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Wands and Wizards: Best Harry Potter themed days out

By Eloise Nelson
Posted 18 June 2021
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Hands up if the classic Harry Potter books and the films hold a very special place in your heart? Whether you're a die-hard fan or just fond of the stories, we all still get excited over the memorable stories, and no matter what house you're in, we've all wished at one point that we could step into Hogwarts for real. We've rounded up a list of some of the best Harry Potter filming locations that you can visit, so if you're looking for a new adventure to set off on, or if you're looking to add a little bit of magic into your next day out, then look no further. Discover these 15 best Harry Potter-themed days out, and all that's left to do is dig out your wands!

  1. Warner Bros Studio Tour, Greater London

    If you're looking for the best harry Potter days out, then you've got to start with the Warner Bros Studio Tour! explore the magic of the Harry Potter films and see behind the scenes of the iconic films, plus they showcase a huge array of beautiful sets, costumes and props.
  2. Lacock Abbey, Warwickshire
    Hogwarts is so impressive that there wasn’t just one grand house used for the filming, and Lacock Abbey stood in as the magical school for two of the films, including The Half-Blood Prince. As a bonus point for any true fans out there, the Abbey even featured in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ films too!

  3. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

    Ever really wanted to go to Hogwarts and fly on a broomstick? Well we’ve got great news for you - Alnwick Castle played the part of the significant school in the first two films, and when you visit you can even get a flying lesson from an expert wizarding professional and learn to fly!

  4. Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire
    Take a trip to Derbyshire and visit Malfoy Manor, also known as Hardwick Hall. Fans will recognise the outside of this beautiful 16th century house as being used in The Deathly House, plus there’s plenty of great family fun and activities to get involved with once you're there too.

  5. ZSL London Zoo, London
    Head over to ZSL London Zoo for a Harry Potter themed day out, and you even get to see plenty of adorable animals! The reptile house was featured in the very first film, and if you don’t quite remember then we think that’s the perfect excuse to go back and watch them all again!

  6. The Jacobite Steam Train, The Highlands

    All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Travel in style with a trip on the iconic Jacobite Steam Train and travel the same route that took Harry and his friends to Hogwarts on a trip that’s often known as the greatest journey in the world’. If you’re lucky, you might even see some of the carriages used in the films too

  7. Gloucestershire Cathedral, Gloucestershire
    Gloucestershire Cathedral appeared in two of the famous films, ‘The Philosophers Stone’ and ‘Chamber of Secrets’, and once you step into the giant cathedral and see the long and impressive stone corridors, we bet you’ll instantly recognise it!

  8. Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire
    At Ashridge Estate, you’ll be welcomed by a very iconic tree… Yep you guessed it, it’s the real-life ‘Whomping Willow’! The famous tree featured in the second film, and you can meet the 400-year-old tree in person at the estate, along with plenty of other trees too!

  9. Hagrid's Hideaway, North Chess
    Just a stone's throw from the famous Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios, discover the incredible Hagrids Hideaway at North Hill Farm! With a variety of glamping and camping facilities available, this is a stay for any Harry Potter fan.&nbsp

  10. Dobby's Grave, Pembrokeshire
    Hands up if you cried when Dobby died, come on, be honest! You can visit the beautiful beach where the memorable scene took place, and fans from around the world have flocked to Freshwater Beach to visit Dobby's Grave and leave tributes for the beloved character.

  11. Leadenhall Market, London

    If you’ve ever fancied visiting the iconic Diagon Alley, then why not head to the next best thing at Leadenhall Market in London? The picturesque street was used for the filming of ‘The Philosophers Stone’, and while it doesn’t have all of the wonderful and wacky shops featured in the books and films, it is certainly a great place to head to!

  12. Goathland Station, North Yorkshire
    Goathland Station can also be known as Hogsmeade Station and appeared in the very first Harry Potter film, and this sweet little train station seems like it’s stuck in time! The picturesque station has also been used for many other films and TV shows, and you can see why.

  13. Seven Sisters Country Park, Sussex
    Seven Sisters Country Park in Sussex is much more than a beautiful beach, because the picturesque landscape serves as the backdrop for ‘The Goblet of Fire’ film, and you can have a bonus point if you can pinpoint the moment!

  14. Kings Cross Station, London

    If you’re familiar with the books and the films, then you’ll know that the only way to get to the platform for the Hogwarts Express is to head to platform 9 ¾! You can visit the legendary spot where you’re required to run at the wall to enter the platform, but we can’t promise that you’ll be magically transported if you do have a running start at it…

  15. The Harry Potter Bus Tour
    Looking for a day out that encompasses all of the most famous Harry Potter filming locations? Hop aboard the Harry Potter Bus Tour and discover a side to London you’ve never seen before, plus dressing up onboard the magical bus is highly encouraged...

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