Treasure Trails UK’s Biggest Kidult!

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Do you wish your kids would play outdoors more, get stuck into finding the biggest acorn, or pinecone, or collect all the colourful leaves they find on the ground? How about getting fresh air and maybe even getting a little dirty, because what’s playing outdoors without coming back home with grass stains and mud on your clothes? It shows they’ve had a great time and were able to let off all their steam, that they can’t let off sitting indoors on their tablets. Well, with Treasure Trails all of this is possible.

With over 1,200 Trails around the UK, you have plenty of choices to pick from and release your inner outdoorsman! All of their Trails are completely self-guided and outdoors, so you’re always in for an adventure. You can go on a treasure hunt or become a secret agent on a spy mission!

Right now, Treasure Trails is holding a fun-tastic competition looking for the number one kidult! Could it be you? Find out more about being a kidult below!

Hunt for the UK’s biggest kidult by Treasure Trails

The hunt for the UK’s biggest kidult is on, and we think they’re right here!

What even is a kidult, I hear you say?

First a language lesson. A kidult, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary, is basically an adult who likes doing or buying things intended for children. Meaning, that they like to stay playful, act like big kids and see the fun in absolutely everything. Are you one, or even “the one” that they’re looking for?

Next is the research. Kids are growing up faster than ever. Technology is such a prominent part of their lives, affecting their imagination and maybe even their attention span. For some kids, there is now the desire to be “grown-up”, quicker than what parents would like their children to be. Especially when compared to when they did as youngsters in years gone by.

Kids spend hours on their mobile devices or playing the newest games on game consoles. Whatever happened to playing on bikes, making mud pies and building dens and treehouses? Kids should be kids, scuff their knees and have bounds of energy ready to unleash outdoors!

But we embrace kidults all over. Treasure Trail’s company ethos is all about family fun! Outdoors, being active, exploration, digital detox, working together, and a big slice of imagination. Does this match yours?

Here are some info on how kids play nowadays!

A Treasure Trail is a great tool to be a big kid. Where you can explore the great outdoors, and search high and low for clues or puzzles as you hunt.

Lead by example to your children, and show them that adventure requires imagination, and you are full of it. Get into character, grab your super-sleuthing persona and have what is perhaps the best family day out in 2022! A Treasure Trail is for everyone.

They have also put together a couple of pointers on how to get into character, so you are well prepared! Take it as acting classes for wannabe spies, detectives, pirates, and of course…. Kidults. Check out what makes a kidult here

Are you a Kidult worthy of the title?

We think Aaron, the Chief Mischief-Maker at Treasure Trails, is the biggest kidult in the UK. Watch as his 7-year-old son gives his opinion on his silly dad…

Treasure Trails challenges you to take that title from him!

All you need to do to enter the competition is nominate someone who you think is worthy of being the UK’s Biggest Kidult. Whether it’s yourself or someone you know who has never grown up! They also need to be old enough (18+)! Just send in some evidence, whether it’s a photo or video link telling us why you think yourself or they should win the title of UK’s Biggest Kidult! Click on the button below to fill out the entry form!

You’ll need to do this between 16th May – 10th June, and Day Out With The Kids (that’s us!), will judge who the UK champion is, as the UK’s largest hub for awesome days out!

So, if you’re someone who loves to go on the swings even if you’re too big for them, zooming down slides, treasure hunting and getting dirty from playing outdoors with your friends or family, this may be right up your street. Measure up to the challenge of being the biggest kidult in the UK!

Don’t let Aaron win the star prize of four Gold Merlin Annual Passes worth £876! Wheeeeeee!

Looking for more adventurous activities? Check out some Gruffalo trails near you, explore some of the best mazes in the UK or splash in some puddles when it rains – a little rain can’t stop you from having fun!