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Looking to escape and discover something new on your next family day out? Have a go at VR, short for Virtual Reality, you’ll get to dive into an incredible 3D world right in front of you and experience something out of this world!

With cutting-edge technology right at your fingertips, you don’t need to go far or spend a fortune to experience something totally new. From exploring the depths of the ocean to zooming around a race track, the options really are limitless when it comes to VR, and there’s plenty of kid-friendly VR experiences too!

There’s a whole range of VR Centres across the UK offering brilliant games and things to do, so we’ve rounded up 10 of the best VR Centres for kids for you to pick from.

Dad and son VR experience

  1. ImmotionVR, Cardiff
    From epic laser sword fights to going on an epic journey through space, you can do all of this and more at ImmotionVR Cardiff. Enter into the VR simulators for a fully immersive experience and discover something truly out of this world, plus, you can even experience it together with the multi-player function!  
  2. VR HERE, Liverpool
    With over 40 different VR experiences on offer, there’s something for everyone at VR HERE. Dive into the deep ocean, pick up a bow and arrow, climb up a mountain, try out 3D painting, and loads more! With experiences perfect for kids as young as 5, it’s the ultimate family VR day out.
    VR pods
  3. Vertigo VR, Milton Keynes
    From cutting-edge VR technology to PC Gaming and even 5D Cinema (yes, we said 5!) there’s plenty to do at Vertigo VR. Discover the VR experiences and games, or take a seat in the VR Sphere for a truly immersive experience complete with motion, and speaking of immersive, try out the 5D cinema, with 3D movies, moving platforms, water, wind, smoke, and more! 
  4. Ready Player VR, Birmingham
    Enjoy plenty of fun VR games and experiences at Ready Player VR and get ready to put on your own headset! From soaring through the sky in virtual skydiving to zooming round on virtual roller coasters, there’s plenty of exciting mini games to enjoy! Fancy something more laid back? You can even try out fishing!Girl with VR headset
  5. Meetspace VR, Nottingham
    From immersive virtual reality to the best PC games, Meetspace VR has everything you need for your VR family day out. You’ll get to enjoy the latest gaming and VR technology, including PCs and consoles, so there’s something for everything. During school holidays, you can even learn the secrets of game making in a family-friendly workshop! 
  6. Play It VR, York
    From solo adventures to working together as a team, there’s plenty of fantastic things to do at Play It VR! From perplexing puzzle games to exciting mini games, pop on your headset and experience a whole new world. Plus, you can even pick how long your game lasts, with play time lasting up to 120 minutes!  
  7. Player Ready Virtual Reality and Racing, Cornwall
    Step into the biggest Virtual Reality Centre in Cornwall at Player Ready Virtual Reality and Gaming and enjoy plenty of thrilling simulations. Not only can you enjoy exciting VR games and experiences, but you can also experience the adrenaline of car racing as you zoom around a virtual track, going as fast as you can!Standing VR Experience
  8. XPVR Virtual Reality XPerience, Stoke on Trent
    Looking for a great VR Centre for the kids? Head over to XPVR Virtual Reality XPerience, where kids as young as 8 years old can experience the wonders of virtual reality! See what they’re experiencing on a big screen, and take your pick from over 40 fantastic games and experiences. 
  9. VR Sim, Cambridgeshire
    Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled day out at VR Sim! Hop into the seat and experience a fantastic driving simulation complete with a life-like steering wheel to grip onto, or take to the skies and learn how to virtually fly a plane! Plus with plenty of other VR experiences, it makes for the best virtual day out.


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