Candlelight Event: The best of Joe Hisaishi

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Ever been to a candlelight concert? It’s an incredible experience you will never forget. With the glow of candlelights and the mesmerising music. This is a music concert you will not want to miss out on. We headed on down to a Candlelight event in Birmingham. An amazing string quartet played all the best music of Joe Hisaishi! An event brought to you by Fever.

The candlelit performance was a stunning and new experience for me which I truly enjoyed. So I want to give you all the information about how amazing candlelight concerts are.

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What is a Candlelight event?

inside church
A candlelight event involves candles being placed around an iconic venue creating a gentle glow. With over 100 candles and a chance to appreciate a gorgeous setting. You will be able to relax with your loved ones and have a magical experience.

Where was the Candlelight event?

outside church
The candlelight event was in Birmingham city centre. The venue was St Paul’s Church and the amazing string orchestra performed the great classics of Joe Hisaishi. The Church was truly beautiful and filled with so much happiness!

This event was brought to us by Fever. Make sure you check out their website for more upcoming events!

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Event Description

The candle-lit setting was truly majestic to look at especially in the Church. The atmosphere was great and would be an amazing place to take your loved ones with an experience they will never forget.

The performance was just over an hour and is a memory I will forever cherish. The candlelight setting lets you relax and be present in the moment, as you lose yourself in the otherworldly music of Joe Hisaishi! 

Whilst listening to the instruments playing away. I had a beautiful view inside the church and got a chance to see the candlelight setting too. My partner even loved this event and thought the music was played in such a beautiful way.

The performance was truly mesmerising and brought a tear to my eye. Attending a fabulous candlelight concert is made for everyone!

The Sekine Quartet

picture of group
The Sekine Quartet is a string quartet based in Birmingham formed in 2016 by students of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. The amazing musicians performed many songs by Joe Hisaishi. From Howl’s Moving Castle to Spirited Away. 

My partner and I found this romantic candlelight experience truly amazing. Make sure to give The Sekine Quartet a follow on Instagram and check out the rest of their events. The musicians during the event were very interactive and told us which songs they were going to perform next.

Make sure to check out their upcoming events, they’re also available to do private concerts and weddings too. Thank you to The Sekine Quartet for an amazing performance. It was truly wonderful and was an event I will never forget.


Is there any age requirement?

8+ but anyone under 16 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Is there a bar at the events?

Do check the website to see if your candlelight event has a bar. My event didn’t have a bar.

Are you allowed to eat at the event?

At the event, I attended you were not allowed to eat. Make sure you check out the events faq’s before attending.

What is the photo or video policy during the performance?

No photos or videos should be taken during the performance. As the performers can not be distracted. However, you are able to take videos/photos before and after the event.

Where can I find my tickets?

You can access your tickets via the Fever app. You will also receive a confirmation to your email address with your ticket purchase.

Do the venues have disability access?

Please contact us directly at if you need any personalised assistance.

Do you offer carer tickets?

Yes, carers get free tickets for upcoming shows.

Can I bring animals?

No animals are not allowed at the candlelight events. However, contact if you plan to bring a service animal.

When should I arrive?

We encourage you to arrive 40 minutes before the start time, as performers will start promptly and doors will be shut after the start time.

So are you ready to experience a magical time at a romantic candlelit experience? Then book tickets now for your candlelight events. These events are truly majestic, filled with great music and performed at atmospheric venues. Thank you to Fever for the tickets to this amazing event!


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