Pop+Bark Events 2024 | A Puppy Experience!

cockapoo dog drinking out of a cup at Pop and Bark event

OMG, it’s the news we’ve all been waiting for… Pop+Bark’s 2024 has another year of woof-tastic events! As seen on Dragon’s Den, this pop-up, outdoor event, which has become the most cute social experience and the happiest dog party ever is back and better than ever.

dog laughing at Pop and Bark event

What is Pop+Bark?

Pop+Bark is just as much for the dogs as it is for the owners and fellow dog lovers. With off-lead experiences, puppy parties, pupuccino bars, pup boutiques, and a doggy bakery, there are so many exciting events to attend around the UK! It’s also a great place to meet like-minded people and bond over their favourite breeds.

It’s the UK’s most talked-about dog event for a reason!

So, if you’re looking for something a little mad and out of the ordinary to do this year, then take your kids to Pop+Bark! And with events dotted all around the UK, you’re sure to find one near you!

If this company name rings a bell you have seen their event for corgis in our Jubilee-themed event article that we did a couple of years ago. You can find this article under Jubilee Events Near Me.

daschund puppy eating a pupcake

Why Should I Go To A Pop+Bark Event in 2024?

Why not?!

If you love your dog or love dogs in general there’s no way you’ll want to miss out on this special and safe, off-lead experience. You’ll get plenty of sniffs, licks, and cuddles from all your favourite breeds while watching them interact with one another and have bucketloads of fun.

Whether you want to treat your excitable puppy to a biscuit from the Doggy Bakery or purchase cute accessories from the boutique, this unique event is a real endorphin booster.

Did you know that when humans interact with animals their cortisol levels decrease? Cortisol levels are also known as stress hormones! When we interact with or love animals our heart rate decreases and our dopamine levels gradually rise. Humans, much like dogs, just want to love and be loved, so why would pass up such a magical opportunity? If you’ve recently lost your pet and need some animal contact you should definitely come along too. It could be a very soothing opportunity for you and your family.

And what’s more… There’s even a cocktail bar too! Sip on some fruity seasonal cocktails while your puppies run wild and catch up with your fellow dog lovers. Munch away as you check out the delicious food stations, give your pup a sweet treat and chat the day away with like-minded owners.

corgis with mum and baby

What Were The Previous Pop+Bark Events Like?

If we transport ourselves back to the Summer of 2022 you would have seen everything from Jubilee events to Doggy Discos and an urban Beach Party! One of their most recent events was Christmas with the Grinch and of course, we can’t forget about the Golden Retriever cafe in Birmingham last year!

cockapoo at the pupiccino counter at Pop and Bark event

Breed-Specific Events

Looking for the paw-fect event for your breed? It’s a good job Pop+Bark have a flurry of breed-specific events that dogs and their loving owners can attend. Get up to all kinds of mischief from 90’s themed parties in the Cockapoo Cafe (yes, there are spice girl tracks on the playlist don’t worry!) to 80-minute ‘off lead’ indoor social experiences. Dogs can dance, play, eat, socialise, and of course, receive lots of fuss!

All of the breed-specific events have the same activities and fun games, so no puppy will get left out or excluded from activities… Or from the world’s first Pupuccino Bar!

Dog eating doggie biscuit at pop and bark

The Pupuccino Bar

Did you know that since appearing on Dragon’s Den, Pop+Bark have served over 30,000 pupuccinos from the Pupuccino Bar? Your pups are in good hands.

Choose from a range of delicious dog-friendly toppings like fresh blueberries, peanut butter sprinkles, bananas, gravy bones and dog jazzies.

For doggos with intolerances, there is also a Pupcorn Bar where you can get other yummy snacks.

Group of teens with dogs

The Doggy Bakery

How familiar are you with doggy bakers? You know what, never mind – Pop+Bark have already scouted the best doggy bakers in the UK to help create wonderful treats for your pooches.

Rudi’s The Doggy Bakery will be in the house with their delicious, all-natural, pupcakes, doughnuts, cookies and more. Prepare for some tail-wagging tastiness pups!

Pugs wearing puppy accessories

The Dog Cafes (e.g Cockapoo Cafe, French Bulldog Cafe, Pug Cafe etc…)

Now, this doggy-themed social event is the mother of all events… From a joyous atmosphere, a bustling cafe with doggy friends and positive vibes – it’s no wonder why it’s always a complete sell-out. Seriously, there is so much packed into these sessions such as…

  • Awesome 90s-themed event with heaps of cute, shareable moments!
  • The World’s only Pupuccino Bar, plus lots of pet-friendly treats
  • The Pupcorn Bar for Dogs
  • 90s Soundtrack and lots of fun 90s photo opportunities
  • Fully inclusive event open to Dog Lovers without their own dog too
  • 80-minute ‘off lead’ indoor social experience for you and your pooch.
  • This is a fully inclusive event that is open to dog lovers without their own dogs. You’ll make heaps of furry friends in this excellent social experience.
  • Pop Up Doggy Boutique for all your dog’s latest accessories.
  • Delicious menu with food, cocktails & more from whichever venue your Pop and Bark event is at!
  • Breed events also allow mixed breed events too. For example for the French Bulldog Cafe event, French bulldogs and French Bulldog mixes are allowed. This way you’ll be surrounded by all your favourite breeds of dogs.
  • Outdoor parties
  • Cute props for cute photo moments
Pop and Bark biscuits

Pop+Bark Events in Northern England 2024

Here are all the exciting updates and news we know so far about these charming pop-up events for 2024

York 9th June

– Golden Retriever Cafe

Newcastle 16th June

– Golden Retriever Cafe

Liverpool 21st June

– Golden Retreiever Cafe

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pug with his owners

Pop+Bark Events 2024 in the Midlands

Leicester 30th June

– Golden Retriever Cafe

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King charles cavalier spaniels wearing antlers

Pop+Bark Events 2024 in Southern England

Essex 27th May

– Golden Retreiever Cafe

– Labrador Cafe

– Cockapoo Cafe

Kent 23rd June

– Golden Retriever Cafe

Reading 7th July

– Golden Retriever Cafe

London 17th August

– Golden Retriever Cafe

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How Much Are Tickets to Pop+Bark Events?

Dog Owners

  • Adult: £14.25 + £1.00 booking fee
  • Child (aged 6-16): £9.75 + £1.00 booking fee
  • Child (under 6): go FREE

Dog Lovers (no dog)

  • Adult: £22.75 + £1.00 booking fee
  • Child (under 16 years): £10.75 + £1.00 booking fee
  • Child (under 6): go FREE

Psst, make sure you sign up to the mailing list for 15% off your first tickets!

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