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Thorpe Park Rides | Full List 2023

Thorpe Park Rides | Full List 2023

Water ride at Thorpe Park

Planning a trip to the Thorpe Park Resort? Check out our full list of Thorpe Park Rides and discover everything from big thrills to little thrills. Whether it s the faster rollercoaster, a famous ship ride or a dark ride into the abyss… There are so many excellent family attractions and thrilling rollercoasters to check out.

From apocalyptic disasters to blood-curdling drop towers, mind-mashing immersive labyrinths to the UK’s only quadruple barrel roll coaster and so much more. Thorpe Park has a whole day of family fun to offer!

So let’s dive into all the mayhem, shall we?

Thorpe Park Rides With Big Thrills

stealth the experience


Feel the power of two Formula 1 car on Stealth – a giant accelerator coaster! This epic launch coaster will propel you from 0-80 miles per hour in less than two seconds… I’m sorry, what?!

If you want to find out more about this ride, check out our Stealth – Thorpe Park article.

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The Swarm

QUICK! Head for the coaster chair and hide from the blaze of a flying alien race. Dodge their attack and other obstacles like a crashed plane, rotating blades and explosive fire engines. Will you make it this post-apocalyptic world alive?

This winged coaster ride reaches speeds of up to 100km/h!

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Fly 98ft through the air on ten exhilarating inversions, including a vertical loop, cobra roll, and double corkscrew on Colossus! It is also the UK’s only quadruple barrel roll coaster.

We have an article dedicated to the magnitude of Colossus, feel free to check out for some in-depth information!

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SAW - The Ride

If you’re a movie enthusiast this one’s for you! Feel as if you are inside the legendary horror movie, SAW. Battle against pendulum blades, floors of spikes, giant rotating blades and much more. Do you think you can handle it?

This ride will certainly get your stomach turning with a vertical drop of 100 degrees at 100ft high! There is also a terrifying indoor section of the ride which will build tension right before the vertical drop…

You’ll experience a G-force of 4.7 on this ride! Prepare for your world to be turned upside down… Literally!

Find out more about the world’s first horror rollercoaster in our SAW The Ride at Thorpe Park article.

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Nemesis Inferno

Fan of inversions? Rollercoaster buffs most likely already know that Nemesis Inferno is Thorpe Park’s ONLY inverted roller coaster! Not only is Nemesis Inferno in the top tier of the most thrilling rides but it has a track speed of up to 50mph! You dive, spin, swoop around 750 meters of twisted steel track then experience red-hot inverted loops where your feet will point up to the sky…

Did you know that the Nemesis Inferno has a cousin in another major theme park? You’ll find this cousin in Alton Towers and that cousin is Nemesis!

Find out more about your favourite ride in our Nemesis Thorpe Park article.

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You must be at least 1.4 meters tall to take a spin on the mighty Samurai! Weary theme park travellers will be spun 360 degrees, 60ft above the ground while receiving doses of 5G (G-force).
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Tidal Wave

Looking to make a splash during your theme park day out? Say hello to one of Europe’s tallest water rides that plunge riders 85ft into the water below… This super soaker is one of the park’s key attractions! This ride is so powerful it even soaks bystanders so whichever family member is tasked with taking pictures and holding the bags, just beware you could get soaked too!
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Experience 15 high-speed rotations per minute on the fantastic coaster, Vortex! This giant pendulum-like ride spins and swings riders through the air reaching heights of 65ft!
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The Walking Dead Ride

Thorpe Park has been overrun by zombies and your mission is to make out alive… Will you make it to the safe zone in time?

Escape the Walkers and reach the Safe Zone in the thrilling indoor rollercoaster experience of The Walking Dead. This is Thorpe Park’s first non-powered rollercoaster!

Right from the get-go the theme of this ride will make you feel as if you are in the hit TV Show The Walking Dead. You’ll queue up for the ride as if you are waiting to get through the doors of the safety bunker. There is also a large watchtower outside.

Inside the ride, you’ll be shared by zombies while undergoing an immersive experience which has been conjured up using sound and visual effects which elevate thrill levels.

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Black Mirror Labyrinth

Can you brave the world’s first Black Mirror maze? Like something from your night terrors, Thorpe Park has injected the dystopian technological world of the hit TV show, Black Mirror, into a sensory-defying maze.

Loe your mind as you try to get out of the labyrinth while you are plunged into the hot core of the Black Mirror universe. This immersive experience includes flashing lights, sound effects, moving doors, dazed and confused staff, and unnerving intelligence systems designed to trip you up mentally…

This experience lasts around 5-10 minutes which is much longer than a rollercoaster which averages between 1-3 minutes.

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At one point Rush was the tallest ride of its kind in the entire world! Reach heights up to 75ft as you swing through the air. Strap in and prepare for the G-force…

Find out more about this iconic coaster in our Rush Thorpe Park article.

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Hop aboard the gravity-defying spinning ride, The Zodiac. You’ll be screaming from the top of your lungs as you rotate upside down again and again and again and again…

This is ride suitable for kids over 16 years old and you must be over 1.4m tall to board the ride.

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Do you like rides where you almost lose the feeling in your legs because it is that scary? The Detonator does just that! Get a birdseye view of the impressive resort from the top of the 100ft drop tower and then plunge 50mph towards the Earth.
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Thorpe Park Rides With Little Thrills

banana monkey ride thorpe park

Mr Monkey's Banana Ride

Hop aboard a traditional swinging ship ride! Riders must be a minimum of 0.9m tall.
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High Striker - NEW RIDE ALERT!

Looking for a bouncy ride? The sky’s the limit on the High Striker ride! It’s the perfect ride for little kids who want to experience some happy thrills. It’s one of many themed rides and attractions in Amity Cove – a pirate-themed land.
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Flying Fish

Originally opened in 1984, the Flying Fish is a cult-classic attraction that was refurbished and bought back to life in 2007! The Flying Fish is a hilarious ride as well as a nice change from intense thrill rides and mazes.
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Amity Beach

Have a mini holiday and bask in the sunshine at Amity Beach! Paddle in the pool and chat away while building sandcastles. It’s the perfect place to take your toddlers and young children.
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Can you smell adventure in the air? Then you must be in the brand new accessible Playground at Thorpe Park! Fully-fledged thrill-seekers are welcome to flock here to tackle all kinds of epic obstacles from accessible friendly trampolines to spinning turntables, slides and more!
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Thorpe Park Water Rides & Other Epic Attractions

ghost train artwork of train and ghost for Thorpe Park

Ghost Train

Curious about the afterlife? Dabble in all things supernatural as you book a one-way ticket beyond the veil of darkness on the NEW Ghost Train. The Ghost Train is one of the UK’s longest-running ride experiences which features live actors and multisensory effects to create a terrifying attraction like no other…
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Depth Charge

Picture this: It’s a blazing hot Summer’s day and you’ve queued for lots of rides and are now feeling swamped. But then you see Depth Charge and four tall, blue slides piercing through Thorpe Park’s landscape. It’s time to grab your boats, climb to the top and plunge into some soaking-wet fun!
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Head to the Lost City and hop on the resort’s only magic carpet ride, Quantum! Riders must be a minimum of 1.2m.
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King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems

Swap out thrilling coasters for a game of bumper cars instead! This Angry Birds-themed amusement attraction is perfect for families or groups of friends who want to fill five minutes with laughter, screams, and competition.
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Rumba Rapids

You’ve boarded the tallest rollercoaster and had your nerves frazzled on SAW so why not finish your day with an idyllic boat ride on the Rumba Rapids? Drift down the Island’s river peacefully but dodge any water pistols that get aimed your way!

This is perfect for kids who are a minimum height of 1.1m. All children must be accompanied by an adult 18+.

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Dobble Tea Party

You’re invited to a party like no other… a Dobble Tea Party! This classic teacup ride isn’t just for kids but the teens and adults too. Spin and laugh all the way around the track.
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Storm Surge

Spin on the water on the Storm Surge Ride! Climb aboard a life raft and get wet and wild! This sky-high spinning water ride will go around the twist and then lose control on the 64ft spiralling descent!

Guests between 1.1m-1.2m must be accompanied by an adult aged 16+.

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Angry Birds 4D Experience

Are you an angry Birds fan? If you’ve already had a go on King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems then the Angry Birds 4D Experience Sit back and enjoy high-tech movie theatre surrounding and be part of the action as rumbling chairs catapult you through a fast-paced adventure as the Angry Birds attempt to get their precious eggs back from the dastardly King Pig.

This experience is open to all ages, but recommended age 4+ as there will be darkness, smoke effects and bangs.

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Feeling geared up with some theme park knowledge now? Whether you love horror rides, thrill rides or water rides there are so many epic things to do at Thorpe Park!

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