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Visitor attractions make for great days out with the kids. Where better to spend happy, sunny hours with the little ones than by visiting an exciting theme park, glorious stately home, thrilling stage show, or interactive museum?

Finding just the right place to visit can be a challenge, especially if you live in a part of the country with a variety of options. So, how do you go about choosing which attraction tickets to buy and which to leave for another day? Here are a few factors to consider.

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Whether you travel to Blackpool for a fantastic time at Blackpool Pleasure Beach or you head to London for your dose of entertaining theatre shows. 

Maybe you fancy catching a plane and heading out of the UK? Travel to Dubai for luxury or Barcelona for delicious food and stunning scenery. We have everything you need to make your next holiday a memorable one filled with the best activities. So, head on over to our ticket attraction pages for more!

Arriving unannounced

An impromptu trip is the perfect way to create spontaneous fun for the family! Remember that many attractions have a maximum visitor capacity, or only allow groups to enter at a set time.  So it’s important to check whether this applies to the attraction you’re looking to visit, so you can avoid queues or disappointment if you’re turned away.

Know what your ticket includes

Some attractions offer upcharge activities, which may require an additional ticket or fee to experience. When booking attraction tickets, make sure it includes everything you and your kids want to experience throughout your day.

Somewhere to blow off steam 

When it comes to entertaining the little ones, it’s generally a good idea to balance quieter activities with the chance for them to blow off a little steam. So if you have your eyes on a museum or stately home, it might be an idea to check and see whether there will be a playground, nature trail, picnic area, or some other kid-friendly areas for that all-important change of pace. Even something as simple as accessible outdoor space for kids to run around in can make all the difference to a grand day out.

But if rain arrives or there is simply no outdoor space, many family-friendly visitor attractions offer indoor activities for their younger visitors, something many parents have been grateful for over the years!

There and back again

How far will you have to travel to get to the attraction or event, and then return home again? Venturing a little further afield than you would normally go can be a great route to adventure, but it can also mean long hours in the car if you get caught in traffic. Planning your route to avoid the busiest times and roads can pay big dividends on the day.

Contending with crowds

Other visitors are inevitable – it wouldn’t be much of an attraction if no one went, after all. But there are crowds – and then there are crowds! At peak times, lengthy queues for every ride, food stand or activity can quickly suck the joy out of a day trip, especially for tired and hungry youngsters. Avoiding the most popular attractions on the busiest days is often a sensible option if you want to maximise the fun! A little research goes a long way and Day Out With The Kids is here to help! 

Places to eat and drink

Refreshments are vital for any day out. If you’re going on a picnic, then of course, bringing your own is all part of the fun. But for many, going to a restaurant or cafe and enjoying a few treats is very much part of the experience. But plan well if you won’t be bringing your own refreshments. Check the attraction website for details of the different eateries on site before you set off. Most attractions will offer a range of food options, from grab-and-go hotdog stands to waiter service restaurants.

Family tickets

And then there’s actually getting your attraction tickets! You may opt to simply rock up and pay at the gate, but that can mean queuing, delays and uncertainty – not to mention higher on-the-day prices.

Why not pay in advance? That way, you’ll guarantee entry to the attraction and often pay much less. With Day Out With The Kids you can quickly and easily buy family tickets for:

Day Out With The Kids even offers attraction tickets to the biggest family-friendly attractions in Paris, Dubai, Orlando and Barcelona!