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Whether it’s the thrill of the challenge, the cool puzzles or the creative themes – doing an escape room experience with the kids has become extremely popular amongst families in the UK. Working as a team to crack the codes and unlock the door, as the time on the clock keeps draining, is sure to bring you and the kids closer than ever. Plus, you’ll get to tap into your brainy side!

You know what’s also great? Finding an escape room near you means guaranteed indoor entertainment that will bring excitement into your day, no matter the weather. So, let’s get (code)cracking!

Are escape room games suitable for kids?

Well, actually, before we kick off the list, there’s an important question we have to answer first: Who are escape rooms for? As you’ll see below, most escape rooms are designed for kids aged 10+. This makes them perfect for bonding with your teens and finally finding that special family activity they actually want to participate in. However, now you must be wondering whether your younger kids are really going to enjoy an escape room experience or if it’s going to be too difficult for them.

Well, of course they can join the fun! The little ones don’t have to solve entire puzzles on their own. They can help with unlocking items, spotting patterns and finding clues. Basically, as long as you’re happy to help them out and make them feel included, the experience will be fun for all.

Boy with magnifying glass solving clues

10 of the UK’s best family-friendly escape rooms

  1. Cyber Q Escape Rooms, Worcester, Worcestershire 

    From going on a wondrous adventure with Alice in Worcesterland, perfect for families with younger kids and first-timer goers, to defeating a super villain in The Virus Man – an escape room suitable for kids as young as 5, Cyber Q Escape Rooms goes far and beyond to deliver exciting escape room challenges for all ages. Soon you’ll have mini break-out masters at home!

  2. Escape Hunt Manchester, Manchester, Greater ManchesterEscape Hunt Manchester is home to some of our favourite escape rooms for kids. Whether you fancy a bizarre adventure alongside Alice in Wonderland, or you want to help Dr. Who stop a time-travelling disaster, there’s plenty to inspire your little ones’ imagination. To be fair, grown-ups get drawn into the game, just as much!

    Not from Manchester? Escape Hunt may have an escape room near you – check out these other locations: Birmingham, Oxford, Leeds, Edinburgh, Bristol, Reading, Liverpool

  3. Clue HQ Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands

    Clue HQ Birmingham is home to some top family-friendly escape rooms. The Cluetankhamun totally had us racing towards the finish line but we made it and it was epic! Some of the puzzles are quite tricky but you’d be surprised how good kids are at spotting patterns and other details adults miss. Working together is definitely the key to success.

    What makes for an even better experience are the lovely hosts. With some help from your all-seeing, all-knowing game master popping up on the screen at crucial times, you’ll be much more likely to break out in time. For an escape room near you, you can also try Clue HQ Warrington and Clue HQ Manchester.

    Kids looking for clues in an escape room

  4. Robin Hood’s Wheelgate Adventure Park, Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire

    Hidden deep in Robin Hood country at Robin Hood’s Wheelgate Adventure Park, the best escape room for you and your band of merry men is Robin Hoods: Breakout Friar Tuck. This experience provided by UK Escape Games is designed especially for kids, so it’s all about fairytale adventure and has no big scares.

    Do you think you’ve got what it takes to break out of the castle dungeon before the evil Sheriff of Nottingham returns?

  5. Gr8Escape York, York, North Yorkshire

    At Gr8Escape York there are three different escape rooms you can play with the kids – all in the no-to-scary but very exciting category. Do you want to join the Ministry of Wizards? Or maybe you’d like to play detective and catch a diamond thief? Wait, here’s our favourite – the Spy School Escape Room! Have you got the skills to graduate from the academy?

    As most escape rooms, this one also has a recommended minimum age of 10 but really, all you need to be part of the team is common sense, logic and a keen eye for detail, so any puzzle-loving kids will have a blast.

  6. Si5 SpyMissions, Various Locations 

    Speaking of spy missions, you and your witty little agents will have a whole bunch of exciting cases to solve at Si5 Spy Missions. with missions suitable for kids as young as 5, and venues across the UK, including Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Nottingham, it’s a great choice of an escape room near you.

  7. Escape Blackwood, Blackwood, Monmouthshire and Gwent

    Got little wizards at home? Escape Blackwood has an escape room for kids that they’re sure to love! It’s called Wizard Escape and it puts you in a precarious face-off against a powerful wizard. But the cool theme isn’t all that makes this particular escape room great for the little ones; all clues are conveniently positioned, so they’re within reach for tiny hands.

    At least one grown-up has to join the mini magicians in the room but you can let them do most of the work. If you’re in the mood, you can even put on some wizard dress-up!

    Boy and girl looking at book in escape room

  8. Room Escape Southend, Southend On Sea, Essex

    If your teens love a good scare, Room Escape Southend is the place to go. Especially designed for thrill-seekers and freight-junkies, this one SCARY escape room experience, so if you’re into tamer stuff, just skip to the next escape room on the list.

    Still interested? Let’s go then! What makes it really awesome is that the rooms are not permanent. They get ripped down and rebuilt with a different theme a few times a year. This means you’ll have something new to look forward to.

  9. Lockhouse Escape Games, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

    Fancy channelling your inner Indiana Jones? Lockhouse Escape Games offers escape room games that are all about adventure – from the tombs of Ancient Egypt to the world of spy secrets, you’ll always be in the midst of something exciting. You and your over-10 will feel like you’re part of a blockbuster movie.

    Lockhouse Escape Games is also a cool place for game-loving families to go to. It features a Games Foyer where you’ll find access to VR experience, and even regular RPG nights.

  10. Escape The Vault – Escape Room Brighton, Brighton, East Sussex

    Escape The Vault – Escape Room Brighton offers quite the unique experience. Suitable for kids over 10, it takes you inside one of Brighton’s oldest bank vaults where you and your young partners in crime are tasked to pull off a daring heist, with an even more daring escape. Did we mention you only get 40 minutes to escape? Good luck!

    OK, let’s not make it too scary – Terrance, your getaway driver will be on-hand to help you out when you get stuck. It’s going to be a thrilling day out, that’s for sure! Just try not to get busted…

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