Things To Do When It Snows!

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The cold winter months are here and the snow season may soon be upon us, with an impending snow cloud travelling towards us. Maybe you’re wondering about things to do when it snows, with your kids? Well, don’t fret about how you’ll entertain them because we’re here to help!

Whether you fancy braving the elements with outdoor snow activities or you prefer to stay inside where it’s nice and warm, here’s our guide for activities for snow-tastic activities.

12 things to do when it snows

Go Sledging

Sledging is one of the ultimate fun things to do when it snows. With so many fun snow activities around, this definitely tops our list.

Whether you head to the local park or find a big hill to sledge your way to the bottom! You can buy sledges from most big supermarkets, and your local hardware stores or you can get creative by trying to make your own. Bigger kids will love bigger hills to pick up more speed, whilst little ones can get a taste of the action on smaller hills. Why not have a race to see who will win? Just be careful to not crash into other sledgers in action!

Build a Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman?

Because snow days are the perfect times for it! If there’s lots of snow, then start rolling to create your base and roll more balls if you want to build a taller body! Whether it’s two, three or even more layers. Be sure to pack it in tight or into a pile of snow so it doesn’t crumble. And finish with some accessories (hats, gloves and scarves!). Send the kids off in search of sticks for arms before finishing off with the final piece, the perfect carrot nose. Don’t forget to take a picture!

Make Hot Chocolate and Get Cosy at Home

Sometimes the best thing about snow is not having to leave the house and face the cold! Especially when you have snow ideas on what to do outside…

So, how about you raid the cupboards and whip up some delicious hot chocolates (follow our handy real hot chocolate recipes)! You can even top it with marshmallows for a real treat, or anything you fancy really. Then you and the kids can settle down with some biscuits, wrapped in a blanket and fuzzy socks and watch one of your favourite films! And if you’re feeling really adventurous, why don’t you and your kiddies build a fort with lots of blankets and pillows! The ultimate cosy den to hibernate in when the snow falls and fun activity for kids.

Dabble in Arts & Crafts

Another fun indoor activity is to get crafty because being indoors doesn’t have to be boring. Not when the world is your oyster and you get creative with lots of things like arts and crafts for kids. Our blog is packed full of ideas, from dinosaur gardens to toilet roll creatures and rescuing toys from ice – perfect during a big chill!

One of the more creative things to do when it snows!

Snow Painting

You’ve all heard the saying ‘don’t eat yellow snow’, but why not have a go at creating some yourself using food colouring?

Fill a spray bottle or water bottle with cold water (warm water will melt the snow!) and add in a few drops of food colouring. Then, let your kids loose with some fresh snowfall, and let them create a snow masterpiece that’s perfectly safe. Make as many colours as you like and see what they can come up with!

Make Snow Angels

You’ve been sledging, built a snowman, thrown some snowballs and the kids are still snow-obsessed. Well, there are more fun outdoor winter activities to be had here!

Time to get messy, make snow angels and have fun in the snow. Be sure the kids are wearing waterproofs for this one, as it’ll be a cold but brr-illiant activity. Turn it into a learning activity by measuring and comparing sizes and whose angel was the best! Let’s just hope they continue to be little angels when they head back inside!

Watch Bubbles Freeze

More nifty educational activities for your kiddies that will involve some fun science! If it’s cold enough, it’ll make the list of top fun things to do when it snows. Especially when it ends in beautiful, frozen bubble art!

All you need to do is pick up a tube of bubbles (or use some dish soap), and gently blow bubbles, before catching them on the blower. You’ll need to make sure you’re sheltered from any wind and that it is actually below freezing for it to work! Give it a minute or so and you should see the solution start to freeze – try filming it in slow motion for an even closer look! Freezing bubbles will result in intricate designs forming in front of your eyes. With each snow bubble being different to the last, so see how many creations you can witness!

Make Homemade Playdough

Ran out of playdough for your creative snowy day activities? No need to go outside, because you can make some yourself!

All you need is some cornstarch, some conditioner and food colouring. Get a big mixing bowl and pour in cornstarch (imagine how much playdough you want to end up with to get an idea of quantities). Add conditioner and mix together, you may need to add more conditioner as you go to get the right consistency. It should be very pliable and smooth. Add a few drops of food colouring to give it a bit of vibrancy, and you’re all set!

Colourful things to do when it snows for kids are the best, especially when it’s a sensory activity.

Get Baking!

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of baking, the yummy ‘oh so goodness’ is good for the soul. Especially on a cold winter day, whipping up some warm chocolate chip cookies or a delicious cake is the best way to warm you up, so get baking! If making sweet treats is one of your favourite things to do on a snowy day inside, we’ve got loads of ideas on our blog, why not try this easy peasy lemon drizzle cake?

Play Some Indoor Games

After everyone has had their fun in the snow, tired and now wanting wish to wrap up. The fun can continue with some entertaining games!

Whether you play a classic game like Monopoly, Articulate, Connect 4 and so on, or make your own. Like balloon tennis! If you have any balloons lying around blow them up and play tennis with them. Or involve the whole family to play with the balloon and make sure it doesn’t touch the ground! The first one who lets it fall is out! There are plenty of games you can play inside, so there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Host an Indoor Obstacle Course

When the kids can’t go outside, how will they get their daily dose of physical exercise?

An indoor obstacle course, of course!  You can lay out stacks of toilet rolls that the kiddies have to jump over. Outline hopscotch with some breadsticks, dangle some straws from the ceiling (or somewhere they can get under) that they have to avoid. And finally, travel past the angry mountain (which is really you hiding under a blanket and waiting to grab the kids…). Try it out and add some of your own obstacles, it’ll be fun for everyone!

Plan Your Family 2022 Bucket List

Let’s bring our list of things to do when it snows to a close, by dreaming of family adventures in the year ahead.

This wintery weather may well have ruined plans to visit your favourite attractions this weekend. But why not spend the time planning a whole year of adventures instead? You’ll find over 8,000 attractions on our website, helping you to plan for days out near home and further afield. Get the kids involved and plan your family bucket list.

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