Unique Baby Names

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It’s becoming increasingly more common for parents to choose unique baby names for their kids. While older, traditional style names are still used, more and more parents are seeking inspiration for names by taking a look at history, other cultures, popular culture, and even legends…

And while some names are steeped in Anglo-Saxon history that many people in the UK recognise, there are now many names parents consider that may not have such a traditional background!

20 Unique Baby Boy Names…


The Hispanic version of the English ‘Adam’. Much like Adam from the bible, Adan means ‘the first man’.


This French name is one of many beautiful and unique baby names on our list as Anouk means ‘grace’.


Aquilla is a Latin name that means ‘eagle’.


This is perhaps one of the best unique baby names to grace this list as the name not only belongs to the iconic music legend, Bowie but is of Scottish heritage too, meaning ‘fair haired’ or ‘blond(e) hair’.


Bradford is a town in the North of England, and means ‘broad river crossing’. An alternative to Bradley.


An alternative to the Greek name ‘Darius’ which means ‘possessor of good’.


A derivative from the Spanish name ‘Hernando’ or ‘Hernandes’. It means ‘gentle traveller’ or ‘spiritual traveller’. Could this be one of the ideal unique baby names to add to your list?


Old English for ‘ridge enclosure’, means ‘settlement’. While not a traditional meaning associated with a name, it’s certainly unique.


A version of ‘Jack’ or ‘Jackson’, it means ‘God is gracious.’ Jax is the main character from the TV show Sons of Anarchy.


Sometimes spelt like ‘Jet’, Jett is a precious stone, and symbolises ‘strength’ and ‘masculinity’.


This powerful biblical name is truly one of the most unique baby names on this list. Afterall, how many Lazarus’ do you know? This unique name means ‘God is my helper’.


Lyle is of Scottish origin and means ‘island’.


As well as featuring in Top Gun, Maverick means ‘someone who’s independent and ‘doesn’t conform’.


A Spanish/Portuguese version of ‘Oswald’, which means ‘God’s rule’.


Predominantly a surname, Rush is rooted in Old English and means ‘basket weaver’.


A Latin name that means ‘someone from the forest’.


Another Latin name that’s derived from the word ‘titan’, another name for a giant. Titus means ‘title of honour’.


A German name that means ‘hunting’.


A wren is a small bird. The name is more commonly used for girls but is also sometimes used as a boy’s name.


Zyair means ‘river’, and historically has been used across Africa.

And Here Are 20 Unique Baby Girls Names…


A name of African origin, Asantewaa means ‘warrior’ or ‘strong woman’.


A Welsh name meaning ‘white raven’ or ‘white crow’ – it denotes blessedness.


This unique baby name is taken from the well-known spice, Cinnamon. Cinnamon suggests heat or a fiery temper.


A version of the name ‘Cleopatra’, it’s a name of Greek origin that means ‘to praise’ or ‘offer acclaim’.


Similar to the boy’s name ‘Dominic’, Dominique has Latin roots and means ‘of the Lord’.


A variation on the name ‘Emerson’, it has German roots and means ‘powerful’ or ‘brave’.


An Irish name that means ‘descended from a leader’.


The Iris is the colourful part of the eye, and the name also relates to colour as it means ‘rainbow’.


Kamila is an alternate version of the name ‘Camilla’. This name has Slavic origins and means ‘young religious servant or ‘perfection’.


In Persian, Kyra means ‘far-sighted’ but is also Greek for ‘of the Lord’.


This unique baby name has deep Irish roots and means ‘the intoxicating one’ or ‘the one who rules’.


A surname of English origin, it means ‘the boundary field’.


An opal is a jewel, and is also the birthstone for October.


Petra is a unique baby name of Greek origin, which is the feminine equivalent of Peter. It’s the name of an ancient city in Jordan, and means ‘stone’ or ‘rock’.


Also a surname, it’s an Old English word that means ‘flute player’.


A version of ‘Rae’ or ‘Rachel’, it means ‘advisor’ or ‘protector’.


A name of Latin origin that means ‘health’ or ‘strength’.


Tobi is a name of Latin origin that means ‘health’ or ‘strength’.


A strong name that means ‘from the sea’.

Why do some parents choose unique baby names?

Choosing the right baby name is something completely personal to you and your family, and if a common or traditional name doesn’t fit with what you’re looking for, it makes sense to look for something a little more unique. To help stand out from the crowd, as more frequently used names are more likely to blend in. A name helps form your identity and become your own person with your own individuality.

The importance of choosing the right name for you and your baby…

The name you give to your baby is a huge part of their identity. It’s something they’ll hear multiple times a day, every day, for the rest of their life. So it’s important you get the name of your child right.

What to be aware of when considering a unique baby name…

Naming your baby is a personal journey that you as parents will make together, and where your choice is inspired from is wholly down to you. However, when choosing your baby’s name there are several points to consider…

Don’t rush 

The first thing that pops into your head might not necessarily be the best. Think about it thoroughly and be open to discussion with your partner.

Don’t overthink it 

It’s also possible to overthink the decision, which can become frustrating. Consider what’s important to you, and try to ignore other pressures or influences.

Spelling and pronunciation 

Will the name you’ve chosen be difficult to spell and pronounce by the majority of people? This may be something to consider, especially if you have a complex surname.

The initials

What do the initials spell when written down? If the name you give to your baby is Phillip Ian Green, writing it down will help you to see it spells ‘PIG’! This may not be something that bothers you but might well bother your child.

Can it be twisted?

Does the name rhyme with something, sound like something else, or can it be twisted? Growing up, kids can be cruel.

The meaning 

You may not be interested in the meaning behind the name you choose, but it’s important to consider its meaning in other languages or cultures. This is particularly important if the name you’ve chosen is unique.

Popular culture and technology 

What results come up when you Google the name? Is it the name of a popular TV character, or an AI assistant? For example, if you name your child Alexa you may encounter issues with your Amazon devices…


Can you reserve an email address for your child using their name, which you can pass on to them when they’re older? Common names, like John Smith, will likely struggle to secure a unique email address.

Celebrities who chose unique names for their babies

Celebrities have a long history of choosing unique names for their children. Some of these unique baby names include:
• Beyonce and Jay-Z – Sir and Rumi
• Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf – Pilot Inspektor
• Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll – Bear Blaze
• Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – Chicago and North
• Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott – Stormi
• Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook – Strummer
• Elon Musk and Grimes – X Æ A-12
• Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden – Raddix

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