Pup Up Cafe

A sausage dog at a Pup Up Cafe, Image source= Pup Up Cafe Facebook

Love dogs? Well we’ve got some great news for you! Introducing  Pup Up Cafe, a meet-up especially for dog owners or dog lovers, and each meet up is dedicated entirely to a very special breed of dog.
Each Pup Up Cafe can have between 30 – 100 dogs attended, and they love to meet new people and dogs to say ‘hello’!
From sausage dogs to pugs and even frenchies, it’s a dog lover’s paradise, and you don’t need a dog to go either! Non dog owners are welcome to book tickets and go too, and it’s the perfect chance to learn more about your favourite breed, and of course, to meet some adorable puppys too!
These cafe meetups ‘pup’ up all across the UK, from Birmingham to Brighton and up to York and Leeds so you’ll be able to find one near you.

Dachshund Pup-Up Cafes

A sausage dog at a Pup Up Cafe, Image source= Pup Up Cafe Facebook

If being surrounded by up to 100 sausage dogs sounds like your dream day out, then check out the Dachshund Pup-Up Cafes! You’ll get to explore a cafe packed full of all of your favourite dogs, you’ll get to bring along your furry friend with you to one of the cafes and chat with fellow owners, or just others who love the dog breed as much as you do.

With events running from July 2022, there’s no shortage of dates and locations for you to meet fellow sausage dog owners, or just go and say hi to these super dogs!

Pug Pup-Up Cafes 

A pug at a Pup Up Cafe, Image source= Pup Up Cafe Facebook

If pugs are your idea of a perfect pet, then a visit to the Pug pup up cafe will be right up your street! Step into this little slice of heaven and discover a room packed full of pugs of all colours, shapes and sizes, all there to say ‘hello’ to everyone! You don’t need to have your own pug to book tickets, fans of the breed can also book tickets to mingle with dog owners and like-minded fans, and of course, mingle with all of the dogs too!

There are events running across the UK from July until September, so make sure you book your tickets to go and meet all of these perfect little pugs.

Frenchie Pup-Up Cafes

A Frenchie dog at a Pup Up Cafe, Image source= Pup Up Cafe Facebook

These fantastic Frenchies are absolutely adorable, and if you’re lucky enough to have your own at home, why not dig out your favorite lead and book tickets to go along? You’ll get to meet anywhere from 30 to 100 over adorable french bulldogs, and these dogs are well known for being really friendly!
If you wish you had your own french bulldog at home, or are just a huge fan of these dogs, then you can even go along and meet all of your favourite dogs too! You don’t need to own a dog to attend, and fans of the breed are more than welcome to attend.

The Frenchie Pup Up Cafes are taking place across England from July to early September at various different cities and towns, so be sure to book your tickets for what will be a fantastic day out for any dog lover!

Looking for another brilliant breed of dog? Keep your eye on their website for more breeds and details for your perfect doggy day out!

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