Easter Egg Hunt Riddles For Around The House

picking up a colourful easter egg

Easter is just a hop away, and we bet you’re looking for egg-citing activities for your kids, right? Whether it’s treasure hunts, Easter-themed activities or even a bunny beanbag toss game! Well, if you’re looking to spruce up a boring hunt for your egg-cellent Easter egg hunters, here are our Easter egg hunt riddles for around the house.

If you’re looking for Easter egg hunt ideas and egg hunt clues, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s that time of year for the classic tradition of searching for hiding spots to stash sweet treats, chocolate eggs and hidden treasures, in and around the house for the kids to find.

But year after year, they just get too good, don’t they? Maybe some new and fresh scavenger hunt riddles will help you create an egg-ceptional indoor Easter egg hunt at home! With these fun riddles, you’ll have loads of fun planning, and your kids will have a ball trying to find their chocolate treats!

Whether you hide them in plain sight, add a personalised touch or looking for an activity for kids that is super enjoyable!

Easter Egg Hunt Riddles For Around The House

  1. I’m not a pencil, but I’m full of lead. Look for me where you go to bed. A pencil holder on a bedside table.
  2. I’m used to cover a mess, and I’m found where you change to dress. A clothes hamper in a bedroom or laundry room.
  3. Look for me where food is kept, I’m white and cold and can make things kept. A refrigerator in the kitchen.
  4. I have four legs but never walk, a table or a chair, come and take a look. A table or a chair in a dining room or living room.
  5. I am full of boxes, but I hold no presents. Look for me where your clothes are hung. A closet or wardrobe in a bedroom.
  6. I can be found in the living room, I make the room feel bright. I’m tall and slender, and my switch is on my right. A floor lamp in the living room.
  7. I can be found in the kitchen, where cooking’s done. I’m cold and make things churn. A  blender in the kitchen.
  8. I may be in the garden, where the flowers bloom. I’m small and round and bring out the zoom. A magnifying glass or a pair of binoculars in the garden.
  9. I can be found where books are stored, I have a head and a foot, and always in a row. A bookshelf in a living room or bedroom.
  10. I am found where the water flows, I make things clean and shiny, and I never say no. A sink or a faucet in a bathroom or kitchen.

11. Look for me where shoes are kept, I have many pockets and hold all sorts of treasures kept. A shoe organizer or a shoe rack in a closet or mudroom.

12. Look for me in the bathroom, I hang from a hook and make things diffuse. A showerhead in a bathroom.

13.  I’m round and shiny, and I bring out the light. Look for me in a ‘shade’. A lightbulb in a lamp or overhead light fixture.

14. I’m soft and cosy, and perfect for a nap. Look for me where you rest your head, in a room that’s usually black. A pillow on a bed in a darkened bedroom.

15. I’m not a plant, but I grow in the sun. Look for me on the windowsill, where I can bask and have fun. A succulent or other small plants in a windowsill.

16. I’m not a book, but I have a cover. Look for me on a shelf, where I’m hidden like a lover. A DVD on a shelf or entertainment centre.

17. I’m not a drink, but I’m poured and sipped. Look for me in a cabinet, where I’m often shipped. Tea or coffee in a kitchen cabinet or pantry.

18. I’m not a hat, but I can be worn. Look for me in the closet, where I’m kept and adorned. A scarf or other accessory in a closet.

19. I’m not a toy, but I can be played with. Look for me in the living room, where music is made. A musical instrument such as a guitar or piano in a living room.

20. I’m not a candle, but I can be lit. Look for me in the kitchen, where I warm and cook, and make things fit. A stove or oven in the kitchen

We hope all these fun and creative Easter Egg riddles for around the house, will help you make a super egg-citing game for your kids this easter! You can all enjoy some chocolate treats, yummy food, warm weather and fabulous family quality time together.

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Happy Easter!

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