10,000ft above ground and travel up to speeds of 120mph… Are you brave enough?

With the tandem instructor, your tandem skydiving experience will be an amazing experience you’ll never forget. And you can get in on video too!

Whether you undergo a charity skydiving fundraiser, or it’s the fantastic gift of flight to your loved one.

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Skydive St Andrews
Fife Airport

Opening Times

Weekends and bank holidays from January to November


Prices from £280

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a person jumping out of a plane skydiving

Into The Blue, Perth

Ready to experience an unforgettable sensation like never before?

With the tandem jump, you’ll be strapped to a qualified instructor as you skydive 10,000ft above ground! With an adjustable harness and locked to the skydiving and parachuting instructor, you can enjoy the experience fully!

Got what it takes?

Shape Location

Errol Airfield,

Opening Times

Selected weekends throughout the year


Tandem Jump £289

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Skydiving in the North East

an experienced skydiver free falling upside down towards the clouds

Skydive, Yorkshire Parachute Club

Fancy joining a skydiving club? Why not enjoy the experience of British skydiving as you gaze over the stunning views of the Yorkshire countryside?

They offer all sorts of jumps, whether you want to take skydiving up as a hobby, jump for charity or for a one-off experience!

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East Leys Farm,
East Yorkshire,
YO16 4YB

Opening Times

1st February - 30th November
Saturday and Sunday
08:00 - 20:00


£249 for 1-2 people

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Skydiving in the North West

a group of 5 skydivers at sunset above clouds

Skydive Northwest, Lake District

You’re most welcome at one of Europe’s longest-established skydiving centres! Whether you choose to take a skydiving course or come along for a tandem jump!

You’ll enjoy the most stunning views of the Lake District as you tandem skydive and feel the exhilaration of a lifetime. And it only takes a few minutes of training before you’re strapped onto a qualified instructor. The perfect option for first-time skydivers!

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Cark Airfield
Moor Lane
LA11 7LS


From £270

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a woman smiling in the wind tunnel at iFly

iFly, Manchester

For an amazing experience that isn’t out in the open – try indoor skydiving at iFly! Right in the heart of Trafford City, you’ll soar like a bird and feel the wind in your…skin?

Fliers of all abilities are welcome too! Enter the 14ft diameter wind tunnel and take to the heights – with highly qualified instructors by your side! How about skydiving with a virtual reality surrounding you… Will you skydive into the woods or from a plane?

It makes for a fantastic gift for those who love the extreme side of life. Maybe even corporate events and parties!

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Leisure Village,
9 Trafford Way,
M41 7JA

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday 08:00 - 22:00


Kick Start from £49.00 per person
Air Born from £79.99 per person
iFly 360 Virtual Reality from £99.99

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Skydiving in the Midlands

two people skydiving holding a peace sign up

Jump This, Nottingham

Have you ever wanted to feel the wind fly past you as you fall towards the earth? Safely of course… Experience a mind-blowing activity like no other with tandem skydiving!

You’ll be strapped to a highly qualified and trusted instructor as you leap from a plane that is 12,000ft high. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then this activity is for you!

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The Control Tower
Langar Airfield
NG13 9HY

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday
08:30 - 16:30


Prices from £261

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a kid in a wind tunnel at bear grylls

iFly at Bear Grylls Adventure, Birmingham

If you like to live on the wild side and escape to an adrenaline junkie’s paradise – then Bear Grylls is the place to be!

Fly to new heights with the iFly, as you experience a freefall flight in an incredible wind tunnel. With a 60-minute adventure accompanied by an expert instructor!

Don’t forget to take full advantage of the FREE Royal Marines-inspired Assault course!

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National Exhibition Centre,
Marston Green,
B40 1NT

Opening Times

Monday to Wednesday Closed
Thursday and Friday 11:30 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 18:00
Sunday 09:00 - 17:00


Online £52.00
On the day £65.00

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Skydiving in the South East

two people holding hands skydiving above the clouds

Skydiving London, London

Tandem skydiving really is the winner when you want to take part in this extreme sport.

You train and skydive on the same day and there’s no need to take a course! Before strapping up to an instructor you can trust and then freefall back to earth. Will you scream? No doubt. But will it be the best time of your life? Most definitely.

Whether you raise money for a charity jump or you wish to do something different! Skydiving is certainly something out of the ordinary!

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2 Milbanke Court
RG12 1RP

Opening Times

Weekends and bank holidays


Tandem Skydiving from £250

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people skydiving and holding their thumbs up

North London Skydiving, Sussex

Put a brave face on for an experience of a lifetime with the Skydiving Experience!

Training will take 20 minutes before you’ll be briefed on safety and equipment. Once you’re ready, you’ll ascend into the sky on a plane with your instructors before disembarking!

With all that adrenaline pumping around your body, you’ll forget how high you are and thoroughly enjoy this incredible experience!

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Chatteris Airfield,
Block Fen Drove
PE15 0FB

Opening Times

Monday Closed
Tuesday 08:30 - 20:00
Wednesday 07:30 - 20:00
Thursday and Friday 08:30 - 20:00
Saturday and Sunday 07:30 - 20:00


Prices from £149

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Skydiving in the South West

woman skydiving with an instructor smiling

Skydive Buzz, Honiton

If you’re looking for a buzz, we think we found it – skydiving!

Whether you choose the 7,000ft or 15,000ft tandem experience, it’ll be an adventure you’ll never forget! You can also take a photo or video as you’re skydiving, so you can relive the experience over and over.

What do you say? Will you give it a go?

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Dunkeswell Airfield
Nr Honiton
EX14 4LG

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday 09:00 - 17:00


7,000ft Tandem from £149
15,000ft Tandem from £199

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Skydiving in Wales

two people jumping off their plane skydiving

Skydive Swansea, Swansea

Did you know tandem skydiving is the most hassle-free way to skydive? Purely because you don’t need to attend sessions or courses! It’s a one-time thing (if you choose)!

At Skydive Swansea, you’ll be in a dual harness with your instructor, before freefalling and enjoying a long parachute descent. From around 12,000ft! Sounds pretty cool right?

It gets even better because you’ll be able to enjoy brilliant views of Wales and the Welsh coast.

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Swansea Airport,

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 09:30 - 15:30
Saturday and Sunday 24 hours


Prices from £240

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Skydiving in Northern Ireland

a child freefalling in a wind tunnel

We Are Vertigo, Belfast

At Vertigo Titantic Quarter you’ll find not one, but a whole host of exciting adventures ready for the taking! From huge inflatable parks, Ninja assault courses, an adventure centre and of course…indoor skydiving!

Here you can fly without wings as your soar high in the wind tunnel! Feel the wind power of 120mph as you propel in and around. You’ll be accompanied by instructors every step of the way, and they’ll help you use your body to move around too!

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Indoor Skydiving, Inflatable Park and Ninja Master Course at Titanic Quarter
T13 Building,
Queens Road

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday
11:00 - 17:00


Prices from £50.00 - £220

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So, now you know all the best ‘skydiving near me’ spots, your year may include one of the most exhilarating experiences ever! Whether you choose a tandem skydive, charity skydive or even start attending their courses! The adventurer inside calls and you should answer!

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