Egg-straordinary Art: Fun Easter Egg Decorating for Kids

family decorating easter eggs

As Easter hops around the corner, it’s time to think about one of the season’s most cherished traditions: Easter egg decorating! This age-old activity is not just about adding splashes of colour to eggs; it’s a fantastic way to bond with your family and spark creativity in your little ones. So, grab your egg decorating kits, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to create some egg-ceptional masterpieces.

They’ll make perfect Easter egg decorations around the house, the perfect centrepiece for Easter egg party decoration or you can use them in an Easter egg hunt! It’s a fun-packed project your kids will absolutely love!

Here’s Our Top Ten Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

dip dye easter eggs

1. Dip Dye Method

Begin with the basics!

You’ll need your hard-boiled eggs and a few drops of food colouring or shop-bought dyes.

Start by mixing food colouring or dye in cups filled with water and a splash of vinegar (this will help the colour cling to the egg shell). Experiment with dipping times; the longer the egg sits, the deeper the colour.

To add an interesting twist, wrap elastic bands around the eggs before dipping. The covered areas will remain dye-free, creating eye-catching patterns or intricate patterns and stripes on your eggs.

marbelled eggs

2. Marbellous Marble Magic

Marbleised eggs are stunning and surprisingly easy to create!

When you dip your egg, the oil creates barriers to the dye, resulting in stunning, swirly patterns. Each dip creates a beautiful marbled effect and a unique masterpiece, so encourage the kids to experiment with different oil amounts and colours!

girl using crayons to decorate eggs

3. Cool Crayon Colours

Let the kids unleash their creativity on the shell with classic crayons before dyeing. Whether they draw abstract patterns, write their names, or sketch tiny pictures!

Why crayons? Because the wax won’t absorb the dye, leaving behind the crayon colour! Imagine the beautiful patterns and colourful stripes you can create! This method is perfect for personal messages, doodles, or names, making each egg as unique as its creator.

Use this method to make personalised Easter eggs for each family member.

foliage egg decorating

4. Fantastic Foliage Print

For those built with creative muscles, this is one Easter decoration to try!

Nature meets art with this eco-friendly technique. Collect small leaves or flowers and place them against the egg. Secure them in place by wrapping the egg in a piece of old stocking or thin fabric, ensuring the foliage stays flat.

Then you dip the egg into the coloured dye. Once dry, remove the flowers or leaves and the stocking to reveal a delicate natural print. It’s a great way to combine art with a mini science lesson!

You can use different flowers for different people – it’ll make the perfect personalised gift for Easter!

eggs covered in glitter

5. Glitter Galore

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?

This method involves painting glue on the egg in patterns or all over, then rolling it in bio-degradable glitter or sprinkling glitter over the top! You can use different colours of glitter to create designs or add a magical touch to your Easter basket. It’s a bit messy… but totally worth it for the dazzling results!

Plus, if you use it for a centrepiece, it’ll shine bright on the Easter table!

Psst…we suggest doing this on lots of newspapers or even outside so the glitter doesn’t get everywhere inside.

boy using water colour paint for easter eggs

6. Watercolour Wonders

With watercolour paints, the eggs become your canvas and your kids can unleash their inner artist!

This method allows for gentle colour blending and can achieve a dreamy, ethereal look. Encourage kids to experiment with different brush strokes, water levels, and colour mixing to see how they interact on the egg’s surface.

It’s a wonderful way for kids to explore colour theory and painting techniques. Plus, this Easter egg decorating idea encourages creativeness!

tattoo eggs

7. Tattooed Treasures

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for skin; they work wonderfully on eggs too! It’s also a fantastic alternative to a mess-free decorating method.

All you need to do is pick out your favourite tattoo designs, cut out the tattoo as close to the design as possible, then remove the plastic film, place it design-side down on the egg.

Next, using a wet cloth, dab the tattoo on the back. After a few seconds, peel away the backing to reveal a perfectly applied tattoo! You can use stars, hearts, swirls or any kind of design!

It’s a quick and clean way to decorate that’s perfect for those who might not enjoy getting messy.

kids wearing bunny ears

8. Nifty Nail Polish Swirl

Create striking, abstract designs using nail polish! I know, it’s a bit of a weird alternative, but it works great!

Just fill a disposable container with water and pour in nail polish drops. It can be whatever colour the kids pick. Swirl the colours gently with a toothpick, then dip your egg! Easy as 1, 2, 3.

The polish will stick to the shell, creating all sorts of unique patterns.

Just make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area and with a parent’s guidance!

easter egg with stickers

9. Sticker Stories

Stickers offer a simple and clean way for even the youngest family members to decorate. From cute Easter motifs to geometric shapes, stickers can be used to create scenes, spell out Easter messages, or just add a decorative touch!

It’s a great way to let kids’ imaginations run wild without worrying about the mess.

10. Easter Bunny and Cute Chicks

Obviously Easter isn’t Easter without the Easter bunny or cute spring chicks!

An adorable Easter egg decoration is simply turning your eggs in Easter themed characters. And it’s super simple too!

All you need is paint for the bunny (grey, brown or white) and the chicks (yellow wand orange). Paint your egg with whichever base colour you pick, let that try and then add on the extra details. Whether it’s the face using black marker pens, a nose using paint or the cracked shell of a chicks egg!

Simple, creative and absolutely adorable!

Easter egg decorating is a fantastic way to kick off the spring season and make lasting memories with your family. So, we hope we’ve spring-kled some inspiration your way!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match techniques or come up with your own creative methods. The most important thing is to have fun and let your and your kid’s imaginations run wild. Who knows? You might just start a new Easter tradition that your family will cherish for years to come.

Happy Easter and happy decorating!

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