New Years Eve at home

New Year’s Eve with kids is likely to be quite different to your pre-parent plans; especially when the thought of staying up until midnight feels like a challenge all by itself. But if you find yourself stuck for ideas for how to spend New Year’s Eve with kids, then we’re here to help, with 10 ways to make it your new favourite way to ring in the new year.

Even if this is your first time celebrating with the kids at home or you’re looking for new ways to bring in the new year, we’ve got everything you could need for your very own family party at home to see out 2022 in style!

A Happy New Year headband

  1. Follow the celebrations around the world
    Starting with New Zealand and then onto Australia, Japan, China, India and more, you can join in the New Year celebrations long before it reaches midnight in the UK. Learn about traditions, watch the fireworks and add some themed fun and games from each country – did you know in Colombia they carry their suitcases around with them all day in hopes of having a travel-filled year? See what else you can discover!
  2. Movie Night
    For one night only, transform your living room into the ultimate home cinema. Build comfy cushion piles, grab blankets, order a takeaway and have popcorn on standby, then pick your favourite films from the last 12 months and settle down to enjoy the show! Why not get the kids to make tickets to redeem on arrival? Not a fan of recent films? Tick one off the list of films all kids needs to see!
  3. Game On
    Feeling competitive? Turn your New Year’s Eve with the kids into a game night – get everyone to choose their favourite game and have the ultimate head-to-head to see who comes out on top. From strategy and skill to straight forward silliness, it’s a great way to spend some quality time together with lots of giggles too!
  4. Discover a new family tradition
    You all know about Auld Lang Syne, but what about creating your own tradition to ring in the new year? From picking a new song, creating a new dance or even sharing your favourite thing about the last 12 months, these little moments are something that the kids can take with them for a lifetime and keep going for generations!
  5. Dress Up
    If you were heading out for a night on the town you’d have your best glad rags on, so why not use family New Year’s Eve at home as the perfect excuse to get all dressed up? Choose anything from your best party wear to crazy accessories or even fancy dress – why not let the kids decide the theme?
  6. Start a 2023 wish jar
    All you need for this is a jar, some paper and some pens, and hey presto, you can plan loads of fun family adventures to take in the new year. Each family member can use a piece of paper to write one thing they’d love to do or a place to visit in 20233, from their favourite day out to spending more time with the grandparents, to eating their favourite meal at their favourite restaurant! Then, throughout the year, take in turns picking from the jar and build your weekend plans around that – an adventure awaits!
  7. Make your own drinks bar
    Swap queuing at the bar for your own pop-up version, with lots of family-friendly delights on the menu. From mocktails and milkshakes to hot chocolates (and maybe even some prosecco for the grown-ups), let the kids create their own concoctions and give them a name, fancy cocktail bar style. Make mine a double…
  8. Indoor Treasure Hunt
    Turn your night into an epic adventure with our free indoor treasure hunt! You’ve got everything you need for this fun game all in your own home, from a cushion on the sofa to your kid’s favourite books. You could even try out making your very own scavenger hunt too!
  9. Make a scrapbook
    Memories are precious, so why not spend your family’s New Year’s Eve celebration looking back on the last 12 months? Choose your favourite photos, mementoes and anything else to help you build a scrapbook or memory box. This could easily become an annual tradition, to help track your family adventures over the years.
  10. Watch the CBeebies Bedtime Story
    The kids will love it, and if past years are anything to go by, there’s something for the adults too… Previous NYE bedtime story readers include Tom Hardy and Dolly Parton, with Vicky McClure being announced for this year!

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