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Best Board Games for Kids

family playing board games
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Are your kids tired of playing the same old games? Bored of landing on the chance and community chest squares in Monopoly and no longer want to play the pawn in a chess match? Then have a look at these family board games for kids that they can play!

Hopefully, they’ll be more up their street!

Educational Board Games For Kids

Cheeky Monkeys

This fun game for kids involves hanging monkeys from a tree to collect the most bananas! A board game that encourages counting, strategic thinking and observational skills! But keep a lookout for those trying to steal your bananas!

Go bananas!

Toys Shopping List

Perfect for young kids 2+, it helps improve their basic vocabulary on food and shopping items. It is a memory game, involving picking the items from your shopping list, once finishing you pick up the next shopping list. There are even add-on packs that include more items like different fruit and veg! A simple, but educational game for your little ones.

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Professor Trunkton

A wooden magnetic fishing game! How is it educational, you say? Well, the fishes have the letters of the alphabet on them! So, you can teach your kids the alphabet and the order by fishing. It also encourages fine motor skills and let’s face it…they’re going to have a barrel of laughs with this game! Can they fish them all?

Reign it in here


I know, another game with a banana, but this is also fun! Think about the classic game Scrabble, but for kids (and families), quick thinking, less restrictive and exceptionally fun!

Plus, it’s travel-sized, so perfect for those long trips or a board game to take on holiday. A word game that encourages creativity. First, spill out all the tiles face down, take a ‘bunch’ and make words that connect in your own word grid. When you finish, shout ‘Peel’ and take another tile from the middle. Once there are fewer tiles than there are people, the first player to use all their tiles to finish their connected grid shouts ‘Bananas!’ and wins!

Ready? Bananas!

Fun Games For Kids

Hamster Race

A racing game but with hamsters! An energetic game that involves hamsters racing around a track collecting cheese, without being thrown off! Can your hamster stay on the track, but most importantly can they collect all the cheese?

Ready, set, go!

Harry Potter Race to the Triwizard Cup

Calling all wizards! Can you find the Triwizard Cup and become the Triwizard champion? Then you’ll have to dodge fire-breathing dragons and cast spells to defeat the others and win! The perfect game for witches and wizards alike!

Get your wands out ready!

Beat The Parents

This will probably be the most appealing board game for kids because let’s face it, kids would love to go against their parents in a game and well this does it! The parents have to answer kid-specific questions about ice cream flavours, TV shows and general knowledge aimed at kids, will they be able to get the correct answers? Guess you’ll have to play and find out! Family game night is about to turn up a notch!

The competition starts here!

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad!

An exciting, electronic game, where you have to sneakily grab a snack from the kitchen fridge…but you can’t wake Dad! Can you reach that gooey slice of chocolate cake?

Think you can handle the pressure? Buy it here

Smart Ass

A game for older kids! If you’re part of a family that loves talking over each other and are quite competitive then this game is for you. The aim of it is to answer as many questions as you can before the other players and move around the board until you reach the Smart Ass’ bottom! A fast-paced, competitive but family fun game for kids. Are you a ‘Smart Ass’?

Purchase it now

Kids Against Maturity

Another game for older kids. Have you heard of Cards Against Humanity? Well, it’s like that but a junior version and age-appropriate! A card game where someone picks out a blue card question and the rest have to provide a funny answer from their own handful of white answer cards. Whichever is the funniest answer, wins that round! The player with the highest amount of funny answers wins! Full of jokes, age-appropriate toilet humour and funny innuendos for the adults. Get ready to laugh your socks off!

Buy it here…you know you want to!

Strategic Board Games for Kids:


A mysterious and cooperative board game for kids aged 10+. A horrible crime was committed at Warwick Manor 30 years ago…the mansion is now haunted by the ghost of the murdered servant. It’s now up to a group of psychic investigators to solve the mystery! Are you up for it?

Buy it here

Who Knows Where?

An award-winning global location game! You will have to race against your components to be the first player to travel around the globe by locating famous places on the world map! There are 5 categories, over 1000 locations and more! Are you up for the task? An educational but strategic game for the family!

Check it out here

Kids vs Parents – Do You Know Your Family?

Fantastic fun for younger kids, big kids, parents and just about anyone in the family (excluding your furry friends…). It’s simple. Take a card and ask a question, if you know them well, you win the card. If you don’t…well you’ve learnt something new. How well do you know your family? Find out!

Buy it here

Exploding Kittens

Do your kids love lasers, explosives…and kittens? The aim of the game? To not get blown up by a kitten! Pick up cards and try to avoid the exploding kitten, the player left at the end wins!

Find out more here

We hope you’ve found some different…interesting BUT fun board games for kids here! They’re going to encourage fantastic family-friendly competition and endless amounts of laughs!

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