Things To Do For Mother’s Day At Home

mom and son under blanket

Have you left it a bit too late to plan a Mother’s Day Meal or event? Maybe you are falling a little short this month and need to look inside your home for inspiration. Either way, home is where the heart is and mum doesn’t need a big fancy meal or party to feel loved or appreciated by her loved ones. So first of all, don’t panic we’re going to help you make Mother’s Day as special as possible! We have a wide selection of fun ideas for Things To Do For Mother’s Day At Home from karaoke parties to DIY spa days, pottery & so much more… 

Check out our top ten Things To Do For Mother’s Day At Home below… 

Mother’s Day Bake Off Competition

kids baking
When was the last time mum put her feet up and let the kids do the cooking? Under lots of supervision, kids can have their own Great British Bake Off competition, making simple but delicious treats that mum will love like Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes and Fairy Cakes.

If your kids are older and can be left independently in the kitchen why not go for something a little more luxurious like vanilla cheesecake or a chocolate cake? It’s up to you to satisfy your mum’s sweet tooth, so show her you love her and go all out!

Don’t feel confined to baking, if your heart is telling you to cook up a feast then go for it, there’s no better time for a Sunday roast than on Mother’s Day!

Make Your Own Floral Arrangements

flower arranging
Whether you go to the nearest park, scout your own family garden or go to the shops for fresh Spring flowers, flower arrangement activities are cute and creative ways to spend time together – especially on Mother’s Day!

You can even plan this activity as a surprise picking out all your mum’s favourite flowers and letting her experiment with different designs.

All you need for making flower arrangements is a nice vase (or flower foam), flowers, water, floral tape, stem wire, ribbon, and a floral wire cutter. Is this list a little overwhelming? no need to buy all these things individually, buy a Floral Arrangements Tool Kit from! It costs just £10.82.

Kids can also make their own paper flowers if you are looking for something a lot cheaper and more simple.

Cinema Night For Mum

Family under blanket fort eating popcorn
Load up on popcorn, fluffy blankets, fairy lights, and all your mum’s favourite flicks this Mother’s Day. Create your own authentic cinema experience with popcorn boxes, hot dogs and five-star cinema staff – AKA your kids!

You can buy a projector if you want to go all out – they have many great and cheap phone projectors on eBay, & Etsy! 

Depending on the weather you could also hold your cinema screening in the garden! If not keep it simple with a living room film session or build your own blanket fort and get cosy.

If you are looking for one of the easiest activities or Things To Do For Mother’s Day At Home, this is one of them!

Make Pottery Pieces

mom and daughter making pottery
It’s time to get those creative juices flowing!!! If your mum doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty then she’ll love this earthy and messy activity.

Buy some pottery tools, grab yourself some clay, add a drop of water and get moulding! The whole process is messy, and artistic and will be full of giggles! Blast some of your mum’s favourite hits in the background while you mould cups, saucers, or cookie-cut shapes!

The process doesn’t just end with the building. The most exciting part about pottery making is a few days later when the pottery has had enough time to dry. Once it’s dry you can paint lots of wild patterns and get messy all over again! 

We recommend grabbing the Pott’d™ Home Air-Dry Clay Pottery Kit for Beginners. You’ll get Air-Dry Clay, Tools, Paints, Brushes, Sealant, How-to-Guide, Air Drying Clay Kit, and Glitter Paints in one set for just £25!

Pottery is a therapeutic activity for parents and kids, you’ll be embracing tranquillity in no time!

Cocktail Making (and Mocktail)

older mom and daughter making cocktails
When it comes to cocktail/mocktail making you can have A LOT of fun! Whether it’s going to food markets and shops to select the perfect trimmings, spices & alcohol or the tasting process itself. There are lots of concoctions to try out with your mum but we recommend sticking to some cocktail classics if you are a beginner.

Try Pina Coladas, Passionfruit Martini or Mojitos – all of these are seriously simple classics that we all know and love. Obviously, if you have younger children this is not an activity they should get involved with. This is best suited to older teenagers 18+.

However, if you are a family of non-drinkers there’s nothing from stopping you making crisp and refreshing beverages like raspberry lemonade or frothy milkshakes with a mysterious mix of spices… There are plenty of great mocktail recipes out there that the kids can help make and drink too!

Here are a few mocktail ideas…

Negroni mocktail – alcohol-free version of a Negroni cocktail that uses grape juice and syrup made from grapefruit, coriander and cardamon pods.

Non-alcoholic Irish Cream Liqueur – This recipe uses espresso and spices.

Summer cup mocktail – It’s Summer vibes all around with this one! Use red berries, lemonade, mint, and cucumber.

Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed & Afternoon Tea

breakfast in bed
Is your mum more of a full English fry-up kind of woman or a granola bowl and fruit juice gal? Whatever her fancy goes all out on her most important meal of the day – breakfast!

Fry up some pancakes, grill some waffles, load up on maple syrup, blend her favourite fruits, brew a nice cuppa or greet the day with a full round of hot chocolates! 

And let’s not forget the Instagram classic – avocado on toast. There are so many different variations of breakfast recipes you can try out, just make sure to listen out for your mum’s favourite flavours and ingredients.

You can even prolong the breakfast-in-bed experience and create your own traditional afternoon tea experience! Serve mum some fresh warm scones and extra thick clotted cream while she sips a flute of champagne or tea. Make finger sandwiches using cookie cutters and get the kids involved. It will teach them lots of great skills in the kitchen which will make their mum so proud.

Breakfast in bed is always the best way to greet the day. So go on, spoil her with room service! This is another one of our most simple, yet effective, Mother’s Day At Home ideas that show your mum you appreciate her.

Mother’s Day DIY Spa Day

older mums being pampered
DIY Spa Days are fantastic activity ideas if you are unsure what to do at home with your mum. You can take up an online yoga class for the first hour of the day. Then run mum a steaming hot bubble bath while burning essential oils and playing calming music. Or purchase a foot bath for a nice relaxing foot soak. Next on the agenda? Brewing glasses of iced lemon water to cool down from her bath.

Make sure she is robed up and comfortable with slippers and everything! Take her to a comfortable spot and get mask-making! You can make sure you own face masks and lip scrubs out of food like avocado, honey, sugar and other household items. However, it may be easier to buy some sheet masks or a pot of clay masks from the supermarket. 

Cut up some cucumber and place those over mum’s eyes while she lies down and de-stresses. Once she’s chilled to the max, start on some beauty treatments. Whether it’s nail treatments, massages or waxing there’s a whole bunch of fun ways to treat mum this mother’s day. And if you don’t feel you have the expertise why not invite someone over to do beauty treatments on her? This is perhaps our favourite ‘Mother’s Day At Home’ idea on our list…

Make mum feel good this mother’s day, she deserves it!

Make A Mother’s Day Time Capsule

family photos
Let’s face it, the kids are growing so quickly each day and Mother’s Day is a time of reflection for a mother. What better way to embrace motherhood than by picking out your favourite photos, cinema tickets, train tickets, souvenirs, baby teeth, school ties, birthday cards and other cherished childhood/motherhood items and adding them to a time capsule?

You can get as creative as you wish or keep it as simple as possible – the choice is yours. You can spend the day watching old videos, flicking through photo albums and reminiscing about memories while you create the time capsule.

If you are fortunate enough to have your own garden or plot of land somewhere then it may be a great outdoor activity to incorporate into your special day. Take turns digging and burying your time capsule, so that you have all had an input.

Family Karaoke Session

mother and daughter doing karaoke in pyjamas
Now this Mother’s Day At Home idea is inspired by the fun mums who like to get up and give it some welly!

Dancing queen mums let me hear you! Grab a karaoke machine or app and sing your sweet little hearts out to all your mum’s favourite tunes. You can even pour her a glass of wine while you’re at it and let her steal the stage.

This activity guaranteed giggles with the chance to embarrass yourselves and be silly. And hey, if the Spring weather is seriously Spring-ing, then take your karaoke party outside in the sunshine (just try not to make it rain)!

Need some more Mother’s Day inspo? If you are looking to plan Mother’s Day At Home or beyond your house walls then we have lots more ideas to share with you.

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