Disney’s Wonder of Friendship The Experience

disney wonder of friendship event

Ever wanted to see the magic of Disney? The colour, the wonder and the everlasting enchantment that has piqued our curiosity and imaginations for decades? Well, have we got something for you. Introducing… Disney Wonder of Friendship the experience!

A brand-new pop- up attraction bringing so many of your favourite Disney characters and stories to life. Let’s dive in, shall we?

What is the Disney Wonder of Friendship Attraction?

garden of mystery
This immersive space is a stunning multi-sensory pop-up experience that will take you down memory lane! By bringing the beloved stories of Disney’s best-loved characters to life, you’ll get to make unforgettable memories in a whole new way.

It’s Disney’s way of showcasing 100 years of friendship – because anyone who is a Disney lover knows it’s their 100th anniversary this year!

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Where is the Disney Wonder of Friendship Experience?

You’ll find this immersive installation right here in London! Where all the hubbub and lively buzz is. Maybe pop in on your trip to London or as a side activity to your unforgettable day!
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180 The Strand

Opening Times

12th - 21st May 2023
12:00 - 21:30


Prices start from £18.50 per person

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What Does the Disney Wonder of Friendship Experience Include?

Well, Disney only ever does spectacular adventures – and their centennial celebrations aren’t any different!

They’ll be hosting a one-of-a-kind multisensory adventure with all Disney fans. This immersive exhibition will be celebrating 100 years of friendship created with the power of togetherness that the Walt Disney Company has depicted in their everlasting and iconic stories. All through art.

It’ll be Disney like you’ve never experienced before.

Journey Into Four Incredible Worlds

Journey down the rabbit hole and into the Garden of Mystery as you’ll pass towering flowers, with Bread-and-Butterflies flittering by you and venture into a vibrant atmosphere! Where have you ended up? Oh, somewhere curious with Alice of course.

Next, you’ll be welcomed into Ohana Bay. You’ll hear the gentle waves of the Hawaiian ocean and the sweet scents of the ocean breeze as you enjoy island life. As you wander through the tropical sights, you’ll be taken down Lilo & Stitch’s memory lane as you find your balance in a gnarly surf experience.

Then hear the roar of a lion and set your sights on a lush green Orchestral Oasis as you fall into sync with your friends from the plains of Serengeti. What’s that you hear? Must be the musical swings of Hakuna Matata

Finally, you’ll head into a land of pure imagination where you’ll find the Mickey & Friends Wonderverse. Celebrate iconic friendships through incredible memories, enchanting installations and the 100th-year milestone anniversary with the very group of friends who started it all.

Want to know more…?

So, you’ve wandered through all the amazing immersive installations in a 1,000-square-metre space. You’ve seen your favourite characters, danced with Mickey & Donald and enjoyed a sense of adventure with this unforgettable journey.

But that’s not all you can do!

Using augmented reality technology, with Snapchat you can bring your favourite characters to life right before you! By using QR codes to interact with iconic characters You can also share with your friends too and take a snapshot moment whether it’s under the walkway in the Lilo & Stitch Ohana Bay world or amongst the Gardens of Mystery.

Grab your family and friends and get ready for an immersive adventure and multi-sensory pop-up installation like no other!

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How long is the experience?

The entire experience should take around 45 – 60 minutes long!

Can I take pictures or film the experience?

Of course, you can! They encourage you to snapshot your memories and share them too – using the #WonderofFriendship tag.

Although, they don’t allow professional cameras or tripods.

Is there food and drink available?

Unfortunately, there won’t be any food or drinks available throughout the experience. But there are plenty of food eateries nearby.

Is the experience wheelchair accessible?

Absolutely! All experiences are fully accessible to anyone with mobility requirements.

Will there be any loud sounds or bright lights?

Due to the experience being multi-sensory – there will be flashing lights and loud noises.

But don’t worry – they run relaxed sessions for those who need it!

Is there a cloakroom?

There is not. So, please travel light!

Calling all Disney fans! Disney Wonder of Friendship The Experience is absolutely a pop-up event you have to go to. With its magic, enchanting art installations and nostalgic vibes – well, it’s a no-brainer isn’t it?

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