Dinosaur Garden

A couple of months ago, my daughters and I built a little fairy garden, and they had so much fun with it. It actually looks totally transformed from when we began because they add a little something to it every time they venture out into the garden. A little fence made from lolly sticks or a tin foil river. A mini bird’s nest made out of twigs or a bridge from stones. It’s been a great small world play area, it’s been fantastic for feeding the imagination and is a great prompt for stories.

My son also loved playing with it and asked for his own garden… he wanted to create a Dinosaur Garden! He’s spent the last few weeks perfecting his little garden for his dinosaurs and adding bits and bobs that he finds around the house.

It’s really simple to create your own dinosaur garden, all you need is some mini plastic dinosaurs and some props that you can find in the garden or around the house. Get your kids involved as you choose the props. Anything from a ribbon to smooth stones can be used as tiny props in your play garden.

To build a dinosaur garden, you will need:

  • A large pot
  • Compost
  • Succulent plants
  • Blue glass pebbles
  • Driftwood
  • Large seashells
  • Stones
  • A little bit of imagination and… some dinosaurs!

This is the fun part! Once you’ve planted, it’s time to construct your miniature world. Anything goes with this bit! Try covering old bowls to make little hills on the landscape. Stack rocks or make stepping stone paths with stones. Gather twigs to make fences and or mini ladders. We added some large seashells to our dinosaur garden and some greenery from a fish tank! I’m on the lookout for some blue aquarium rocks as I think these would be a great addition.

My son loves his dinosaur garden, he spends hours making up dinosaur stories and feeding them meals of grass and gravel, and generally having a great time. We hope you enjoy yours too!

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