Best Mazes in the UK

Blenheim place maze

Do you think you have what it takes to make it through a maze and come out on the other end? Do you have the determination to find your way out no matter how many dead ends you may come across? Well, if you find yourself to be a critical thinker, possess a great sense of direction and love getting lost in nature, then challenge yourself to one of the best mazes in the UK!

A unique and adventurous day out for all!

The Magical Maze, Stockeld Park

Enjoy a magnificent giant yew tree maze at Stockeld Park. Did you know it spans for 2 miles AND is 8 feet high? It’s truly a labyrinth that needs exploring, especially when you may discover surprises around every turn…

From musical instruments, cross bridges and unexpected obstacles, you’ll truly be amazed. As you wander around the largest evergreen maze in Yorkshire, you’ll find an unusual but fantastic sculpture at the heart of the maze. A revolving stainless-steel globe that was amazingly designed by a local schoolgirl – it’s worth checking out!

But that’s not even the best part… During the festive period at Christmas, the maze turns into an illuminated spectacle. Witness thousands of twinkling lights scattered around the maze, it’s effortlessly beautiful as it is super fun! Did you know it’s the only illuminated maze in Yorkshire?

We know the kids will love it, whether you go at Christmas or before – it’s definitely one of the best mazes in the UK!

Info & Pricing

  • Location The Adventure Park. Stockeld Park. Wetherby. North Yorkshire. LS22 4AN
  • Price From £15.00

Hever Castle & Gardens

Now, not only are you treated to one maze, but… at Hever Castle & Gardens, you can explore two epic mazes! Discover the Yew Maze and the Water Maze.

Yew Maze is a 100-year-old maze and is 80×80! The challenging maze is a favourite to visitors of all ages and boasts many twists and turns that will have your brain hurting! But that makes it much more fun!

Water Maze is a unique maze that provides visitors with an experience they weren’t expecting. The aim of the maze is to reach the stone grotto in the centre of the maze but…without getting wet! Because underneath certain stepping stones are hidden water jets, that will spray you when they tilt as you walk on them! Can you reach the middle without getting wet?

Bring towels and maybe a change of clothes!

Info & Pricing

  • Location Near Edenbridge. Hever. Kent. TN8 7NG
  • Price Tickets haven't been released yet. Keep an eye out on their website!

The Hampton Court Palace Maze

First up is the world-famous maze at Hampton Court Palace! Being the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze commissioned in 1700 by William III. It’s known for intriguing its visitors with its many twists, turns and dead ends. A brain activity worth solving as you find the centre of the maze!

Info & Pricing

  • LocationHampton Court Palace. East Molesey. Surrey. KT8 9AU
  • Price Child (5-15) from £12.60 and Adult (18-64) from £25.30

The Dragonfly Maze, Gloucestershire

Explore the traditional yew maze…with a twist! At the centre of the maze is something golden…and extraordinary. But! You have to solve 14 clues dotted around the pathways to solve the rebus puzzle and to find the golden dragonfly. A fun-tastic adventure at one of the best mazes in the UK!

Info & Pricing

  • Location Bourton-on-the-Water. Cheltenham. GL54 2BN
  • PriceChild (under 4) free. Child (4-14) £3.50 and Adult £4.50

York Maze, Yorkshire

This is a special kind of maze…not because it’s literally made of maize, but each season it depicts a different design paying homage to popular culture! Such as Harry Potter, The Lion King, Doctor Who and more! It’s the largest in the UK and Europe too! Not only does it offer a Maize maze, but also a Jurassic Maize, Maze of Illusions, Mineshaft Maze and plenty more! So, come along and have a go at one of these fabulous mazes at York Maze!

They reopen 16th July 2022!

Info & Pricing

  • Location Elvington Lane. York. North Yorkshire. YO19 5LT
  • Price please see the website for more details.

Blenheim Palace’s Marlborough Maze

If you have a day that you want to fill with excitement, then you need to explore the impressive maze at Blenheim Palace, with Winston Churchill’s famous ‘V’ embedded in the maze. The maze is made up of hundreds of yew trees that provide endless hours of fun! Bring a picnic with you in case you need a pick me up before reaching the cafe! Perfect for a family day out!

Info & Pricing

  • Location Woodstock. Oxfordshire. OX20 1UL
  • Price from £16.00

Longleat Hedge Maze

Left? Right? Straight on? Where do we go?

In a maze, it’s designed to get your brain thinking, to figure out the best way to go and most importantly, how to get out… After reaching the centre of the Longleat maze, which is made with over 16,000 yew trees, your next step is to find the exit! The maze is even accessible to wheelchair users and pushchairs, so everyone can get involved!

Info & Pricing

  • Location Warminster. BA12 7NW
  • Price please see the website for more details

Noah’s Ark Maze

A wonderfully wild maze made from over 15,000 British beech trees hand-planted by the zoo team! There’s an interactive trail, two new timber structures added to the maze and you can climb the brand new nest tower. Beautiful views? Check! Engaging and fun? Check! A zoo with the best wildlife? Check! Come and conquer one of the best mazes in the UK at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm!

Info & Pricing

  • Location Clevedon Road. Wraxall. Bristol. Somerset and Bristol. BS48 1PG
  • Price please see the website for more info

Minotaur Maze

A maze built entirely with stone that sits inside the beautiful grounds of Kielder Castle was inspired by the Greek myth of Minos and the Minotaur! And will reward your success with a glittering room made from thousands of glass shards when you reach the centre of the unusual maze!

Info & Pricing

  • Location Kielder. Hexham. NE48 1ER
  • Price Free!

The Traquair Maze

Visit Traquair Maze at Traquair House, the largest maze in Scotland. But it’s not like most mazes, there are no dead ends and you have to reach four sub-centres before reaching the heart of the maze! They even hold an annual Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday for children under 10, where 6,000 mini eggs are planted…
It’s also famous, having featured in TV shows, adverts and film (even a Bollywood production!). Come check it out!

Info & Pricing

  • Location Innerleithen. Traquair. Scottish Borders. EH44 6PW
  • Price Please check website for pricing details.

The Big Maze

It’s currently not open due to covid restrictions, but keep an eye out!
Discover the impressive large garden maze in Wales! A unique attraction that holds several themed gardens, such as the Rose Garden, Tropical Garden and Japanese Zen Garden. There are also art sculptures dotted in and around the maze which are a lovely addition! A must see maze in the UK!

Info & Pricing

  • Location Conwy Rd. Dolgarrog. LL32 8JX
  • Price £5.00 per person

Now, go get your thinking cap on, a compass, your warm clothes and go have an epic adventure (just don’t get lost!) I can guarantee you will all have the best of fun at one of these best mazes in the UK. Need more adventure in your life? Check out our Things To Do page on the hub!

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