Mud Glorious Mud: 5 Must-Try Muddy Trails for Family Fun Adventures

jumping in mud puddles

It’s always fun to get messy…maybe even a little MUDDY! So, get ready to lace up your boots and dive into the squelchy, mucky adventure that awaits on the UK’s best muddy trails near you!

Whether you’re a seasoned mud-lover or a curious newbie ready to splash into your first puddle, there’s a whole world of muddy fun just waiting to be explored across the countryside. Are you prepared for laughter, thrills, and the joy of the great outdoors?

Ready to get muddy? Let’s go explore the best muddy trails the UK has to offer!

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Top UK Muddy Trails

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The Wolf Run, Leicestershire

This summer, it’s time to join The Wolf Run, an exhilarating outdoor event in the UK that turns traditional running on its head by adding mud, water, and obstacles to create an unforgettable adventure!

The muddy trail is designed for groups and families looking for a challenge that’s as fun as it is muddy. You’ll tackle a series of natural and man-made obstacles over a roughly 10km course. Navigating through woods, fields, and lakes to test your physical and mental grit! There is a 5k, 10k and a junior level route!

Not only is this muddy trail the ultimate family adventure, but it also encourages teamwork, builds resilience, and promises heaps of laughs along the way. Plus, it’s a unique way to create lasting memories while getting active in the great outdoors! Whether you’re bounding over the finish line splattered in mud or helping each other conquer a tricky obstacle. The Wolf Run is a thrilling day out for adventurous families.

Are you ready to get MUDDY?!

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Stanford Hall,
LE17 6DH

Opening Times

8th and 9th June 2024


Child: £29.00 Until 25th May
Adult: from £38.00 Until 25th May

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Lidl Mudder by Tough Mudder, Manchester

For the little ones, we found something right up their street. Introducing…Lidl Mudder! A specially designed obstacle course from the creators of Tough Mudder, tailored for kids aged 5-12 and their families!

This fun-filled muddy trail encourages kids to get active, work together, and enjoy a day of muddy adventures! No matter how messy it gets! Set in a safe and exciting environment, the muddy trail features a variety of challenges that promote teamwork and self-confidence while ensuring plenty of laughs and muddy splashes.

We think that it’s a great way for families to bond over physical activity and for kids to experience the joy of outdoor play. Making it an ideal family day out that’s both healthy and thrilling.

Make sure you bring a change of clothes and dry shoes! You’re going to need it!

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Heaton Park,
Middleton Road,
M25 2SW

Opening Times

13th and 14th July 2024


Tickets from £20.00

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family fun day muddy trail

Family Fun Day, Hedley West Farm

For those families who unfortunately have been directly affected by childhood cancer, you can spread awareness and take part in a family-friendly muddy trail hosted by Clarty Bairns. Children’s Cancer North is calling those families, to get messy and muddy by embarking on 3k muddy trail and obstacle course!

Not only will you climb, crawl and scramble through obstacles, but also get completely muddy!

This event is also FREE for those families affected by childhood cancer.

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Hedley West Farm,
NE16 5ET

Opening Times

13th July 2024
11:00 - 15:00


Free for families who are affected by childhood cancer

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mctuff muddy trail

MacTuff Really Muddy, Uckfield

Calling all parents and kids everywhere – does the idea of going crazy with mud excite you? Have you never been a conventional family and loved to be different? Well, this muddy trail will tick just the box.

Embrace the brown and murky puddles, the squelchy mud pits and all things dirty as you take on the 3k muddy trail! You’ll get on your hands and feet as you clamber through tunnels and surface with mud everywhere and in some places, you’ll be knees-deep in mud!

Sounds yucky or…fun? You decide!

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Pippingford Park,
Pippingford Park Manor,
TN22 3HW

Opening Times

9th June 2024


Tickets start from £19.50

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The Bear Trail, Devon

Obviously, we can’t NOT mention the best muddy trail in the UK: The Bear Trail! It’s truly iconic and one of the MESSIEST!! But it’s super fun and exciting for all kids who can just let loose and get all muddy! No one will shout at you for getting dirty here.

It’s time to get down and muddy as you tackle a range of obstacles, mud pits, climbing walls and more as you’re tested, physically and mentally! Plus, bear nets, rope swings and balance beams. Have you got what it takes?

It’s the perfect day out for those who love the squelchy, splashy and messy adventures.

There’s also mud kitchens, mini zip wires, slides AND den building activities to get stuck into.

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The Bear Trail, Westcott
EX15 1RZ

Opening Times

29th March to 3rd November 2024
10:00 - 13:00
14:00 - 17:00


Child (4-17): £10.95
Adult (17-18+) : £10.95

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 Top Tips for Muddy Trails

We know muddy trails may not be for everyone, but perhaps you just need to be more prepared. Here are our top tips, so you can have a smooth day, instead of an icky, sticky day!

  • Refrain from wearing jewellery (so you don’t risk losing it)
  • Wear waterproof clothing (avoid cotton as it soaks up the water)
  • Wear suitable shoes (not your average trainers…certainly not white!). Old trainers are advised
  • Bring spare clothes, including socks and shoes. Don’t forget the towels!
  • If you’d like, bring some baby wipes and hand sanitiser, especially if you’re going to eat after
  • Bring bottles of water to wash yourself (as not every muddy trail venue will have washing facilities, but basic toilets/changing rooms.

Are you all set for your muddy trails adventure? We hope you’re as excited as we are to strap on those boots, jump into some puddles, and laugh your way through the muck and the mud. Remember, it’s not just about getting from start to finish; it’s about savouring each squishy, splashy step with your family. Whether you have little kids or older kids who won’t say no to a 5k or 10k challenge! It’s time to get muddy and have fun in it! There’s a whole world of muddy trails waiting to turn your day into an unforgettable adventure.

Get out there, get muddy, and make some memories that you’ll all treasure forever!

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