Brand New Event Coming To Manchester: The Hot Wheels City Experience!

life sized hot wheel cars

It’s time to revvvv your engines and race your way to Manchester on 13th August!! Why? Because you’ll be able to visit Europe’s first EVER Hot Wheels City Experience!!

Let’s deep dive into it!

About The Hot Wheels Event

hot wheels city experience
It’s just one of the most anticipated Hot Wheels events this year! This summer, kids all over the UK will be able to immerse themselves in all things Hot Wheels in Manchester.

Did we mention it’s a European debut?!

@dayoutwiththekids A Hot Wheels experience is coming to Manchester this summer! 😍🏎️ For the first time EVER, The Hot Wheels Experience is coming to Europe and we get to host it! There will be 10 interactive stations, the Hot Wheels labs and there’s also the chance to take home your very own Hot Wheels driving licence! 📆 Opens 13 August – 12 September #hotwheelsexperience #hotwheelsexhibit #hotwheels #manchester #becarenamanchester #neweventsuk #thingstodoinmanchester ♬ original sound – Day Out With The Kids

Where Will The Hot Wheels City Experience Be?

kids and adults at the hot wheel experience
So, this immersive experience will be based in the BEC Arena at Trafford Park!

It’ll also be running for a month, so there’s plenty of time to get your monster truck fill in.

Shape Location Get directions

Longbridge Rd,
Trafford Park,
M17 1SN

Opening Times

13th August - 12th September 2024


Adults from £27.50
Child from £22.50

Tickets go on sale on 24th April!

What is The Hot Wheels City Experience?

life sized hot wheel cars
So, you’ve heard of Hot Wheels, right? It’s one of the most popular kids toys out there, and it’s not just kids who like them. But also adults too! Plenty of adults own collections of Hot Wheels, which is why this exciting and immersive museum is the MUST-SEE event this summer, for people of ALL ages!

During the school holidays or on the weekends this summer, make your way to Manchester for an exhilarating family entertainment experience like no other. From bringing the legendary toy cars to life with life-sized models to a digital ‘build your own’ car!!

The 6,000 square metre experience will feature 10 fantastic stations that will provide fans of all ages. Travel through the incredible and colourful world of Hot Wheels, where you’ll learn all about the history of the brand, and the culture it ignited around the world and take part in a super fun trivia quiz!

Gain insight and exclusive look at the very best of the Hot Wheels collections, from the iconic brand look when it first exploded into the world, to historical graphics and LIFE-SIZED cars!!!

Want more? Well,  you’re in luck because you can zzzooom you’re way right into the Gamer Zone! Where gamers can show off their skills. Then make your way to the Design Centre where you can digitally build your own car! Using the latest technology, bold colours and graphic projection mapping onto virtual cars! Both adults and kids can both let their creative nature free as they have fun in the painting workshop! Your work will then be emailed to you – so you have your Hot Wheels creation forever OR projected onto the venue walls!

There’s also a play area for everyone to play with fan-favourite Hot Wheels toys. This includes the giant tracks and pre-built racecourses! Psst…this is where the Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Championships takes place! You can win some awesome prizes too!

Last but not least, you can’t go home without a snapshot of your memorable day out… At The Hot Wheels City Experience, there will be plenty of photo opportunities with your favourite cars, so you’ll have the perfect memory saved forever. Plus, you’ll even get the chance to take home a personalised Hot Wheels driving licence as well as a branded lanyard, photo and name printed on it.

If this sounds like an experience up your street, then it’s time you start planning ahead!

So, are you ready to start your engines? It’s time to race to Manchester this summer for Europe’s FIRST Hot Wheels City Experience!

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