Leicestershire School Holidays

Don’t let the Leicestershire school holidays come and catch you surprised and unprepared! Below you’ll find a list of the Leicestershire school holiday dates for this school year.

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Leicestershire School Holiday Dates 2023/24

  • Term Starts: Tuesday 29th August 2023
  • Autumn Term: 29th August-22nd December 2023
  • October Half Term: 16th October – 20th October 2023
  • Christmas Holidays: 22nd December 2023 – 8th January 2024
  • Spring Term: 8th January – 22nd March 2024
  • February Half Term: 19th February – 23rd February 2024
  • Easter Holidays: 22nd March – 8th April 2024
  • Summer Term: 8th April – 9th July 2024
  • May Half Term: 27th May – 31st May 2024
  • Summer Holidays Start: 9th July 2024

Leicestershire School Holiday Dates 2024/25

  • Term Starts: Monday 26th August 2024
  • Autumn Term: 26th August – 20th December 2024
  • October Half Term: 21st October – 25th October 2024
  • Christmas Holidays: 20th December 2021 – 6th January 2025
  • Spring Term: 6th January – 11th April 2025
  • February Half Term: 17th February – 21st February 2025
  • Easter Holidays: 11th April – 28th April 2025
  • Summer Term: 28th April – 8th July 2025
  • May Half Term: 26th May – 3oth May 2025
  • Summer Holidays Start: 8th July 2025
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Things to do in the Leicestershire School Holidays

Boy holding cute pig at Farm Park

Manor Farm and Woodlands, Loughborough

There’s no better time to escape the city and enjoy the magnificent East Midlands countryside than when school is out! The stunning Manor Farm and Woodlands are situated just outside the Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire border. Make your way there to explore kid-friendly nature trails and have a refreshing lakeside walk – the nature there is breathtaking no matter the season!

Without a doubt, your little ones favourite part of the day will be meeting the animals. From the lovable donkeys to the large collection of various owls (which you can also hold!) – there’s plenty of animal fun to be had.

Additionally, the farm offers an indoor play barn and an outdoor play area, so the kids will have something to keep them busy whatever the weather.

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Manor Farm Park & Woodlands
Castle Hill, East Leake, Loughborough LE12 6LU

Stars in the Night Sky

National Space Centre, Leicester

School is out, so it’s time for some educational fun! At the National Space Centre in Leicester, your little space lovers will find themselves onboard the iconic 42m high rocket tower, which will take them on an imaginary quest through the stars. This experience is guaranteed to be a hit; after all, the life of an astronaut never fails to excite the young minds.

Your day of science fun at the National Space Centre will continue with an illuminating show at Sir Patrick Moore’s Planetarium, astronaut training at Tranquility Base and a ride on the 3D SIM. A whole day of exploring the Universe – what better way to make the Leicestershire school holidays count!

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National Space Centre
Exploration Dr, Leicester LE4 5NS

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