The Best LEGO Sets For Under £60 – Create, Imagine, Innovate!

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LEGO builders and lovers everywhere – listen up! We’ve rounded up some of the best LEGO sets for under £60. Kids love LEGO…adults love it too, but they can be quite expensive. So, we thought it would be helpful to let you in on the cheap(ish) for LEGO and cheerful LEGO sets.

They make the perfect gifts, whether it’s the newest superhero gifts for kids or outrageous sets for adults!

The Best LEGO Sets For Under £60

julian's party lego set

Julian's Birthday Party

If your kids are big fans of Animal Crossing they’ll be super excited to see they have a range of LEGO Animal Crossing sets coming out!

This one in particular is filled with all sorts of fun and whimsy and will be a fab gift for your child! It doesn’t come out till 1st March, so keep an eye out!

Your kids can enjoy hours of customisable fun as they set up Julian’s birthday! With a microphone, bell coins, cake, balloons and more decorations, it’ll be an absolute hoot!

Plus, it’ll come with your very own Julian toy! With only 170 pieces to build, it’ll be easy peasy.

And there’s more Animal Crossing sets too!



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flying ford anglia lego set

Flying Ford Anglia

Bring the magic of Harry Potter home with you with this clever LEGO set!

Equipped with your very own flying Ford Anglia, Ron and Harry figurines as well as Hedwig, Scabbers and more!

It’s a brand-new set that’s coming soon, so keep an eye out on where you can snap it up!



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peacock lego set

Exotic Peacock

Spice up your life with a little colour!

This bright and beautiful peacock is colourful enough to grab anyone’s attention – especially the kids!

For just £17.99 you’ll have 355 pieces to fit together. Perfect for cognitive development, interesting enough to keep your little ones off their mobile devices and amazing enough to feel proud of when built!

But wait…there’s more! This is a 3in1 build, meaning you can even turn the peacock into a dragonfly or a beautiful butterfly! Talk about innovation and creation.



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retro camera lego set

Retro Camera

So, this one is temporarily out of stock, but it’s too good to not be included! Which is why it’s probably out of stock…

But this super cool camera comes with its own strap and 2 camera filter pieces!

This 3in1 toy can be turned into a retro video camera as well as a retro TV! Kids 8+ will love building this classic starter LEGO set that will leave them with only fond memories.



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Exotic Pink Parrot

Fancy having a LEGO pet? This bright and beautiful pink parrot will be the centrepiece of your kid’s room or your house!

You’ll find 253 pieces to build but you guessed it…it’s a 3in1 build! Which means you can turn it into a swimming fish or a leaping frog!!

Which so much fun to be had, it’s a no-brainer of a gift!



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Bowser's Muscle Car Expansion Set

Enjoy this roarsome LEGO set that will light up the eyes of any Super Mario fan!

This interactive toy has lots of fun elements. From a moving trigger and bonnet mascot to 2 bombs in this cool car!

Plus, the iconic Bowser figurine too. You can gear up for driving, bombing any Mario toys or role-play with Bowser!



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tropical ukulele lego set

Tropical Ukulele

Want to bring the beachy vibe to your home? Well, you can with not one, but THREE designs!

This amazing LEGO set has 3 alternate builds you can play around with. From the tropical ukulele to a leaping dolphin and a surfboard! So, whatever mood you’re in, you can change it up.

There are 387 pieces to this set for kids, so it’ll keep their hands busy for a few hours! And if they get bored of one version, they can switch it up.

It’s the perfect addition to your house if you need a little bit of sunshine.



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retro roller skate lego set

Retro Roller Skate

This groovy rollerskate will be an absolutely cute build!

Colour green, pink and yellow – it’s a pastel paradise. With 342 pieces to build, it’ll be super easy and fun.

Did we mention it’s ANOTHER 3in1 build? Oh yes! You can change up the roller skate into a LEGO skateboard or a retro boom box!

1 LEGO set, endless hours of fun. What more could you want?



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mini ariel castle lego set

Mini Disney Ariel's Castle

Does your little one love Disney? Are they really fond of Ariel? Well, they can now have their very own mini Ariel’s Castle!!

Compete with a mini – figure of Ariel herself. The enchanting palace is detailed with gold themes and features underwater elements. It’s also a portable set, meaning it can be moved anywhere oh so east and it’s perfect for role-plan fun for kids aged 12+!

There’s 557 pieces to build – making it one of the best LEGO sets for under £60 that your kids will love!



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dinosaur fossil

Dinosaur Fossils: T. Rex Skull

Any dino lovers out there?

Why not build your very own dinosaur fossil of the fearsome T-Rex!!

Complete with its own Jurassic World plaque and a footprint too! There are 577 pieces to build, you can open its jaw and there are multiple ways to display your completed fossil!

You’ll have your very own dinosaur tooth!



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Space Astronaut

An ‘out of this world’ figuring is of course the Space Astronaut!

Also a new addition this year, the astronaut has 3 different buildable variations!

Kids can remark on a galactic journey as they build a space astronaut, a space jet and even a space dog!! They can blast off into space and zoom across the room as they play with the fab 3in1 figurine.

There are 647 pieces to build and hours of fun to be had!



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Rocket & Baby Groot

Marvel fans, assemble!! 

Build the legendary Rocket (with baby Groot!) in this LEGO figure set.

It stands over 22cm tall and is made up of 566 pieces! This buildable iconic character from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is a must-have. You can change his poses, he holds a spring shooter and a blaster in his hands too! Plus, you’ll have a Baby Groot figurine too.

A super cool LEGO set for those who love Marvel.



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Piranha Plant

Treat yourself or someone special with this quirky and cute Piranha Plant from the Super Mario™ universe!

For those who love the video game and all it’s elements, this is a delightful LEGO set to build, especially when it comes with two coins… Build the model and figure out what they’re used for!

You’ll find 540 pieces to build! It’ll make a fun gift for anyone 18+!



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spider man mask

Spider-Man's Mask

One of LEGO’s newest additions to their sets is the iconic Spider-Man mask.

This is an 18+ LEGO set that is justtttt under £60, but it makes for a fantastic gift for a superhero lover in your circle.

You’ll find 487 pieces to build and it’ll stand at 19cm tall on a nameplate too!

You can also find other LEGO sets in the Marvel Universe! From Iron Man and Star-Lord’s Helmet to the Infinity Gauntlet, Captain America’s Sheild and even Thor’s Hammar! Although these are priced over £60.



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kids playing with lego

So, with all these SUPER COOL LEGO sets for under £60, your kids (or you) can spend hours of fun keeping your hands busy as you build creative and innovative toy projects! Whether you’re a collector or your kids just love LEGO. Snap up these sets that won’t break the bank.

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