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Teenagers, where do we begin? Not quite a kid anymore and not yet an adult, but that truly awkward place inbetween. As their independence, identity, likes and dislikes develop it can be hard to know where to start with brainstorming fun things to do with teenagers that your whole family will enjoy too.

So what fun activities for teenagers are there? To help with this commonly-faced dilemma we have compiled a broad list of fun, cool, confidence-building and more importantly, instagrammable places to visit throughout the year with your teens!

From quirky museums, to the best UK zip wires, escape rooms and so much more, there are lots of activities for teens to enjoy and get stuck into!

Brave a zip wire ride, Various Locations

Thrilling heights and exhilarating speeds – a zip wire ride comes right at the top of our things to do with teenagers! Whether you want to try the longest or the fastest out there; or whether you want to ride in pairs, or lying down – there’s plenty of variety out there. That’s why we’ve picked out the UK’s very best zip wires to help you choose. Why not make this a recurring activity and tick them all off your bucket list?!

Explore Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd

Maybe zipping above the mountains isn’t your cup of tea; maybe your teens are the well-grounded type. Then why not go UNDER the mountain? Check out the Slate Caverns and explore Snowdonia 500ft underground. You can take a cutting-edge audio-visual tour, take a cable railway ride and explore cathedral-sized caverns – even if it isn’t a place to take the teens near you, it definitely is one worth travelling to.

Enjoy a day at Thorpe Park, Chertsey, Surrey

A big theme park adventure is a perfect fit for your big kids! A day out with your teenagers at Thorpe Park means you can go on all the thrill rides your heart desires without having to worry about height restrictions. From taking a spin on Colossus to flying through the sky on the UK’s only winged roller coaster – The Swarm, and experiencing 5G force while spinning 360 degrees on Samurai – this won’t be a day for the faint of heart! And if you’re into scary stuff, try the SAW-themed coaster and ride the incredible Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon.

Cool Cafes

When was the last time you and your teenage kids(s) sat down and had some proper quality time? With exams, tests and general teenage stress, all teenagers need some time for leisure with their family. If you are looking for a fun way to bond with your child and need to get out of the house, why not head to a cool cafe! Whether that be an animal cafethemed cafe or a cafe for ceramics, there are lots of options to make snack-munching and beverage-drinking a lot more enjoyable.

Here are some of the coolest cafes to visit…

Kitty cafe, Nottingham – Have the Paw-fect time with your family and furry friends too!

Rainforest cafe, North London – Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest in the heart of the West End.

Fired up ceramic cafe, coulsdon – Talk, paint, eat & drink – what’s not to love? With indoor and outdoor space to make your pottery, it’s the perfect place to take your creative teen.

R-cade – Sit back, battle and enjoy this Japanese style gaming cafe! With over 50 years worth of gaming consoles & games, it’s truly a unique and fun place to visit.

Visit Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Leavesden, Greater London

You’re never too old to enjoy a world of wizardry and magic, especially when it comes to one very special wizard boy! The Warner Bros. Studio Tour will take you and your teens behind the scenes of the Harry Potter movies with actual film sets and over 950 props to see. From experiencing the grandeur of The Great Hall to exploring the Forbidden Forest and taking a walk down Diagon Alley, your teens won’t be able to hide their excitement. And let’s be honest, you’ll probably feel like a kid in there too!

Dive into fun at Cardiff International White Water, Cardiff, Glamorgan and Cardiff

Into water sports? If you’re a little bit of a daredevil and you don’t mind getting wet, there are plenty of things to do with teenagers at Cardiff International White Water that you’ll love! White water rafting, gorge walking or indoor surfing – you’ll be up against the power of the elements in more ways that you can imagine. There will be lots of laughs and screams too, there’s no doubt about it! And if some of you just don’t want to go in the water, then there are also an Air Trail and a climbing wall.

Alternative museums

If you are seeking a quirky day out filled with culture and want to experience the more unusual, unknown or pop-culture side of history, then taking a trip to an alternative museum could be up your alley!

Here are some of the most unique museums in the UK…

Brunel Museum, London

Why not visit the Brunel Museum in London? Named London’s quirkiest museum and referred to historically as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’. Famous for being the world’s first tunnel under water, and also the world’s first underground party – it’s eccentric past and modern day use makes it a fascinating museum. There are cinema nights, live music performances, and seasonal events held in the underground tunnel shaft!

British Music Experience, Liverpool

How about the British Music Experience in Liverpool? This museum celebrates the history of iconic British music from all genres. Check out surreal artefacts like handwritten lyrics by Oasis, Adele, Amy Winehouse and more! Eye-up the most influential and memorable stage costumes from Bowie to Dusty Springfield.

Get a front row view to holographic performances, boogie to digital dance tutorials for all the genres in music, play instruments dotted around the museum, purchase vintage T-shirt merch prints from the coolest gift shop.

Bodmin Jail, Cornwall

Lastly, Bodmin Jail, Cornwall. This falls on the creepier side of alternative museums. Uncover the deep dark secrets of a notoriously haunted jail and the twisted history of infamous smugglers and murderers!

If you are brave enough, you should attend the museum’s wildly-popular ghost tours and supernatural events like the ‘Dark Walk’… with a scary cinema night too, this eerie experience is highly worth visiting. Let’s face it, teen’s love the thrill of being spooked out from time to time, as we all do!

Theatre & Musicals

To go, or not to go, that is the question! In this case, GO! Check out all the latest vibrant theatre shows on offer, from family classics like Back to Future, to inspiring reimaginings of the most famous literary tales, like & Juliet! Spark some joy and passion as you journey through compelling storytelling and groovy musicals.

Here are some exciting must see shows to watch with teens…

Do an escape room together, Various locations

Let’s get this out of the way – escape rooms are totally addictive! If you’ve never done one before, you’ll never believe the adrenaline rush you get from having to search for clues and crack puzzles on the clock. The storytelling aspect of the experience, makes it heaps more exciting. Teens will be in their zone trying to beat the game. If you’ve got younger kids you want to get involved too, check out our list of the best family-friendly escape rooms in the UK.

Uncover the secrets of Titanic Belfast, Belfast, County Antrim

A visit to the Titanic Belfast might not sound as thrilling as some of the other entries on this list, but with nine intriguing galleries, packed with interactive exhibits, it’s a surprisingly fun day out for teenagers. The multimedia storytelling turns this into an immersive experience. You’ll get to track the journey of the Titanic from the shipyard to the depths of the ocean – it’s just like a time-travelling adventure! Plus, unravelling the mystery of the Titanic using modern theories and technology is bound to spark anyone’s curiosity.


A great way to connect with your teenage children is doing activities where they can join in with the family, whilst also having some independence – and having the opportunity to laugh at their parents of course. So, what better way to achieve all of these things than going surfing? Surfing in general is a great activity to try out, especially when you’re on your Summer holidays! Surfing is an amazing way to push yourselves out of your comfort zone by trying something new. Mastering the waves will help your kids gain confidence in building new skills, while also being at one with nature! Who will stay on their board the longest … ?

Here are some beaches & surf schools to try out…

Explore space at National Space Centre, Leicester, Leicestershire

Got budding astronauts and rocket scientists at home? The National Space Centre is another wonderful place for teens to go to, no matter the weather. Home to the UK’s largest planetarium and a massive 42-meters rocket tower, it’s a must-see attraction for anyone who’s intrigued by the mysteries of space and space travel. We challenge any aspiring astronaut, rocket scientist or fun-loving teen to resist the 3D Simulator experience!

Face the heights of Go Ape, Various Locations

This is the kind of activity that’s great for all the family, from the little monkeys to the big apes in the house. High ropes obstacles, zip wires and tricky crossings await! Some Go Ape sites also offer segway experiences and even axe throwing. Whatever you go for, it will be a fun and challenging activity that will leave you buzzing with excitement. If you aren’t scared to get wet, some people say the course is even more fun in the rain! Plus, Go Ape has over 30 locations in the UK, so it’s likely to be one of the coolest things to do for teens near you.

Visit a safari park, Various Locations

If wildlife is your thing and a big day out at the zoo, or at the local farm isn’t doing it for your teenagers anymore, go on a real-life safari! Seeing free-roaming rhinos and lions up close isn’t something you do every day – any animal-loving teen would get on board with this idea! We happen to have a list of the best safari parks in the UK, so why not check it out?

Groovy Gardens & Magnificent Mazes – (Instagrammable and Tiktok worthy)

Get some fresh air in the UK’s most visual, norm-breaking and instagrammable gardens. Whether it’s a Winter Walk or a Summertime stroll with your family, seize your next outdoor adventure!

Here is a list of some of the most unusual gardens in the UK…

Biddulph Gardens, Staffordshire

Take a trip around the world as you walk through one beautiful garden! From Italian terraces, Pharaoh inspired Egyptian courts and  Oriental wonders such as the Pagoda and the Great Wall Of China, there is lots to explore!

Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Dumfries

Celebrating nature, art and science, this garden has over 30 acres of land that has been inspired by natural phenomena such as the Big Bang, twisting DNA helices, black holes and geometric fractals … It is truly one of a kind.

Brimstage Maze, Wirral

Maizy’s Maze is a ‘growing puzzle’ that’s waiting to see if you can solve it! Enter the seven feet plants and attempt to find your way through the three miles of pathway to make it out the other side. There is an assault course too, if you can find it …

The Sculpture Park, Farnham

Visit Britain’s largest atmospheric exhibition, The Sculpture Park! This all year round exhibition is a must see with over 300 renowned and emerging artists and over 650 modern and contemporary sculptures, it’s certainly going to amaze you.

The Winter Garden, Sheffield

Are we cheating with this one, as it’s an indoor garden? No we are not! Your teens will love this unique, modern and calming garden, as this striking glass house holds a superb display of more than 2,500 plants from all around the world! It is also located next to the Millennium Gallery, so why not make it a dual visit?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 15 fun activities and things to do with teenagers. If you’re looking for even more exciting ideas for days out with teenagers, check out the blog articles below.

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