Oblivion Alton Towers

Oblivion Alton Towers

Are you a lover of drop coasters? If you answered ‘yes’ then you’ll go crazy for the world’s first vertical drop roller coaster, Oblivion! Whether you are stopping over at the Alton Towers Hotel with an action-packed itinerary for your weekend break or you have a one-day entry ticket, Oblivion is an unmissable attraction and here’s why…

Oblivion Alton Towers
Oblivion Alton Towers

Why you should take a ride on Oblivion...

If you feel most alive when your heart is in your mouth or you enjoy spine-tingling suspense, Oblivion offers the perfect thrills for adrenaline junkies. Alternatively, if you aren’t the thrill seeking type and need to be pushed out of your comfort zone, Oblivion showcases an amazing drop that will shake up your insides and leave you feeling utterly energised. You’ll find yourself feeling as if you can take on anything saying things, “what’s next?” with eager eyes and hunger for more thrills. 

Oblivion is not only a family favourite but is perfect for older children and teens who will love embracing the thrill of this crazy ride. Oblivion is just one of ten mighty coasters at the Alton Towers Theme park. Create your own rollercoaster bucket list with your friends, with Oblivion in the top position.


What's the theme of the ride?

What if we told you Oblivion was the result of wild experimentation that pushed its subjects to extreme mental and physical limits? It’s goal: to make the world smile. With a helping hand from the the Lord of Darkness, the 90 degree drop was created, seeing the steel roller coaster drop down a giant plummet deep into the ground below…

Its final hypothesis was achieved with a few complications. Some human reactions resulted in smiles and laughs, but others reacted with blood-curdling screams as they descended into the inky blackness. However, one thing was for certain, families kept coming back for more… 

Oblivion, Alton Towers’ Secret Weapon 4, was the fourth of the Ministry of Joy’s experiments in X-Sector. Following The Black Hole, Enterprise and Energizer, Oblivion was designed to surpass its neighbouring thrill rides.

Oblivion Alton Towers

What is Oblivion?

Constructed in a sinister secret Government facility, Oblivion hangs riders over the top of a vertical drop before they plunge 180 ft down into a tunnel below… It’s no surprise that the rollercoaster gains unrivalled momentum and some serious drop capacity intensity, because an Oblivion shuttle weighs the same as a large elephant!

Ultimately It’s an unmissable iconic thrill ride set amongst abstract buildings with a huge hole, deep tunnel and of course epic drop intensity.

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Where is it located?

This epic 180ft, near-vertical drop rollercoaster is located in the X-SECTOR themed area of the park. You can also find The Smiler here in the X-SECTOR too!
Height restrictions

Age suitability / height restrictions?

There are no age limits for this ride but there are height restrictions! Individuals must be 1.4m or over to climb aboard Oblivion – that’s 4 ft 5 inches!
Alton Towers gardens

When did it first open?

Since opening in 1998, Oblivion has scared and delighted 1700 Alton Towers visitors every hour that the theme park is open.

Oblivion was built by Bolliger Mabillard, as the first ever dive coaster. After cranking brave thrill seekers 65ft up on a chain lift hill, they wait… before they drop!


All ride details...

  • Location: X-Sector
  • Maximum Height: 60m
  • Top speed: 110kph
  • G-Force: +4.5G
  • Track Length: 373m
  • Duration: 1:15
  • Capacity: 1700 riders per hour

All in all, Oblivion Is an amazing ride where families can make long-lasting memories full of laughter, screams and some tears of relief… It may be an intense ride but it’s a fun ride too. It’s a great place to take your turbulent teens to blow off some steam, forget about any worries and smile. 

Alton Towers

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