We Visited Dopamine Land… Here Is Our Honest Opinion!

Are you ready to experience a world of euphoria, feel a burst of serotonin and of course, dopamine? To surround yourself with all things big, bright and bold? Turn back time to when you were kids playing in ball pits, making finger puppets and being transfixed by anything colourful. Then you need to check out Dopamine Land in London! An event brought to you by fever.

An immersive experience filled with limitless imagination, innovative technology, optical illusions and visual effects that will have you releasing a feel-good hormone that is known as dopamine.

We were lucky enough to experience it firsthand, so come along on our journey to this brand-new multisensory immersive experience!

a collage of dopamine land

What is Dopamine Land?

Dopamine Land is a place where you go to invoke a sense of happiness and childhood memories and the feeling of being free and playful without being judged. It’s quite literally a dopamine-inducing sensory experience.

By multi-sensory, you’ll feel, hear, smell and see it all. No matter what room you’re in, you’ll get a taste of the full senses and channel your inner child into reality and the imaginary realm.

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Where is Dopamine Land?

Now you know what it is, let’s get you to the happiness-inducing interactive experience, shall we?

You’ll find this fun experience in London, where you can find more than you could ever imagine. So, next time you’re visiting the big capital city, this is the fever event you have to visit!

Shape Location Get directions

83 Old Brompton Road,
South Kensington,

Opening Times

Monday and Tuesday Closed
Wednesday and Thursday 14:30 - 19:30
Friday 14:30 - 20:30
Saturday 10:30 - 20:00
Sunday 10:30 - 19:00


Adults £21.00
Child £16.00

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Let’s Begin with The Popcorn Room!

dopamine land popcorn
As we walked up the stairs I could smell the familiar sweet scent that I absolutely love…POPCORN! For anyone that knows me, knows my favourite snack is indeed popcorn and I will always have a mouthful of it whenever I get a chance.

When we entered the first room, we were overwhelmed with the glorious smell of fresh popcorn. The room was decorated with the colours of famous popcorn buckets: red and white stripes and a projection screen covered the walls, like a giant popcorn machine with the sounds and sights of popcornpopping. There were red seats on the floor all around, so you can sit and watch the cinematic popping and right in the middle of the room was heaven. A giant popcorn box filled to the brim with packets of sweet and salty popcorn.

Of course, I picked up a bag…maybe two bags of popcorn. A tasty snack at a fabulous interactive museum? Yes, please.

Into Infinity and Beyond Room

dopamine land infinity room
This had to be my favourite room… A spectacle of dangling, colourful lights with infinite mirror illusions. It felt like you were surrounded by literal happiness.

I’m drawn to anything with flashing lights, dazzling illuminations and bright pops of colour and with the added component of huge mirrors reflecting all of this joy… boy, did this room deliver.

As we entered, we were taken aback by the sheer light and positive energy this room radiated. You literally felt like you had walked into a rainbow. With strings of balls of lights dangling from the infinite ceiling-to-floor mirrors, we were transfixed. They shimmered with all the colours in the rainbow, dancing as they changed from multicoloured to shiny red and ocean blue. They moved in synchronisation as they danced.

It was truly a disconnect from reality and an escape from everyday life as you got lost in the forest of lights. With light-hearted and positive inducing sound effects filling your ears, you couldn’t help but smile and giggle with glee!

Did I feel like a child lost in paradise? Of course, no shame here.

The Ground Is Your Enemy Room

A little bit of a maze, a little bit of a retro dance mat with flashing blue and pink lights, invoking a sense of a childhood game. Coupled with the feeling of being sucked into an 80s video game! Follow the path of lit-up squares to find your way out!

Don’t forget to dance to the groove as you jump around. Did I forget to mention there are huge mirrors from the floor to the ceiling? Another infinite room that will have you enjoying a classic game while you make amazing memories with family and friends.

Lucid Dreaming

An ASMR dream. With sounds that crinkle deep into your mind, mad illusions that evoke lights and a fuzziness feeling and an infinite dreamscape that truly allows your imagination to run wild and fly free. You’ll feel relaxed, intrigued, amused and satisfied in the body, mind and soul.

When you’ll enter you’ll find cutting-edge technology and a huge projection screen showing a series of colourful, artsy and bold simulations. Colours shimmering and weaving as if they were in liquid form, coloured balls bursting and hitting every corner of the screen, a swirling vortex and explosions of colour. Just watching this for a few seconds will have the back of your brain tingling and goosebumps erupting on your arms.

It’s a must-see room.

Finger Puppet Room

Do you have the fondest childhood memories of creating finger puppets with your torch at night? Did you try and make dogs, and foxes or push the boat and make an eagle? Well, travel back in time and channel that childlike enjoyable experience.

Ballpit Room

Are you ready to act like kids again and jump into a ball pit filled with happy memories?! Throw your shoes off and get stuck into a ball pit where you can really feel like a happy bunny again. Swim through the balls, playfully throw them at your friends and remember the days of wacky warehouse.

Did my friends bury me in the balls? Of course, they did. Did I laugh the entire time? 100%.

Say What You Feel Room

dopamine land neon lights saying 'live, laugh and lust'
A room that had all 4 of its walls blank, multiple cups full of coloured felt tips and whatever positive message you want to leave on the walls. There is also an idea of writing what you’re grateful for…which could be just about anything. Write it on a slip of paper and slip it into a box!

When we walked in, we were greeted with thousands of messages scattered and illustrated all over the walls, even on the ceilings! Gently illuminated. by the pink neon sign, the room was quaint and held a positive vibe to it. We all grabbed a felt tip and scribbled our little message, what we were grateful for and then sat down for a little while and read what everyone else wrote.

Fireflies Room

fireflies lanterns in dopamine land
Fancy a bit of peace and quiet? You’re in luck, Dopamine Land has a giant room that is shrouded in darkness, except for little lanterns delicately hung way above you.

All along the floor were rugs and beanbags where you could relax and lie down on.

As we lay down on the cushioned seating, I felt my body relax and my eyes adjust to the lanterns above. Flickering so effortlessly in a peaceful environment. It was a moment of reflection and a wind-down from the amazing experience.

But it wasn’t over yet…

Keep Calm and Carry On Room

a digital forest
If you’re a lover of nature and like to be surrounded by trees, Dopamine Land has something for you.

Enter a digital forest with a bark floor and a forest complete with huge infinite mirrors and forest canopies made of lanterns. They’ll shimmer with a green hue and change colour effortlessly. You can sit on stumps of wood and take in the surroundings as you have a breather because you’ll need it for the final room…


pillow fight room at dopamine land
As adults, when was the last time we had pillow fights? As children, how often are you told off for having pillow fights? Probably a lot.

Well in the pillow fight room, there are cushions ready for action, everywhere. In a room shaped like a bedroom with giant glass windows, clouds and lightning, all ready to hit the deck with an explosion of sound, flickering lights and the adrenaline as you…pillow fight!

Grab a pillow or two and go wild! Have a laugh, and a giggle and feel like a child!

A friendly pillow fight is a perfect way to end the multi-sensory experience that has invoked the happiness hormone dopamine and all its joy.

Bubble Tea Room & Bar

bubble bar
Although the immersive experience may be over, your Dopamine Land experience isn’t. Enjoy a walk through, as you step into a wide open, bright space full of colour, immersive settings and amazing picture opportunities, a sky of bubbles and of course, a bubble bar.

Grab yourself a few bubble tokens from the bar and head over to the 70s bubble gum machines! You’ll find them in 3 different colours, blue, green and red and yes, they’re real bubblegum balls! Not only that but you’ll find a bathtub filled with bubble balls, with is the perfect Instagram moment to capture incredible photo opportunities.

As you wander around the room, you’ll also spot a ping pong table, arcade games, bubble guns and more fun treasures! Perfect fun for photo opportunities and to create long-lasting memories.

Then head over to the Bubble Tea Bar for bespoke bubble tea cocktails, soft drinks or some snacks to nibble on!

Final Thoughts on Dopamine Land…

person in a bath tub of bubble balls
Dopamine Land is a must-visit attraction. Filled with fun opportunities, immersive interactions and dedicated photo opportunities – it’s a sensory overload museum! But it’s 100% worth it. The amount of happiness you feel travelling and discovering each room, it just gets better and better.

It’s an escape from real life for a while and a way to really let your inner child out for some pure and light-hearted enjoyment!

And, due to popular demand, the immersive exhibition has been extended till February 2023!


How much as Dopamine Land tickets?

Adults £21.00
Child £16.00

When should I arrive and what happens if I'm late?

To get the full experience, it’s best to arrive at the venue before the start time outlined on your ticket.

If you are late the ticket will still remain valid but entry will be dependent on the space available in the next slot.

How long does the experience last?

It typically lasts between 30-35 minutes, but you have unlimited time in the Bubble Bar room.

Is it suitable for families and children?

Yes, families and children are welcome! It’s a fun day out for the whole family.

Can I take photos and videos?

Yes, of course! But try your best not to disturb others. Selfie sticks and tripods are not allowed however.

Is the experience accessible for wheelchairs and those with mobility issues?

Unfortunately due to the environment of the attraction, it is not suitable for those with mobility requirements.

So, are you ready to experience euphoria and the happiness hormone that you all know now is dopamine? Then head on down to the Dopamine Land Experience. For an adventurous, nostalgic, fun-tastic day out. You won’t want to miss out!

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