Get Ready for Ffear Fforest 2023

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WALES BEWARE! As the Autumn creeps in and swallows the sun, a dark cloud makes its way towards the Alpine Forests of Zip World Betws-y-Coed. They call this affliction… Ffear Fforest. Returning to North Wales for 30 days, the fright-fest will consist of heart-racing jump scares from a terrifying horde of clowns to a Cursed Coaster and many more award-winning adventures in the dark. So what do you say, are you up for the experience?

Why should I book tickets for Ffear Fforest?

So, you’ll need to purchase a Night Pass which will grant you access to the Cursed Coaster and The Nets. If you are interested in other attractions during this Halloween event, you will have to book separately but you MUST have a Night Pass in order to book them.

How does entry work at Ffear Fforest?

North Wales is a beautiful part of the UK with a flurry of rich and distinctive landscapes. Zip World Betws-y-Coed offers families the chance to explore the dense woodlands through exhilarating activities. And so, as spooky season falls upon us what better way to explore the Welsh countryside than with some horrifying clowns by your side at nightfall?

Expect all-new electrifying experiences from eerie drop towers to giant swings, bone-chilling coasters and so much more set against the dark woodland. Ffear Fforest’s goal is to celebrate Halloween with adrenaline-hungry families who live for thrills. You’ll get to access all your favourite activities as you would on a normal day out to Zip World. The only real difference is that they have been tainted with EVIL! Mwhahaha!!!

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What can I get with my Ffear Fforest Night Pass?

Cursed Coaster

As light escapes the day and the dense Welsh woodland grows colder all that’s left is an eerie silence before the clowns return to their hunting ground… Escape their devilish grasps on the Cursed Coaster and weave through the forest in your cart with only a headlamp to guide you. As you travel on the UK’s only Alpine coaster, you’ll find yourself immersed in the inky blackness and you’ll feel all of your senses heighten, as it’s just you and warped woodland.

Your Night Pass will give you two Fforest coaster rides.

The Nets

If your standard Zipworld experience wasn’t thrilling enough, why don’t we take all your much-loved adventure features of The Nets course like slides, net walkways, bouncy chambers and lookout decks and add in some blood-thirsty clowns to the mix? We wonder who you’ll come across first…

Will it be the longest-serving clown Wallace or Pumpkin – the rage-prone circus freak who will threaten anyone who crosses his path? Meet the manipulative Hacker, he’ll pretend to be in need of friendship and then lure you into his trap! There are 10 more clowns skulking around the Fforest so if we can give you one piece of advice when you see one… RUN!

What other Ffear Fforest Adventures can I take part in?


Climb to the top of a 100ft tower in the pitch black to experience one of the most nail-biting activities at Zip World Betws-y-Coed… The drop tower! Once you’ve reached the top, stand on the trapdoor, wait for it to open and freefall through the mist landscape and into the darkness. Adrenaline seekers will roar for this epic freefall attraction.
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Climb aboard Europe’s largest seater swing with your loved ones and experience an intense G-force as you are sent sprawling through Conwy Vallery. Just make sure you don’t look down… Wondering how it works? you’ll be hoisted and suspended high in the air, before a brave volunteer from your group pulls the release cord, sending you all flying through the night.
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NEW FOR 2023: The Paintball Range

Paintball’s the name, splatting is the game! Put your reflex and survival skills to the test in The Halloween Paintball Range! Are you tired of running from everything that scares you? Take action and start defending yourself, one paintball at a time. May the stalk-ee become the stalker in this exhilarating new experience at Zip World.

You’ll get 100 pellets in your gun so use them wisely. There will be clowns dotted around so watch your back!

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When is it?

2th October – 1st November 2023

7:30pm – 10:30pm

Where is it?

Zip World Betws-y-Coed is located in the North of Wales.
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A470, Betws-y-Coed LL24 0HX

How much are tickets?

Night Passes cost £33 per person. The Night Pass includes the Cursed Coaster & access to The Nets.

What’s the age range?

9+ years!

Are you up for the thrill-fest? From a clown gang to the brand new Fear Forest Paintball Range, there’s so much to uncover this Halloween. Grab your coats and put on your brave faces, the terrifying blackness awaits you…

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