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Highest Mountain in England

Highest Mountain in England

scafell mountain

Are you a family of hikers? Go big or go home, and climb the Highest Mountain In England! Find out everything you need to know about one of the most exciting adventure in the UK!

Uncover other beautiful routes and skyscraping mountains. From grassy summits to dropping crags, get out there and explore English nature!

What is the Highest Mountain in England?

scafell mountain
The tallest mountain in England is Scafell Pike which is located in the Lake District in Cumbria. It peaks at 978m tall – that’s a whopping 3209 feet! 

Scafell Pike is one of the most popular mountains to climb in England due to its height and the beautiful scenic location in which it stands. Whether you are at the bottom or the top of the mountain, you are sure to be surrounded by stunning views of the Lake District.

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Are there any other mountains as tall as Scafell Pike?

Funnily enough, a big bulk of the tallest mountains in England mostly reside in the Lake District but none of them match the height of Scafell Pike! Here are 10 of the highest mountains in England… 

little boy walking at the top of mountain


Nope, this is NOT Scafell Pike but a different mountain in the Lake District. It is 978 metres / 3,209 feet tall. 


This Helvellyn mountain is located in the North East of the Lake District and reaches staggering heights of 964 metres / 3,163 feet.

III Crag

Located in the South West of the Lake District, this mountain reaches heights of 935 metres tall. It is 3,068 feet tall. 

Broard Crag

Located in the South East of the Lake District, Broard Crag Tarn is one of the highest mountains in England, reaching 934 metres high / 3,064 feet tall. 


Skiddaw is situated in the North West of the Lake District and is 931 metres tall. That’s 3,054 feet tall! 

Lower Man

Lower Man is situated in the North East of the Lake District and is 935 metres / 3,035 feet tall. 

Great End

The Great End mountain is situated in the South West of the Lake District and is 910 metres / 2,986 feet tall. 


Bowfell is located in the South Western region of the Lake District and is 902 metres in height which equates to 2,959 feet. 

Great Gable 

Ding, ding, ding! We have another mountain in the Lake District. The Great Gable is 899 metres tall, which is 2,949 feet. 

Cross Fell

The Cross Fell mountain comes in 10th place with a striking height of 893 metres / 2,930 feet. This mountain is located in the North Pennines. Way to break the Lake District streak, am I right?

What is it like to climb Scafell Pike?

people hiking scafell
Scafell Pike is a rugged summit and your climbing/hiking route should be thought out carefully. You should always check weather conditions before you set out on your exciting adventure.

 Climbing Scafell Pike is a serious undertaking and should not be underestimated! Whichever route you take, it’s a tough, steep hike which involves scrambling over hard terrain. Planning and preparation are key whatever the season – there could be high winds, rain, snow, extreme cold or poor visibility.

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What are the views like at the top of Scafell Pike?

family using a map in the woods
To put it briefly, once you reach the top you will be surrounded by excellent views that stretch widely across the Lake District to the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales! The Lake District itself is a whopping 2,362 km², so climbing to the top of Scafell Pike gives you an incredible vantage point and extensive views of the UK.
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How long does it take to climb Scafell Pike

the peaks of scafell mountain
The length of time it takes will depend on which route you take, how fast you walk, how many times you stop for a break and the weather conditions. It usually takes around 3-4 hours to summit and return along the Wasdale route.
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How many hiking routes are there for Scafell Pike?

the top of scafell in sunrise
This popular hiking destination is part of the National Trust which means you can find lots of information about various recommended hiking routes. Here are some of the walking routes you can choose from:

  • Wasdale Head.
  • Seathwaite, Borrowdale (Corridor Route)
  • Great Langdale.
  • Hardknott Eskdale.
  • Corridor Route via Wasdale.

It’s worth noting that beginner climbers should try out the Wasdale Head walking route first as it is the easiest route. This route takes 3 – 4 hours to complete. 

If you are a more experienced climber you should try out routes like Great Langdale Pikes (4-6 hours) and Borrowdale (6-8 hours).

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 Have you found out everything you need to know about these epic trekking challenges? Kickstart your adventure holidays in the Lake District with a family hike up the highest mountain in England. 

Looking for more things to do in the Lake District? There’s so much to experience beyond the beautiful peaks of the mountain tops. Private hire a boat in the Windermere Lake Cruises, climb heights at Go Ape Grizedale, make furry friends at the Lake District Wildlife Park or enjoy the panoramic views from your very own forest holiday cabin. Whatever you choose, have an amazing trip!

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