Dans Le Noir? London – A Unique Dining Experience

a food dish at dans le noir

Parents! Do you fancy a night out that is truly unique in all your senses? How about a dining experience in complete darkness? Not tried that before? No worries…maybe on your next trip to the capital city, you can visit Dans Le Noir? London!

What is Dans Le Noir? London?

diners being guided in the dark at dans le noir
It’s a fabulous restaurant that has quite an original experience… It’s not your typical restaurant, as your taste buds will be on a journey like no other as you dine in the dark. And by dark, we mean dark. 

It’s a sensory experience worth facing your fear of the darkness (I did it!). It may be a bucket-list experience you never knew you needed.

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Where is Dans Le Noir? London?

a meal in a small pot at dans le noir
You’ll find one of the most original restaurants to come across in the heart of London!

Specifically in the traditional Clerkenwell Green district.

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69-73 St John Street,

Opening Times

Monday Closed
Tuesday to Friday 17:00 - 21:45
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 - 15:00 and 18:00 - 21:30


Lunch and Dinner Set Menus:

2 courses (starter and main) £52.00 per person
with one glass of wine - £62.00

3-course menu (starter, main and dessert) £59.99 per person
with one glass of wine - £67.00

5 course menu (starter, 2 mains, cheese plat, dessert and 2 glasses of wine) £110 per person

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What Can I Expect At Dans Le Noir? London?

a main dish at dans le noir
The unexpected, of course!

You’ll be taken on a journey that will challenge all your senses… You’ve heard of candlelit dinners but have you ever experienced dining in the dark? Enjoying a meal in pitch black reawakens your other senses, allowing you to reevaluate your perception of taste in a whole new way. You’ll notice the textures, sauces, spice, and sweetness on another level with this unusual experience.

Your meal will be crafted by a head chef as well as a surprise menu too. If you can’t eat certain foods be sure to tell them ahead of time and you’ll receive a curated menu for you. Whether it’s a selection of meat-based dishes, vegetarian or vegan, there will be a menu option for you.

This amazing experience will have you indulging in gourmet cuisine with quality ingredients that harmonise a meal so effortlessly. But is further enhanced in a pitch-dark environment. From sensational aromas, original flavours and temptations textures – without being overwhelmed by the colours or the presentation of the dish. Even the company you’re keeping may change in the darkness. Curiosity is high, conversations are exciting and the feeling of the unknown sends an electrifying current through the air!

First, you’ll enjoy a surprise cocktail at a noisy bar, before placing your belongings in secured lockers. then your blind experience begins as your blind guide takes you to your table. Then your original evening with friends or family begins as you enjoy dinner in the dark. You have a choice of mystery menus, either the two-course, three-course or five-course tasting menu. For wine lovers, you’ll be happy to know you can opt for a wine pairing with your intriguing menu. The food has a French cuisine influence, so you’ll be in for a brilliant experience and a meal full of delicious food.

Gift Options:

If you think you know someone who will absolutely love this fantastic experience, then this is an amazing gift idea that they won’t forget any time soon!

Dans Le Noir? Concept of dining is a remarkable lifetime experience, that you’ll simply enjoy. You just need to have open and curious minds.

Do you think you can dine in the dark?

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Do you actually dine in the dark?

Yep! It literally is so dark that you can’t see in front of you. But don’t worry, your blind waiter will lead the way. There won’t be any candles here.

How do I call my guide if I have a question?

Simply call their name to gain their attention. You’ll find out their name at the start of your experience.

How do you move around in the dark?

Visitors aren’t allowed to move in a dark room on their own. Whether it’s to the toilet or to leave the room. If you need to move, please let your guide know.

How do I place my order?

Because it’s a set menu experience in the dark, you won’t know what your dish is. Remember to let them know of any dietary requirements beforehand. At the end of the experience, your guide will show your photos of your food, so you can find out what you’ve dined on!

How long are you in the dark?

On average a person’s meal time is around 1 hour and a half – or longer.

Are children allowed?

Yes! They welcome children over the age of 6, as long as they are accompanied by an adult and know what the experience is.

So, are you interested in a dark dining experience like no other? Are you ready to enhance your palette and put your trust in your amazing guides? Time to head to Dans Le Noir? London!

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