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Looking for something brick-tacular, creative, unique and quirky? Boy, do we have something for you! A super impressive, and colourful BRICKLIVE tour UK, showcasing brick creations of all sorts and sizes. From towering and ferocious dinosaurs, fantastical minotaurs and hydras to wonderful wizards and giant pandas!

What to find out more? Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

What is BRICKLIVE Tour?

BRICKLIVE is a fabulous tour that takes you on a brick-built adventure like no other… You’ll find them setting up in iconic locations across the country. Like zoos, indoor venues or large attractions!

With an incredible environment focusing on encouraging interactive play, creativity, collaboration and physical experiences – the kids will be right in the action. All within a safe environment that is inclusive! It’s so popular it’s gone global!

You’ll find that this tour has brought your favourite animals, characters and incredible creatures into the real world, by turning them into colourful brick models. All by using colourful toy bricks. Nurturing generations of children who grew up spending time building LEGO!

So, it’s time you set off on this brick-tastic model trail and discover terrific supersized creatures and craft activities at these iconic exhibitions.

Making it a family-friendly day out that is super cool and definitely ‘wowsers’!

Be sure to keep up to date on where they’ll be stopping next!

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When and Where is the BRICKLIVE tour in the UK?

Currently, there are 4 tours that will be stopping in 6 locations around the UK:

Animal Paradise:
1st – 16th April 2023 in Northampton
26th August – 24th September 2023 at Sewerby Hall & Gardens, York

3rd – 16th April 2023 in Cardiff, Wales
27th May – 4th June 2023 in Severn Valley Railway, Kidderminster

Mythical Beasts:
24th June – 13th August 2023 in Paisley, Glasgow

Fantasy Kingdom:
22nd July – 6th August 2023 in Bradford

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Now we know when they are, it’s time for the best part – finding out what each tour includes!

Animal Paradise

This is definitely for animal lovers. Whether your favourite animals are big cats, swinging orangutans, cute and big pandas or curious dolphins!

You’ll find four habitats here, all presenting different model displays of what animals would live there. From Wildlands and Snow and Ice to Ocean and the Jungle!

The Animal Paradise tour focuses on educating generations of children on the theme of endangered animal species. Providing you and the family with an educational but fun day out! With selfie opportunities and brick-built statues, you can come face-to-face with amazing models of giant creatures. From tigers and African lions to lemurs and towering giraffes!

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Take your dino and LEGO lovers on a roarsome day out. Stand up against ferocious and towering T-Rex models and other spine-tingling dinosaurs.

With huge awe-inspiring model displays of your favourite giant reptiles, your day out will be extraordinary! Not only that, but you can learn some cool and interesting facts and figures about these supersized creatures.

So, are you brave enough to come face to face with extremely bright and incredible prehistoric brick-built statues? From a Stegosaurus, Triceratops and T Rex to even a Jurassic Jeep and Megalosaur head – it’s time to get your little explorers because you’re about to embark on a brick adventure! Although, these are only a small snippet of the collection of dinosaur brick creatures that you’ll be treated to!

But don’t worry, they may be all teeth, but they’ve certainly got no bite!

They’re heading to Cardiff in April for a Brickosaurs trail, so don’t forget to take some snaps!

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Mythical Beasts

Head on out to an extraordinary toy brick tour, packed with fascinating creatures and hand-built rick statues of some weird and wonderful beasts!

If you’re into Greek mythology or your kiddies love Hercules, they can feast their eyes on a life-sized hydra!! Perhaps they love the sea-loving mermaids? They’ll be delighted to find them too!

Around this tour – that is heading to Glasgow – you’ll discover 20 large model displays. From fantasy creatures from myths and legends to wicked beasts and beings from some of their favourite stories. What’s even more exciting is some of the models on display are fitted with super cool sound effects, smoke and animated interactive activities and features.

Mythical creatures and fantasy beasts – it’s sure to wow your kids and leave them wanting more!

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Fantasy Land

Alright your witches and wizards, it’s time to transport to a magical world of wonder!

Gaze upon supersized brick sculptures bewitched with sword and sorcery. Embark on a fantastical quest alongside dragons, knights, wizards and princesses!

Help Princess Orra save the Brick Kingdom from the evil Baron! Discover more life-sized characters on your journeys like Abbra the Wizard, Sir Barriston the Knight, Chester the Jester and Torre the Huntswoman. As you wander through this medieval land, who will you encounter?

Maybe the dragon…

Tarygon, a giant life-like dragon that stands over 3m tall and 4m long will meet your eyes. Will you feel the warmth of it’s fire or escape unscathed?

Find out on this BRICKLIVE Fantasy Kingdom trail in Bradford!

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How does BRICKLIVE work?

BRICKLIVE is an interactive and exciting attraction that tours across the globe, holding special exhibits. They’ll have life-sized LEGO built creatures themed on what the exhibit will be about. Whether it’s ocean creatures, space-themed, creepy crawlies, mythical creatures or dinosaurs.

They tour to various big attractions and set up a trail for the guests to wander around. Keep up to date on what events they’re holding here.

How much are tickets to BRICKLIVE?

The purchasing of tickets may vary from venue to venue. Some will require tickets, which in the past have cost around £21.00.

However, some venues won’t require tickets, as the tour will be free to visit.

It’s best to check the websites of the venues closer to the time! We’ll also hopefully update you on any ticket prices too.

How long is the experience?

On past tours, a session has been around 3 hours long.

Can my kids play with the LEGO?

Most venues will have a station where kids can build and create anything they want. Although, they won’t be able to take their creations home with them.

So, whether you visit a brilliant BRICKLIVE tour UK during the Easter holidays or during the summer – your kids will have a brick-tastic day out! Don’t forget to snap some selfies of you against the giant brick statues – it’s one to put in the memory book!

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