Most Haunted National Trust Locations

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It’s time to get seriously spooked on our paranormal investigation of the Most Haunted National Trust Locations in the UK… Grab your fluffy blankets, flick on your nearest lamp, and fill your mug with a steaming liquid of your choice while we dig into spine-chilling tales of witchcraft and the supernatural, ghosts and ghouls, torture, and murder most foul…

Blickling Hall

blickling hall

Blickling Hall

This Jacobean mansion is a hive for the supernatural and was also home to the Boleyn family in the 1500s – the home of one of Henry VIII’s ex-wives! The famous wife, Anne Boleyn, was born in the hall and it’s said that her ghost walks around Blickling Hall in a white gown carrying her own head… *gulps*.She roams every room among countless corridors until daybreak.

Her father Thomas is also rumoured to be trudging the grounds – Henry VIII had him beheaded too! And he’s not alone either… The original owner, Sir John Fastolf of Caister accompanies him in the dimly-lit halls. You can find his coat of arms hanging on the walls – eerie, right? The final addition to the ghostly gang is a mysterious ‘grey lady‘ who you can see floating through the walls.

The next time you explore the 55-acre gardens and 4,600-acre woodlands, it’s worth keeping an eye out for these ghoulish folk – especially on the 19th of May (the anniversary of Anne’s death!).

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Blickling, Norwich NR11 6NF

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Culzean Castle

culzean castle
Ever heard about the tale of the Piper and his hound? One of the most famous ghost stories connected to Culzean is that of the piper and his dog, who was sent into the caves below the castle. His task? To prove to other locals that caves were not haunted – seems simple enough…

He played the tune of his pipe from the castle to the cave to signal his location to others in the area. His dog howled beside him as they descended into the cave. As the howl began to fade, people wondered if he had reached the end. A search party went out to look for the piper and his dog but they were never recovered…

It’s said you can still hear the ghostly chimes of his pipe and the dog’s howls from the castle walls.

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Maybole, KA19 8LE

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Dunster Castle

dunster. castle
Located in Somerset, Dunster Castle is one of the most haunted National Trust sites in the UK! There is a myriad of ghost stories surrounding the thousand-year-old castle

Guests have spotted an ‘eerie man in green’ walking around the castle alongside the sounds of male voices and heavy footsteps. Dunster Castle offers the chance to explore supernatural activity on fascinating ghost walks.

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Dunster, Minehead, TA24 6NY

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Crathes Castle

dunster. castle
The spine-tingling sightings of the Green Lady have been seen by many, lurking next to a fireplace within Crathes Castle.

The room is now called The Green Lady’s Room as she is often seen by the fireplace wearing a green dress and cradling an infant in her arms. And to add to the twist of the story, when the castle was renovated in the 1800s, the bones of a child (presumed murdered) were discovered in the fireplace…

Queen Victoria is counted among those who have witnessed her at the castle, but the true identity of the Green Lady remains buried in mystery…

Aside from these ghostly tales, Crathes Castle is one of the most beautifully designed castles in Scotland and has been described as a Disney-like castle.

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Crathes, Banchory AB31 5QJ

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Felbrigg Hall

felbrigg hall
Felbrigg Hall is situated against the backdrop of vast parklands in North Norfolk and is one of the finest houses in East Anglia. Aside from its Jacobean design and glamourous Georgian interiors, the house is also laced with mysterious energy…

Former maids who worked at Felbrigg Hall reported that recently lit candles were extinguished outside the door of one specific room. Others heard the ghostly voice of an old woman beckoning them into that very room but when the room was inspected, nobody could be found.

By far the most famous spirit inhabiting the hall is that of William Windham III who you might find in the Gothic library. He died mid-operation after acquiring a tumour from a bruised hip. His hip was damaged after he took on the mission to rescue his friend’s valuable book collection during a fire. When he fell down and hurt himself a tumour grew, and with that his deathly fate was sealed.

His body was buried in the family vaults at Felbrigg Church (a stone’s throw from the Hall) and his solitary spirit can be found reading and relaxing in the Gothic Library. 

There are many other tales of ghost sightings at Felbrigg such as ‘Mad Windham‘. He has typically been sighted in the woodlands. He is nicknamed ‘Mad Windham’ as he moves with the wind and flies through the ancient trees at an unpredictable rate. If you listen hard enough you may hear his gale-like whispers in the night…

This is definitely one of the most haunted National Trust locations on our list! Would you dare to visit?

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Felbrigg, Norwich NR11 8PR

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Buckland Abbey

buckland abbey
Did you know Buckland Abbey was the previous home of Sir Richard Grenville and Sir Francis Drake? This 700-year-old Devonshire stately home has seen a lot of life and great minds pass through it so it’s no surprise such powerful energy remains within its walls…

The townsfolk pinned Drake down as having dalliances with the devil as he managed to rebuild the Abbey in just 3 days. Since his death aboard the vessel in 1596, people spread rumours that his ghost was damned and condemned to drive a black hearse, drawn by four headless horses, across Dartmoor on moonless, windswept nights.

If that wasn’t chaotic enough Drake’s Drum hangs inside the Abbey. It was a death wish that the English drum be bought back to his home. The spirit of Drake is said to live on in this battered drum and there is an old tradition that its beat will be heard whenever England is in danger.

This is by far one of the most haunted National Trust locations in the UK!

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Yelverton, PL20 6EY

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Corfe Castle

corfe castle
Corfe Castle is undoubtedly one of Dorset’s most famous landmarks. It has served as a Saxon stronghold, a Norman fortress, a royal palace and a family home over its ten centuries of life in the Purbeck Hills. It housed King Henry I (William the Conqueror’s son) and came under many sieges.

After centuries of wars, Corfe Castle has become a portal to the unknown…

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Corfe Castle, Wareham

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Aston Hall

Aston Hall
Prepare for most haunted royalty, Aston Hall! Rated by the National Trust as the most haunted place in the UK, Aston Hall has a flurry of ghoulish tales looming between its 400-year-old walls.

Hear about many of the Hall’s ghostly characters such as Dick the young houseboy accused of stealing, the ‘grey ghost’ of Sir Thomas Holte’s daughter who was locked away for 16 years and the lady in green who keeps watch over the Hall…

You can experience the supernatural for yourself in Aston Hall’s ghost tours!

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Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6JD

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So, now you’ve discovered all of the most haunted National Trust locations, are you even more excited to visit them? From headless ghosts to grey ladies and more, we’ve equipped you with all the knowledge you’ll need before setting off on your hair-raising quest.

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