Jump into A Prehistoric Adventures at the Land of Giants UK Tour!

girl measuring a dinosaurs mouth

Summer is around the corner…but do you know what else is? May half term! And we have a ROARTASTIC event for you that all those who are dinosaur mad will love. The prehistoric and fantastic Land of Giants UK Tour! And there’s no better way to journey to the Jurassic and Ice Age period, than this colossal adventure.

This T-errific tour promises a fab activity for the entire family and will transform your ordinary day out into a spectacular journey, where every corner promises a new thrill.

What is the Land of Giants UK Tour?

a giant t-rex animatronic
It’s an interactive event where you’ll meet Ice Age creatures but also impressive and towering animatronic dinosaurs!!

They’ve come all the way from the US to go on a UK tour at 4 special cities. Read on to find out where…

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Where Will the Land of Giants UK Tour Be?

two kids sitting on a baby dinosaur
On the UK tour, 4 lucky cities will get a chance to host the entertaining and mind-expanding Jurassic adventure!
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Maxstoke Estate
B46 2RD

Opening Times

Birmingham: 18th May - 2nd June 2024

Locations to be announced for the rest of the tour

Glasgow 27th July - 11th August 2024
Sheffield 24th August - 9th September 2024
London October 2024


Tickets start from:
£14.50 for adults
£12.50 for children
£50.00 for a family ticket

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What Does the Land of Giants UK Tour Include?

woolly mammoth and sabre-tooth tiger
Imagine walking alongside the legendary giants from your favourite films like Jurassic Park or Ice Age. That’s what you’ll get at the Land of Giants UK Tour… With a whopping 50 life-sized animatronic beasts, including Ice-Age beasts and fan-favourite dinosaurs at Maxstoke Castle grounds, each step takes you deeper into prehistoric times. These giants aren’t just big — they’re gigantic and they’re waiting to meet you!

If you’re really into your dinos, you’ll find that these 50 life-size animatronic dinosaurs are from the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous periods! Every epic beast will have robotic moving parts, including terrifying arms that can grab you (not really, but if they were alive then…), tails that sway side to side, heads that move, blinking eyes and of course…a horrifying ROAR! The sound effects are so epic, that you’ll feel it in your bones!

You’ll come face to face with the ferocious T-Rex, a 16-metre tall Diplodocus, 8-metre Triceratops and more impressive creatures. Are you brave enough to approach the snarling raptors? Don’t forget to let your kids have fun in the fossil dig activity – what can they unearth?!

But that’s not all…you’ll also see Ice Age creatures! From the woolly mammoth and sabre-toothed tiger to the Yunnanosaurus and Protocerpatops, plus more! They’ll be sprawled out across the 4 acres of grounds, so you know you’ll have an amazing family day out discovering the incredible dinosaurs and giant beasts from the Jurassic & Ice Age era. You’ll even be able to read all about them on the information panels provided too!

Since the limited-time event is set mostly outdoors, the tour lets you soak up the sun while the kids have plenty of room to run free and safely. So, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and sun hats! 

All we know is that your 90-minute experience exploring the Maxstoke Castle grounds will be one to remember!

Please note that Maxstoke Castle won’t be open to the public to walk around inside.

a selection of burgers

Food & Drinks

Beyond the giants, there’s a feast of treats and goodies to enjoy. From juicy burgers and fries, to hotdogs, noodles. Sweet treats will also be on offer, from Spanish churros to crepes and waffles!

tasty snacks to fill you up to unique crafts at the market stalls, there’s plenty to see, eat, and buy.

Not to mention grabbing a souvenir at the merch trailer at the end of the day!

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Is the route accessible for wheelchair users?

Each park trail at every location is mainly grassland and woodland. Some paths may have uneven flooring and steep gradients but is generally okay for wheelchair users.

Can I bring my dog to the event?

Unfortunately not, only those with guide dogs are allowed to bring them.

Will the event be open if it is raining or bad weather?

Yes! They’ve stated that whatever the weather, the event will still run. So, be sure to check the weather beforehand and dress accordingly!

How long does it take to walk around the event?

Depending on how long you would like to read all about the dinos or spend at the food and merch stand, it can take around 2-3 hours.

So, if you fancy embarking on a prehistoric journey to a land forgotten in time, it’s time to book your Land of Giants UK Tour tickets! From feeling the roar of the magnificent dinosaurs in your bones to laughing under the sun and learning with a touch of magic. Dive into the world of giants and let your imaginations run wild—it’s guaranteed to be a gigantic hit with everyone!

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